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  • Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

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    Old 11-23-2004, 11:07 AM   #1
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    Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

    About 10 years ago (I'm 18 now), during football, I injured my back. I saw a Chiropractor, that said I had 'jammed' some of my vertebrae together, and I had several appointments to correct this.

    Fastfoward then-3 months ago..always had pain in lower(lumbar region) of my spine/back. Walking through malls, grocery stores, anything. I could run without pain, but walking got me. Especially on hard surfaces, like the concrete floors at Home Depot.

    3 months ago I was lifting a cast-iron bathtub with a friend (420lbs), and I nearly dropped it, so I tensed up my back in order not to..which didn't cause a sharp pain, but rather a dull pain that kept intensifying afterwards. Like a bad ache for a day or two. Week later I was playing with my nephew, I stood up..and BOOM, sharp pain, lower back. To the point I nearly threw up. I couldn't walk, sit, and even laying hurt. Finally went to the ER, where..he said "you didnt break your back, so no x-rays need to be taken..and MRI are outpatient only." He gave me pain meds, and refered me to my family doctor.

    My family doc, gave me a bunch of NSAIDs, and more Percodan. At this point I couldnt feel my leg below the knee, and above it..horrible sciatica. No back pain after the sciatica started, odd, eh? I had two huge knots on both sides of my spine, he said was from stress. Feeling came back in my leg, and burning went away after two weeks.

    Now though, I've been getting a lot of dull pain again, and even more knots. I don't have health insurance, so I don't know what needs to be done. If you could offer me any advice on who/what to see, how much it would cost, and what injury I could possibly have..I would be very very grateful. It's kind of worrying me at this point..I don't want to ruin myself for life or anything...and no more pain would be nice.

    Sorry about the length, I just tried to include everything I could think of.

    Oh..and P.s. - I was an avid runner a year before the injury, I had actually lost 50lbs by running and good diet. I ran 3 miles every other day, at a fairly slow pace..and got up to about 5 miles every two days, and walking one of my off days. I wore good shoes, and never had back pain while running. I'm 18, 195lbs, and 6'1", if that matters.

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    Old 11-23-2004, 03:03 PM   #2
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    Arrow Re: Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

    MMM - Well like most here we base our views and thoughts on our own experiences and those around us and mine tell me that you should at least be seeing somebody who is willing to look a little deeper into the problem. The feelings you have and are experiencing were similar to mine some years ago and they stemmed from prolapsed discs at the l4/l5 section of my spine.

    It may be that your pain is unrelated to discs but given your history (previous sports injry) I would be seeking out the opinions of others more experinced to determine exactly what is going on. A CT scan or MRI are a couple of options. Im in Australia and our health ststem is fantastic with test like this costing us very little money. A recent scan cost me a total out of pocket expense of $7.32 (total was $240 but we get a medicare rebate)

    I ws recently diagnosed with a L3/L4 bulge. I experience referred scatica pain (burning, stinging, numbness) but dont experience any back pain at all. My back will at times spasm and stiffen up but it is not painful.

    Hope this is of some help. I am not a Dr and as I said earlier my thoughts are based on my own experiences and of those I know who have travelled a similar road

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    Re: Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

    I agree with losy....this really needs to be checked sounds like you have a disc problem and should be seeing a spine specialist. Easier said than done when you have no health ins. I realize. However, if you are working, perhaps a dr. would be willing to let you pay him in installments....the MRI that is needed might be done for free at a teaching hospital, or perhaps you could make installment payments on that as well. Most county or city hospitals have to treat you regardless of your ability to pay....barring that, would you qualify for state medical aid?
    I do hope you find a way to get diagnosed soon. A problem like this only gets worse and can lead to permanent damage. Stay away from lifting, stooping over, anything that puts pressure on you back. You can try heat and/or ice for relief.

    Let us know what happens, will you?

    2 lami's, 3 fusions
    bone spur removal
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    Old 11-24-2004, 03:07 AM   #4
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    Re: Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

    Hi there,

    I had the same. Damaged my back had chiro then 10 years later got the back pain then sciatica. once got the sciatica back pain went, sciatica stayed. Diagnosed with hernitated disc L5-S1. Left for around 3 months before did anything until the pain got so bad. Eventually had to have an op. Great releif.

