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  • Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

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    Old 06-29-2006, 04:26 AM   #1
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    Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    When I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis of the lumbar, I couldn't get more then five feet before looking for a stool to sit on, I used two canes to get around on and finally was at the point where I just couldn't stand the pain anymore, then I went to a orthopedist who said I needed total knee replacement on both knees.

    I decided to go to an endocrinologist to see if something else might be causing some of my problems, he found that I am vitamin D deficient, and am now on 50,000 units a day for three months, I was surprised to find that many of the symptoms of D deficiency are the same as the stenosis, it effects your ability to stand, walk, or get out of chairs, and because with out the vitamin D, calcium is not absorbed, and the bones become soft, and inflamed, often causing hairline fractures, and pain in the muscles, knees and hips, I've always had bowed legs but one leg was getting worse and that made it even harder to walk. I use to be 5' 8" now I am 5' 6".

    I am now walking without my two canes, which is a start, and my legs are stronger, and my muscles are not spasming as much. I can even bend my knee's. I would never have thought that vitamin D would be a problem, but I encourage anyone who is having similiar problems to get tested for vitamin D deficiency, before you have surgery, there is now new scientific evidence that many people are low in vitamin D, even if you drink milk, or live in a warm climate, or are out in the sun, as you age your skin becomes less able to absorb enough sun to give you the D that you need, also we lather up with sunscreen which keeps us from making D as well, if you live in colder climates, you don't get enough sun to last through the winter months and if your a minority, you will need 5-8 times as much sun to get enough vitamin D which puts you at a higher risk for being deficient.

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    Re: Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    Very interesting.. Never heard about the vitamin D thing... How long did it take for you to start noticing a difference by taking vitamin D? Now that I think about it, I dont eat much food with vitamin D, but I do get some sun.. Well, cant hurt to take some supplements, on top of the other dozen or so that I already take



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    Re: Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    vitamin D can be toxic if to much is taken, but the problem has been that the medical field felt that we were getting enough in our food, and from the sun, but lately they are realizing that the amounts people are actually receiving, is far below they're actual need. I have been through more tests then I want to count but not until I went to a endocrinologist did they actually figure out that I was deficient, and that because I wasn't getting enough D, I wasn't absorbing the calcium, even though I take 1200 mg of calcium with 250 units of D, it did nothing, and on the general tests that they do for calcium it just said I was low,
    so the doctors weren't concerned, even though I was extremely deficient in calcium.

    You shouldn't just take D indiscriminately, because it is fat soluable and can build up in your tissue's, it is best to have a doctor determine if you are low and prescribe what dosage you might need.

    Another reason that vitamin D3 has sat on the shelf is because it is not a drug and cannot turn a profit for the drug companies, thats why they have a synthetic D2 vitamin which they call vyetamin, D2 can be toxic in large amounts also, but because it is water soluble it is given in bigger doses, D3 is obtainable up to 5000 , but I believe D2 goes up to 50,000 or higher, and sold as a drug, which is what is usually prescribed, by some doctors.

    I have been taking the D2 for about three weeks. but it will be about three months before the tissues receive the proper amount, then I can stop taking it every day and take it periodically.

    they will be doing more testing to see if I have osteomalacia, it causes the bones to soften, which causes fatigue and pain in the back, ribs, and hips, the muscles in the upper arms and thighs become weak, a person can have trouble getting up from a chair or climbing steps, they may waddle when they walk, and it can lead to fractured bones, and further increase the bow in bowed legs. It is usually treated with vitamin D.

    All the above symptoms can also be brought about by stenosis, so it would be easy to believe that stenosis is the problem, the neurosurgeon I went to, never once suggested I be tested for a vitamin D deficiency but when surgery's that had already been done, failed. Doctor's found that a D deficiency could be the culprit. Also because bowed legs effect the positioning at the knee, and vitamin D deficiency softens the bones and inflames them, D deficiency can be highly suspected. The findings on Vitamin D can only give the patient more options if he is in fact deficient in D, by either keeping a person from having to have surgery, or having had surgery make it possible to have more pain eliminated if you find that you indeed are deficient. Bell.

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    Re: Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    Hi Bell,

    So is the outcome that you don't really have the stenosis? Did you ever have an MRI that showed stenosis?

    Or is it that because you had this Vit D deficiency, over the years it was part of the cause of the stenosis?

