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okie46 11-27-2005 01:33 AM

4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hi All,
Hope you had a good holiday, when you have back problems you never know what kind of day you will have. Well I did too much getting ready for holiday as I was feeling very good as I posted before in 4 wks.fusion;very happy. I really overdid it and noticed a knot on my spine where hardware is located, well I freaked :eek: and was going to call Dr. but it didn't hurt, it was just there, size of golf ball, uncomfortable yes, but not a lot of pain. Didn't figure I could get the Dr over holiday weekend, so I come to the trusted board. Read InRecovery04 and found IFoster21 and tried her ice pack deal and RESTED and like Shoesoppingal said;use these boards. I'm so much better, will see Dr. on regular appt. date in 10 days :D Without this board I would have had to panic deluxe. But now feel great again and put all my thoughts on Susiebird and her surgery tomorrow, as I'm fine. I'll do more resting now but just had to say THANKS TO YOU ALL :wave: KEEP US INFORMED SUSIEBIRD.


Susiebird 11-27-2005 04:21 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
I'm so CALM that I'm almost scared...going to keep busy today (will add making ice packs to the to-do list) Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.. :angel:

Bictwin 11-27-2005 03:12 PM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hey Susiebird! I would definnitely stay busy so you dont get so worried. I did the same the day before my surgery! (My surgery was on Halloween) I was also surprisingly calm the day of my surgery. You will be in all of our prayers. When you're well enough let us know how everything went. Keep the Faith!!!


lfoster21 11-27-2005 05:20 PM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
I just wanted to wish you well and let you know you are in my prayers. I agree with staying was hard for me to sleep the night before my surgery. Good luck and when you are feeling up to it, let us know how it goes.

Hugs and prayers,

Lorie :angel:

Susiebird 11-28-2005 03:09 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Thanks for the positive vibes. I'll post again when I'm somewhat fuctional :cool:

InRecovery04 11-28-2005 08:54 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hey Okie...I'm [B]so glad [/B] my post helped someone!! I also love these boards...they help me a LOT and it's good to know we can get advice and info from folks who REALLY know what we are going through!

My knot is still there, but mine hurts a lot and is the size of an orange under the skin, which I can feel with my entire hand, placed over the site. It is to the left of my spine, on the upper that where yours is? What kind of back surgery did you have? I'd love to read your story. :cool:

Take good care and thanks again for your input! :wave:

Hugs and prayers,

okie46 11-29-2005 04:04 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hi Mary,
My knot is right on spine where a slight knot was after surgery, so assumed that is where hardware is, but it wasn't so BIG, that happened after helping husband with housework, without realizing it I was bending too much and etc. and bam, it swelled up double and scared me, but was holiday weekend so came here instead of calling DR., what a life saver these boards are. I don't know all abb. like others, but had anterior and posteror incisions,L5/S1 FUSION with disk replacments. I was doing great until then, I'm in a big ole cast to wear 3 months, I have muscle spasms, but not bad. I have lost my job that I loved as this is 2nd major surgery in 6 months. I think I'm Bionic Woman by now, so much metal HA!. The knot doesn't hurt alot and is smaller when I sleep at night but once I get up and start moving around and sittting here at puter it's starts getting bigger, so must go.
Please keep posting, can't do without these words from you all, every one has been a big help.Thanks again.


InRecovery04 12-01-2005 06:03 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Okie, my knot does the [B]exact same thing [/B] yours does. Smaller once I've slept all night and rested, bigger once I get up and start moving about. Carbon copy we are...LOL

I'm now 17 days post-op and am doing better, but it comes OH SO slowly, as I'm sure you know. Yesterday, I actually drove around town...that was SO nice!!! :) However, this morning, as I sit here with coffee at the puter, I'm feeling the stiffness and pain from (probably) overdoing it a bit. As for another post I read this morning, I too worry about my hardware coming loose, like the screws, etc. I moved wrong the other day and I swear it felt like something happened back there. Like some of the hardware moved or something. Weird huh? Scared me so bad I froze and didn't move for several minutes, until I was sure I was OK. All was fine, thank the good Lord. :cool:

Today I have to go pay some bills but I'm still taking it easy. Hubby has gone back to work, (THANK GOD!) and of course the kids are in school, and it is SO nice to have the house back to MYSELF again! LOL

I don't remember if I mentioned this in an earlier post but my surgeon cleared me to drive as long as I felt like it, and as for work, he said desk duty at the Sheriff's office but I HATE desk duty. I want to jump in with both feet and get down and dirty! hehe All jokes aside, he told me when I feel ready, I can go back to work.