    Again as others am not a doc but through own experiences you definately need to get this checked out. See someone who is a spine specialist and get an MRI. I know you dont have ins but there must be some way of paying monthly or something. The problem is the longer you leave it the more damage you may do. It's your decision but you only get one back and it supports the whole of your body, money eventually can be replaced.

    Hope you get it all sorted

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    Smile Re: Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.

    Hi PoseidonH and all others:

    I'm like you Po....I had a car wreck though over 15 years ago....had a few "minor" back problems that would come and go....mostly where the back would "go out" know...freeze up...and you'd have pain, take muscle relaxers and NSAIDS for 2-5 days and then ALL BETTER, this happened on and off for 10 years....

    In the Spring of 2004, my Doc put me on Topamax for Migraine Headaches that I've suffered since age 7, and it was my "[B]MIRACLE DRUG[/B]"...have only had one h/a since April of the Side effects is weight loss...I'm a "[B]BIG GIRL[/B]" at that time I weighed 247 and am 5'5", and the weight started melting off, so my hubby and I started walking every day...we live near the beach on the Gulf Coast...and eventually worked up to 2 miles a day....eventually by the time I went back to school in August I had lost 50 pounds...

    Over this past Summer, (I'm off during the summers cuz I teach College), I started having leg cramps, nothing too bad and I just related it to the walking...When I went back to work in August....they intensified, and I can only guess from standing and lecturing all day, I also teach 2 night classes....
    My pain got worse and pain was [B]NOT [/B] in my back THIS was in my thigh/hamstring, down into my calf, my ankle, and my butt....

    I had an MRI and I have a Ruptured disk at L-5 which is pinching the S-1 nerve thus causing all of the Sciatic pain...The really [B]CRAZY [/B] thing is that I have [B]NO IDEA [/B] WHAT I DID TO CAUSE THIS, I DIDN'T LIFT ANYTHING I CAN REMEMBER, ETC....I now have numbness and tingling in my ankle, can't feel the outside of my foot, and [B]NOW [/B] I have a [B]SEVERE [/B] foot drop....I walk like a [B]STROKE VICTIM[/B]...I only have [B]ONE [/B] pair of shoes that I can wear comfortable, but they have rubber soles, and when my foot drags, the rubber gets caught....I'm scared I will fall and worsen the damage, (a promise I made myself I [B]WOULDN'T [/B] do).

    I've started using a walker and wheelchair because I'm afraid I will fall. I had an ESI (Epidural Steriod Injection) on 11/12 and got about 30% relief, but still had to take major pain meds to get thru the day....I'm on a littany of medications...(see the Pain Management Board)....My doctor offered to do another ESI but was reluctant and said would have like to seen a 50% or better increase in pain with the first ESI. The first time he saw me he wanted to schedule surgery two days later, but I wasn't mentally prepared for it at that time....

    [B]I am having a Micro Disk Surgery on Dec. 10th.[/B] But I've come to terms with it and am at [B]PEACE [/B] with my decision.... My symptoms of the SEVERE foot Drop, and the tingling and numbness in the leg, and pubic area are signs of potential permanent damage and the [B]LONGER [/B] I put it off the better the chances are that I could (EVEN AFTER SURGERY) still have some residual problems...

    Right now, I'm given an 80% chance of [B]little to zero[/B] residual problems after surgery....

    My suggestion to you PoseidonH is to get an MRI and see what's up with your spine....Do whatever you have to .... payment get it done, and then go from there....Someone mentioned a "teaching hospital"...that's a great idea....

    I'm also [B]NOT [/B] a doctor...but what I've been told now by [B]THREE DIFFERENT [/B] specialists is that the longer you ignore the "symptoms of Permanence" (i.e. numbness and tingling...etc) the more you lessen your chances of a total complete sucessful recovery....Just my two cents...

    Also...Last week I lost 7 pounds...just the effort it takes to get from Point A to Point B....yesterday alone I lost 6 pounds...I'm NOT on a Diet right now...I just have no appetite due to pain...I'm drinking ENSURE to make certain that my body is getting the nutrients it needs... I have now lost over 65 pounds, and THIS is NO WAY to lose weight, believe me!

    Good luck in whatever you decide...

    Sorry my post is so long....

    Blessing, Peace and Prayers for All


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