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jacritch 01-19-2005 09:01 AM

Slipped on ice

I slipped and fell on the ice on my way into work last Monday. I emailed my doc and she called in a prescription of Tramadol for me but they didn't help much. The pain was getting worse not better. I finally got in to see her this past Monday and I had exrays done. Don't know the results of those yet. My concern is I had foramontomy (sp) in March of 2004. It took about 6 months to heal. When I went to see the surgeon in September he told me that he was glad I was getting better because the only other option was a fusion on l4 and l5. I am worried that I may have done more damage. I guess I am just venting. It's so frustrating to start feeling good after years of pain and then wham just one fall can start the pain all over again. The pain is in the lower part of my back and my left leg is weaker or at least feels like it is.

My doctor said if the pain persist for 6 weeks then they will do another MRI to see if there is more damage.

Thanks for listening,

Losy 01-19-2005 09:10 AM

Re: Slipped on ice
Hi judy

I can so relate to you frustration see post (hit the wall again need to vent). What you are describing could be nerve related pain from your spine. It may be simple in that you have bruised your lower back and caused inflamation in an around the vertebrae/discs/ putting some pressure on the sciatic nerve - hence the weakness and refreed leg pain you describe. If you have damaged a disc there are a range of options to explore prior to surgery. Try not to panic. If as your dr suggests the pain does not subside have the mri to determine eaxctly what has happened. Lets hope for your sake that its not seious and that you will be back on your feet in no time

all the best Losy

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