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    Re: Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    Bay breeze,
    I have severe stenosis from all the mri's and xrays, and what the neurosurgeon and orthopedist say. I have a congenital narrow canal, and I have already had one laminectomy years ago. Two years ago I had a seizure, the paramedics came but couldn't find any reason for it, so I let it go, then I started getting cramps in my feet, where the muscles took forever to release, then it started in my hands, and then my lips would go numb from time to time, when ever this happened I just figured I was low on calcium/ magnesium and would take some and the cramps would go away, but gradually I was getting worse and worse, some days I couldn't get out of bed I ached so much, and my walking became more and more limited, if I exercised it made it worse, and I was developing all kinds of pain from using the canes. I actually ended up at the endocrinologist for another reason altogether, when he decided to run some tests for vitamin D deficiency. I never would have thought D as being a problem, you always hear how toxic it is and how we get enough in our food, but the more I learn about it the more I can see where the two are intertwined. If your bones lose their strength, and you have surgery, with hardware, I can see where the surgery might fail simply because the bone can't hold the screws, or what ever they use. I know that some people who have had surgery, end up with all the same problems a couple of years down the road, and others have had failed surgery for various reasons, how much can one attribute to vitamin D I don't know.

    For me Iam already bow legged, but in the last couple of years one leg is even more pronounced, which changes my gait,and then it affects my hip and back, that in turn puts more pressure on the nerves that are already compromised because of the stenosis. I got to the point where I couldn't lean forward, without sending my nerves into a spasm, how much of the spasms are caused by a lack of calcium, due to the vitamin D deficiency I don't know, so far I am weaning my way off the cane's I can get out of a chair now without using them, I can walk straighter, and longer, and because I am so use to swinging my leg from my hip I am having to learn how to walk correctly, I can actually bend my knees further and get up into the van without assistance. It's funny how you get use to the abnormal. I tend to think the vitamin D deficiency came first, just because I have always had problems with my muscles even when I was very young.

    From what my doctor says there are an awful lot of people out there with a D deficiency and they're just starting to realize that the amounts they thought were sufficient aren't, so it sure can't hurt to find out, and it might save some one alot of pain in the long run, as D seems to be needed for alot of different problems. Bell.

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    Thumbs down Re: I can tell you about Vit. D deficiancy

    I was doagnosed with vit D defficiancy through a bone biopsy when I was very young ,,!! I have had surgeries to straightin legs !! healing is very slow !! And now that I am 30 I am still having problems with , my joints and back!! I deal with a lot of pain !! and it seems as I get older it is only getting worse!!! I take rocoltrol, and nutraphos ,as well as supplemnts , as well as pain meds. I do not retain vit D , so that includes calcium and phosphorus!
    Sun I belieive is the best thing for me , but it is late because my bones are fully developed ..My bones and joints do not seem to wear well !!!!

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    Re: I can tell you about Vit. D deficiancy

    Thank you for the information - this is very interesting and makes sence. I defenately will look into this.

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    Re: Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common

    hi.....i have been diagnosed and CAT scanned and MRI ed
    with lower lumbar spinal stenosis and also spondy grade 1
    whatever that is. I have danced all of my life and i am 62 and have osteoarthritis all over my body. The point i want to
    make, is i could not walk either with out sitting because i had
    such pulling down the sides of my legs and the lower back
    was killing me.....all said back surgery....i went to a PT that
    did rehab and he said he could fix my back so it would not
    get worse but i had not internal rotation of the hip joint! I
    had pain in the groin and scatica.....all docs and there were
    four said it was the back and they could not wait to do surgery. Well i did PT and stretched out shortened mucsles
    which took a year and and then found out that the body
    was so out of wack because if had not hip joint left....took
    a sports medicine doc to figure that one out! I had my
    hip resurfaced 9 months pain in my hip, can stand
    up straight gained 1 inch in height back but still do the
    exercises for the not want surgery...also was
    on hormone replacement therapy which they took me off
    so that contributed to osteoporosis...i take fosamax with
    caicum and magnesium and zine and vitamin D separately
    as well as mega antioxident vitamin and mineral supplement.....DO NOT jump at surgery until you have in-
    vestigated all posibilities.....the medical commmunity will
    not do this for need to be responsible for yourself Hope this helps...Karen

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