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Miss Idaho 03-10-2005 11:43 PM

Be Ware If Your Doc Says You Have Ms It May Not Be
I have had 4 neck and 4 back surgeries and have been thru every test ETC. you could imagine.

But my last back problem started a year ago with extreme right leg and foot pain. My leg would give completly out and it would drop me to the ground. It took almost a year to diagnosis from many Doc's. All of them said
I had MS (multiple Sclorosis). There are many symtoms that match MS and every Doctor pinned it on MS probably because they didn't want to look further. I even had the Brain scan for MS and they still was saying MS

I urge you, if your Doc says you have MS,
don't stop there. I don't have MS but I have bad Senosis in my back that was so bad
after 12 mo's I could not walk with out falling to the ground w/EXTREME PAIN.
My neuro surgeon said it was so long without surgery that I may be in a wheel chair. I had surgery 12/17/04. My legs are much better and I can walk, but I still may not recover completly like I would have because my Ins. Co. kept me from having surgerie because the person that read the MRI said it was mild senosis. GET 2nd and 3rd opinions only from Neuro Surgeons. The best of luck to you.

dust 03-11-2005 06:55 AM

Re: Be Ware If Your Doc Says You Have Ms It May Not Be
Hello, I have had the SAME experience, believe it or not!
I have had back probs all my life it seems.
In Oct 2001 , a neuro told me 'must be mild MS ,, its not a death sentence,,,' and he walked out of the room- no mention of follow ups etc,,,,
EMG was normal.
I went to a spine specialist Dec 2001 and he said I really dont think you need a spinal tap,, I see all the probs,, SPine specialist was ready to jump in with the Maverick artificial disc trial. in 2003. I declined for now.
I had two laser eye surgeries in 2001 and 2003 and one of the docs there did MS work in his under grad.
My optic nerve is healthy.

That was enough for me.
On other forums I have had 2 docs say that I need a spine specialist,, yet two docs I emailed at Johns hopkins said to get to the MS clinic,,
Well, here it is 2005.
I just had a new PCP tell me that he felt it could possibly be the iliopsoas muscle entrapping nerves,, I was ready to buy my ticket to see Dr Jho for mendoscopic surgery or fly off to Europe for ADR there.

So now I have heard it all or nearly all - at least all I can handle with adegree of sanity left.
I get up each morning often wanting desparately to know the answer because I hurt so much that morning. But then I have some good days , when the weather is nice,,and I dream of being able to go skiing with my Dad and husband once again.
So I grab my handicapped placard and go thrift shopping for as long as my back holds out. Or go grocery shopping in the middle of the nite because I can sit on the benches at the ends of the isles, and not have to worry about waiting in long lines.
I get tired of not being able to do for so many people as I used to, but at least I can still get up in the morning no matter how much of a struggle sometimes.
It is a wonder that these doc have not blamed it on early change of life,, they have tried everthing else,,, even tho I am regular as clockwork....
So I feel for you and FINALLY have found someone who had the same experience!!
What part of this country do you live?
Maybe we went to the same docs,,
God Bless!

Miss Idaho 03-11-2005 10:49 AM

Re: Be Ware If Your Doc Says You Have Ms It May Not Be
Dear Dust, Thanks for replying, I am new, and this healthboard is so Cool.

Anyway how are you doing now? Have you any surgeries? Because there are good and bad points about going under the knife.

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