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texasrtr78 10-05-2005 01:50 PM

L5/S1 Hemilaminectomy/Discectomy w/Pars Defect
Well, I am new here and I am writing for my husband. He is 29 years old and has just undergone surgery for a HNP at L5/S1 (herniated mostly on the right side). The doc did a hemilaminectomy and discectomy. My husband also has a Pars defect in L5 (bilateral defects) but has never caused him any problems. The bilateral L5/S1 spondylolisthesis is less than a grade I. He also has an "ununited secondary ossification center"....or it could just be on old chip fracture. The radiologist reads the pars defects and the "ununited secondary... as congenital but our neurosurgeon thinks from my husbands past that is probably caused from a trauma to the spine some years ago. My husband uses to ride motocross, team rope (had a couple of rank horses throw him off a few times) and he is also a self-employed dirt contractor in the oilfield, so he is always in a backhoe, motor grader, etc. Despite all of his high impact activities from his younger years he has never had back problems until one day about three months ago when he pulled a t-post out of the ground while on a job. He ignored the pain for about a week and then, on the advice from a "friend", went three times to a chiropractor who ended up just making him worse. So, I finally convinced him that he needed to see a neurosurgeon about it before it got any worse. The radiographs showed the bilat. pars defects and old chip fracture....MRI showed a bilat. L5/S1 HNP (mostly on the right side, though). So, after our doc extensively explained to us the risk of having the hemilaminectomy/discectomy complicated by the bilat. L5 pars interarticularis defects, we chose the therapy. My husband got thru three therapy sessions and could barely walk after each one...he was only getting! So, we called the doc and got scheduled for the surgery the next week. We both know what could happen with the pars defects and the hemilaminectomy but the risk had to be taken.....he could barely walk much less run his business (he is a sole proprietor, so he is the ONLY employee). Surgery went fine and he was out of the hospital the next day. It has been 6 days now and he is still having some minor cramps in the right hamstring area and hip area....but NOTHING like he was having. I am hoping that these pains will go away eventually but I know that if the nerve is damaged from the stenosis that the pain will always be there....but I still hope, for his sake.

Want to share more with everyone but I need to go for now...

Angela Ealres, RT(R)

paddy5200 07-14-2010 10:38 AM

Re: L5/S1 Hemilaminectomy/Discectomy w/Pars Defect
can anyone tell me the approximate recovery time to return to work- standing about 1/2 a day but no lifting.

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