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sandollar 03-21-2005 07:13 AM

Do the Spasms EVER stop??
I know I am only going on 7 weeks post-op Wednesday. But I am really getting sick of these Spasms. They interfere with everything, including PT.
Has anyone ever had them completely stop after a fusion? And how long did it take??
Stardust :)

Valley 03-21-2005 08:19 AM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
:wave: Hi Stardust, I am only 3 weeks post-op, and I wish these spasms would go away, then recovery would be a breeze. "Spasms, Spasms, go away, don't come back another day" Valley :bouncing:

Madonna 03-21-2005 08:52 AM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
My husband had fusion of L4, L5, & S1 with erector set on December 10, 2004. He still has back spasms. He still has a lot of pain in one of his feet and one leg sometimes is colder than the other.

ARANGER 03-21-2005 11:44 AM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
I'm only about 1.5 weeks post-op L5/S1 fusion. I am getting back spasms constantly. I take Valium for them which seems to work. I also find that short walks seem to help. You said you are 7 weeks post-op, so I'm not sure, seems like a long time to put up with these. I would speak with your Dr and find out how long you can expect these and what else you can do to stop them.

Take Care

Ouizie 03-22-2005 04:06 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
Sorry about the spasms. It takes time. I had L5S1 discectomy 10/18/04 and again 12/16/04; going to have ADR this summer. Some nights I can't roll over in bed due to spasms. Don't over-do it or expect too much too soon. (I know, easier said than done) good luck

Quietcook 03-22-2005 06:45 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??

So sorry you are still having trouble with spasms. You know my story, and I hope you can get rid of them soon. As I recall you are taking muscle relaxers, so have you spoken with the doc to see if a different muscle relaxer might help more?

All I can tell you is that I still get one now and then, but they aren't nearly as bad as when the 10 level fusion was done in Dec. Actually, they are rather infrequent now, but still frustrating when they hit. I do hope yours will ease up soon. Have the PT's offered any suggestions as to why yours are still so frequent and so strong?

Let us know what you find out if you talk to the doc or PT's. Wishing you many better days ahead beginning now!!

sandollar 03-22-2005 08:38 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
Thank You,
This is what my Surgeon said when I told him the Muscle relaxers didn't work. "THEN DON'T TAKE THEM!!" Period, end of conversation with him.

Quietcook 03-22-2005 08:59 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??

Maybe you could speak with your primary doc and ask that they could possibly prescribe a different medication that would possibly work for you. It's a shame that the surgeon was so curt and inconsiderate of his patients. I do hope the spasms ease off very soon.

mel1977 03-22-2005 09:49 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
I haven't had any spasms for well over a month now. I get some pain still mind you, but no spasms. I just hit the three month mark. Plus, I have such pain in my neck and upper back now that I think it overrides any small insignificant residual post op pain. whew! That was a mouthful! I am assuming you are taking muscle relaxers? how about heating pads, ice? Do you ever just like in bed or on the floor, legs straight out, arms over your head and stretch real slow, like you are a rubber band being pulled from arms and legs? Deep breathing while doing so? It helps me relax.
How about trying a cool relaxation technique?
lie in the same position, starting with your toes, flex or tighten breathing in deep hold for a few seconds then slowly release. go up your body SLOWLY ending with your head (it is possible to "flex" your head, it just looks funny :) ) Might help a little???

sandollar 03-22-2005 09:53 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
I've noticed alot of people on this board who need thier pain meds and yet the Doc's treat us like drug users and then don't call anything in till the last minute, etc.

I was treated like that along time ago.

With this Fusion, I ran out of pain meds and never called the surgeon for more, he couldn't figure out why I was in such pain on my last visit. I told him I didn't have anything for pain!, He then told me the Nurse who did my paperwork at the Hospital when I was released was supposed to tell me to call HIM for refills. She didn't and I never called.

That helped me, considering I haven't ask him for anything, just told him if something didn't work. So he doesn't see me as someone looking for drugs, which I am not.

But I am looking at it this way, I PAY HIM, not the other way around. I pay him to take care of me and thats what I expect to happen! HE called me today and demanded I come in RIGHT NOW!!, However I was packing things and didn't have a car available, so we agreed on Thursday Morning at 9am.

The reason for this, I did not mention on here as so many other people need more help than I do and I have the whole staff at PT 3 X a week who are really great and even the days I don't have PT, if I have a problem they tell me to come right in. And they know the Muscle relaxers don't work and neither do the pain meds which he keeps at 5 or 7.5mg Hydrocodone.