Keep us posted on how you are and I will do the same. These boards are a lifesaver!!!


Susiebird 12-01-2005 11:14 PM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hey guys I'm baack - 8 hours in surgery but got out a day early and getting out of bed every 90 minutes whether I want to or not! :yawn: Again, thanks for all your wonderful positive vibes, I know I wouldn't have been at all calm without them. :angel:

okie46 12-02-2005 04:31 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
So good to hear from you,Susiebird. You'll have no where to go but up now. I know it's hard at first to get to the puter, but keep us as posted as possible.......Always love good news.


okie46 12-02-2005 04:42 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hey Mary(inrecovery04),
I sure know what you mean about Hubby going back to work, love him to death, but ready to kill him if he didn't get out from under me. I'm so glad you got to drive, I can't wait, still 1 more week till see Dr. Like you I want to hit the floor running, but now know what trying to do too much does to you, my knot is still down and want to keep it that way, I'm still in recovery from neck surgery 6 months ago, so I have double tiredness, but I'm getting there but WILL NOT rush back to work, I think I'm quite bit older than you, so will make sure before I tackle an 8 hr. day, but Cabin fever can take over if not for these boards.
Keep in touch with problems, Mary and Susiebird as well as progress. Mary, do you have problems with muscle spasms, I get them in weird places, like rt. shin or bottom of left foot, too weird, just wondering.
Getting better, sleeping better, walking more,not 2 miles, like some, but walking more none the less. So every day is getting brighter. Keep us informed all


InRecovery04 12-03-2005 11:56 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hey Okie...
[B]YES[/B] I DO have weird muscle spasms in places that [B]don't make any sense [/B] at all!! :confused: I've noticed that while in bed, when I stretch my legs (usually feels so good ya know?), it almost feels like a charlie horse is about to happen. It hurts! Is that what you are referring to? They happen in both of my calves, and sometimes in my feet too.

I am sleeping better, no more waking up all times of the night (thank GOD!) I'm walking a bit faster now, no more I'm driving more and more. Yes, I am taking it easy but I'm very anxious to get back to some degree of normalcy.

Hey Susie...hang in there girl...we are here for you and we ALL know what you are/will be going through. Keep us informed and we will give you all the helpful advice we can. (((HUGS))) to you my dear. :wave:

Katinthebag81 12-04-2005 11:33 AM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hi everyone,

Is it OK if I join the thread? I'm kinda new on board and am having L4-S1 fusion on 12/22. I'm starting to get nervous about the whole thing. Have to go get brace fitting on 12/8. I still waver between having surgery & cancelling it.

How long were some of you in hospital? I worry about getting sent home too soon, but would like to be home by Christmas. You all have answered a bunch of my questions so far. One thing i'm puzzled by though, my surgeon has stressed to me that this is "major" surgery and take about 4-6 months recovery. Is it really THAT bad? I see posts where people are going back to work at 4 & 6 weeks. I had a microdiskectomy in 1988 and was out 5 weeks.

Thanks everyone, You are all in my prayers for speedy recoveries.

Kat :wave:

proboy74 12-04-2005 01:00 PM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Hi Kat....what approach is your surgeon planning to use for your fusion, anterior or posterior, or both? This can affect the healing times.....I had the same region fused and I was in the hospital 4 days.....It all depends on your surgeon's philosophy and how your body recovers immediately following can also play a role....I was only authorized for 3 days, but my orthopedist got them to extend one day.......I have been told by my ortho doc that it will be a minimum of 3 months before very light work can even be considered so the 3-6 month deal is pretty much on target and it always depends on your body and how well you follow all directions given by your doctor...

okie46 12-04-2005 01:55 PM

Re: 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
Same here, in hospital 3 days, had anterior and posterior incisions, I feel great but know when I overdo. I plan on not working for 6 months after surgery(Oct 18th), but I can sorta afford not to, and my age plays a big role(60), I can't jump back like I used to although I try..HA! I really think it depends on you but I do know paperwork sent home with me said NO BENDING for 3 months, that says a lot right there, am I gald I had it done? VERY MUCH SO..Good luck and keep us posted...Kat.


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