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jago25_98 03-14-2005 06:07 AM

Posture improvement for the sportsman?
My shoulders are very forward (but not a hunchback) and my hips back. I think it's due to using a computer a lot and as a teenager giving out a slouch body language; if only I knew it was to be perminent....

Saw a chiropractor when in serious pain but not impressed:
- very, very expensive. I just can't nearly afford it
- she seemed used to people in pain
- she had no reason to help me; she's be losing the business
- seemed to just push me around a bit, not convincing; I need to stretch the muscles on my front and shorten the ones on my back

But she did tell me the problem is serious.
I've always hated the way I have to pull my shoulders forward all the time. I feel that in this case the problem is physiological not mental - I would like my shoulders to sit back naturally.

I've been bodybuilding (not cause; had this posture always) and so I want [b]real action[/b]. I'm prepared to be bashed about and work hard for it, even surgery if possible.


jdlfmc 03-14-2005 07:02 AM

Re: Posture improvement for the sportsman?
Sounds familar to me, I remember as a child my mom always telling me hold your shoulders back, quite slouching....
I always hated my posture and tried to hold my shoulders back and keep my posture right.
When I beagn having back pain and problems I found out I have what is called "Kyphosis" in laymen terms "hunchback".
So your problem may very well be a physical problem, I believe it would show up on x-rays, I found out on my MRI though.
Worth checking out if it bothers you so much, I understand how you hate this I know I do..

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