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TINCAN 05-11-2005 03:36 PM

Ortho Spine Doctor Visit
Hello :wave:
Well I got good news today. I went to see my ortho spine doc and he said that the fusion did take and the screws and rods are where they are suppose to be. He also said that he would not recommend taking the hardware out. He said that he was afraid that if he did (and he said that if I wanted him to take them out he would)I would be back in 4 weeks and say that I still am in the same amount of pain. I like him because he is not knife happy. So I asked him about the pain doc doing a block with morophine. He said he didn't see where that would be of any problem. Well my pain has calmed down a bit in the last 2 weeks. Maybe I am asking for too much and should just accept that this is the way it is! I will be on pain medication for the rest of my life.( that sucks!)
Well I guess I will call the pain management doc tomorrow and set up the block. Any Ideas and suggestions out there! My tailbone hurts and my hips and left leg hurts and four toes on right foot are numb. I am not a candidate for a scs. So any suggestions appreciated.(I already had 3 rounds of blocks they only worked for 3 or 4 days!) Has anybody out there got to the point where you were told there was nothing they could do for your pain? Well enough rambling. Hope everyone has a blessed evening!

carol632 05-11-2005 04:59 PM

Re: Ortho Spine Doctor Visit
What kind of oral meds are you on? You aren't a candidate for the scs, but what about the morphine pump? If you are taking a fairly large dose of one of the more potent drugs and they aren't helping enough, you should be a good candidate. Mine has helped tremendously. I have Fbss at L5-S1, stenosis, ddd, scar tissue, etc and the pump has been a life-saver. Just something you might want to think about.

Good luck.


Quietcook 05-11-2005 05:11 PM

Re: Ortho Spine Doctor Visit

Why do you have to accept pain the rest of your life? I have the 10 level fusion, had
severe stenosis, spondy, and more things than you listed. Yes, my fusion takes in part of the Thorasic, all the lumbar and through S-3. I don't have to deal with ton's of scar tissue as my doc always uses the Adcon-L to ensure inhibition of massive internal scar tissue and when he operates, he moves any formed tissue he can. What specifically is causing you so much pain? Is it the scar tissue? Is your doc a spine specialist?

I hope the blocks can give you relief, but it never hurts to get other opinions, even if you have a great doc. You know, one person cannot know everything, and even a great doc can not be up on one tiny technique that might help you. I love my spine specialist as he has done a super fantastic job at keeping me walking and reducing my pain, but I don't hesitate to get second opinions when we talk surgery. I'd do the same if having problems that weren't responiding, but fortunately that's not the case. I won't say that I don't have pain, but I have days that are pain free, some with little pain and others not so great, but at least even on the bad days, with my pain patches and the Ultram I have a fairly good day. I hope you can somehow have many pain free days ahead as well. Please keep exploring options and opinions, even while you try avenues your doc recommends.

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