But during my Therapy, when I am on the treadmil, Jim or Rob stands right next to me and holds onto my hand which is gripping the railing, as I walk or step on or off it, I spasm severely. I walk on a very slight slope and it does it once again, I change into my swimsuit for the Therapy pool and it's a total nightmare, but the staff is outside the changing room door continually asking if I am ok. Walking down into the pool and also getting out are bad as well, and yet they are nice enough to help me in and out and also get my towel and wrap it around me.

I do the excersizes laying on a table with a staff member standing against it so I don't fall off, after I do all that, then it's time to get up, but I try the log roll and I try baby steps, one hand , then one elbow (trying to lift myself, but it always sends me dropping back onto the table in severe pain (spasms).

I fight to do it myself, but in the end Jim or Rob has to pick me up with me screaming the whole time from spasms all over my body, and then they put me into a sitting possition where I stay until they get better and I can drive home. My lower back had begun to swell and was hot, so they put the stimulator on and an ice pack, Ice made it worse and the spasms were continuous, I was unable to move, even if I lifted my arm the spasms would begin all over again, and would end up being carried off the table.

So we are keeping to the Therapy pool which is 98 degree's to try to relax them.

I ask my Surgeon Friday for pain meds, he said no, that I had been 6 weeks out, and didn't need them anymore. (How would HE know anyway?). So Yesterday I left another message asking about maybe a low dose pain med.
And that's when I got the call today, he is DYING to see how much pain I am NOT in.

I used to be able to feel and see all the screws, but now my back is so swollen and HOT, I can't find them anymore. PT can verify anything he wants to know about me.

So Thursday Morning when I go in to see him, he will have a big surprise. I guarentee I will finally have something for the pain and I am taking the Muscle relaxers with me and handing them over to him and TELLING him that if he wants PT to work for me, then he HAS to prescribe one that works.

As long as I am in pain, PT has to keep cutting back.

It's not me saying I am in pain either, I am keeping my mouth shut as I know how Doctor's can get about pain meds. But he is going to SEE how his neglect has slowed my progress down.

Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent Surgeon and if I ever need another Fusion, He is the one I would want to have all over again. He is just not able to think of me as needing pain meds or muscle relaxers at this point after the surgery.
But he is going to see just how wrong he really is.

I called my Gp and he said if I need something for pain, he will be happy to write a script for me for Demerol. And if there is a Muscle Relaxer I want to try, for me to just ask. SO I DO have a back-up if I need it, I've had this Gp forever, I even know his family, and he doesn't take back pain or the spasms lightly.

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Sorry about the book, didn't mean to do that, just got aggravated over his ignorance.

tammys 03-22-2005 09:55 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
I wish I could offer you something to hope for and like I have said in many post before, nobody recovers or responds to treatment the same way. I still have spasms and my fusion was in 2002. I take robaxin, flexeril and zanaflex alternately and get moderate relief, but never total relief. My spasms start in my lower back and work up my back until they get up to my neck...they also go down into my left leg. I hope you do not have to tolerate them as long as I have. I'd have to tell the doctor that told you not to take the muscle relaxers to take a long walk off a short pier. I have really had my fill of insensitive doctors. Thank God I finally found one that is really trying to get to the bottom of my problems, but make me comfortable while she is getting there. Good Luck!!! Keep Smiling!!!


sandollar 03-22-2005 09:59 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??
Yes, I do that relaxation therapy all the time, it is part of my Therapy for my Panic attacks.
As for the Muscle relaxers, he has had me on only one since last August or September, and still the same one now, and that's 10mg of Flexeril.
PM had me on 800mg of Skalaxin 3 x a day before surgery, but it never did anything for me.

Quietcook 03-23-2005 02:13 PM

Re: Do the Spasms EVER stop??

So glad you have things rolling on the pain meds and muscle relaxers. The surgeon should not think that everyone heals and is without need of any medication at 6 weeks out!!! That is a sad commentary for someone who sees people and has taken an oath to help and do no harm. Pain can be harmful, and every injury, every surgery, every individual body heals differently, so 6 weeks cutoff is bogus!!

So glad you contacted your GP, and that he is willing to help with scripts. That's what I love about my osteopath. He always asks if I need meds and fusses because I resist taking so many meds because as he tells me, you gain NOTHING by being in pain. Why would you be in pain when there is no need? He knows I don't want things that make me feel I am not in control as I have others I must care for and drive about. Would guess you are even more impressed with your GP at this point. So glad that you are finally going to get some relief.

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