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    Old 09-01-2006, 06:24 PM   #1
    Senior Member
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    kato HB User
    Bulging disc

    I'm totally new to this "back problems" board and have never had big back pain before. Can anyone tell me what options I have for a "bulging disc." My doc said today that I would have an app't with a neurosurgeon in a few weeks, but are there any other ways to go but under the knife for this problem?

    Like I said, I'm totally clueless about this type of thing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (I previously posted about sciatica, however an MRI yesterday confirmed that my problem is with a disc.) Thank you for your help.


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    Old 09-01-2006, 08:11 PM   #2
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    Suzy-Q HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    Hello Kato -
    I have a 'diffuse buldge' and an annular tear in my L5-S1 disk that 3 spine specialist surgeons have all agreed was not likely to be a significant factor in my lumbar pain and all declined to do any invasive surgery or to treat it in any way during the 2 fusion surgeries (1 failed attempt and a revision) I have undergone. I have read, and you will read on this board, that many disk buldges and even disk herniations can and do heal with time. Of course, some don't. The vocab words can be confusing so having a neuro look over your MRI is critical not to mention that a neuro or ortho may just plain disagree with the radiologist's report. I also have a herniated disk that is giving me a rotten time but my MRI report said it was a 'broad and centrally located disc protusion'. I didn't know that was another way of saying 'herniation. What I did know was that the report also noted there was stenosis and flattening of the cord - both culprits for pain.
    Hope this helps. There is a ton of good info readily available on this topic. Best of luck to you- Suzy-Q

    Old 09-02-2006, 11:22 PM   #3
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    snowmelts HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    A high percentage of people over 45 have bulgeing discs.
    Most don't know it but get a backache now and again.
    Others are very aware of it cuz of the pain.
    It's a common forerunner for osteoarthritis in your 50's or 60's.

    First the disks bulge and that can cause pain.. then if its the beginning of osteoarthritis they shrink..they shrink ..and shrink..and shrink (and you get to pain via arthritis).

    In that case you don't do anything about them.. except take a pain releiver and be kind to your back.
    Physical therapy can help eleviate pain.
    My Disc bulges first showed up, when I was 49, on an MRI which was taken for a diff reason.
    No Dr seemed worried about the bulges in my spine.
    Nothing was done about it.
    By my mid 50's my arthritis arrived full blast.

    Any bulgeing disc can herniate. Mine didn't.
    Physical therapy is generally tried before any surgery is considered.

    My 49 yr old brother did not know he had any back problems..
    twisted at work and herniated his disc.
    When it happened he felt a snap.
    Went to the Dr and the Dr said keep an eye on it.
    It became very painful 2 days after it happened.
    He could not even get himself out of the bed because of the pain.
    He called relatives from the cell phone he kept by his bed.
    They came and helped him and got him to the ER.
    MRI showed the herniation.
    He opted for therapy first instead of surgery.
    (besides the pain part of his leg went numb cuz the herniation pressed on a nerve)
    He underwent 4 months of very intensive therapy.

    He healed.

    Of course now he knows arthritis is down the road.
    Not a happy thought.

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    Old 09-03-2006, 01:03 AM   #4
    pauly boy
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    pauly boy HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    hi ya,
    em,i have just had L5 S1 disc removed (discetomy) em i am in real bad pain right now,but can only hope that now the disc has gone that the pain will ease in time.
    if you are or get is so much pain ie down leg etc then to me the only way is to remove the problem,however saying that it is surgery and sometimes this can bring on other problems but overall ide say if the pain gets untollerable then it is the best option,p.s. some people will tell u that excersise and herbal remedies will cure you,please dont be fooled....ok bye,stay strong love to u,pauly boy xxx

    Old 09-03-2006, 07:48 AM   #5
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    Shorty39 HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    I agree that some disk bulges do heal on their own but sometimes if you can get to them early and start agressive physical therapy and let them show you the correct why to fix them and things NOT to do for that particular bulge Then you can begin a healing process. In my case, mine was found and a family doctor told me that you don't do anything for bulged disk. So out of ignorance I just let it get worse without really realizing it. That was early spring of 2005...I went on about my business with pain and I ended up having a 4 wheeler wreck and it threw me over the front and to the right. I was xrayed for my shoulder and it wasn't broke. Was put on a muscle relaxant for 2 months. Then in Jan 2006 my hubby and I were riding on the golf cart and the baby boy (10 y/o) was chasing us playing. It was still cold enough outside to have coats on. The baby boy was running behind us to jump on the back of the cart and my hubby made a fast quick turn and I had my hands in my coat pockets and couldn't get them out in time to hold on and I fell off the cart and bounced a couple times. That is when I finished hurting my back. Went to ortho/neruo surgeon and he sent me to PM dr That gave me eipdural injection (4) in 8 wk period. After 1st injection he wanted me to start physical therapy agressively. I did but I had already had too much damage to my back. BUT if I would have done that when I first found the buldge I would most likely been able to recover without surgery or atleast hold off a few years.

    Hope this helps in some small way. Take care and God bless you

    Old 09-04-2006, 04:22 AM   #6
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    ICC HB UserICC HB UserICC HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    same opinion here---i started bulging disks at work doing alot of lifting in 1999. 2 that year that took 18 mos to heal but they did. 2004 2 different bulges. went back to work fine. this past may the 2 from '04 flared up. doing PT. only 1 small herniation in '99. know my back is there all the time but nothing unbearable. have DDD. am 52 it's to be expected. NO the neck is a whole other ball game. have 3 bulges, pinched nerve, stenosis, a large bone spur that is compressing my spinal cord, and the beginning of myelopapthy. this is extrememly painful and has affected both arms, shoulders and hands. surgery should always be a last resort in my opinion. haven't done injections or intense PT on neck. dr. thinks i also tore rotator cuff this last injury. so after MRI we'll know if all the upper body pain is directly related to my neck and i will try everything before i will even consider surgery. have alot of DDD in neck too and there isn't much they can do about it at my age.

    Old 05-07-2011, 12:30 AM   #7
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    mytearsneverdry HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    Hi all, i am not sure if this is the right forum for me as this is the first time ive joined such a thing and not sure how to use the forums. could someone suggest a thread that could be useful to me? my partner suffers from bulging disc and is in pain every day for the past 4 years, she spends most of every day in bed crying and believe it or not i can feel her pain through this journey. i cry myself to sleep every night because i cant help her and doctors cant help her either. she falls over about every 4th day from her leg giving way. so like many other times before i just call an ambo, they fill her with drugs and send her home. we have called 45 ambos in 2 years, i feel now that im starting to feel very depressed and dont know what else to do. she just wants to die to take the pain away. its a workcover thing and this just makes it harder to get approved for treatment. im crying now typing this and dont know why! maybe i just need someone to talk to as my partner and i dont talk anymore because she is always sleeping. hope someone can suggest a thread for me. thank you.

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    shelsers75 (05-07-2011)
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    shelsers75 HB Usershelsers75 HB Usershelsers75 HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    hi im so sorry you and your partner are going through this. i think you are very good and caring to try find some help. iv suffered with back and leg pain for 12 yrs now and without my husbands and families supprt i dont know how id cope.having you there will be a great help and comfort for her even if she dosnt say it all the time. this thread is 5 yrs old so i think you would be better to repost a new thread , its at top of page on the left. the people here are very friendly and always willing to help or just listen. because this is an old thread they mightnt see your post. please feel free to chat any time, just to vent or ask any questions, i log on every day and i know others will be along to help too take care shelsers

    Old 05-07-2011, 02:18 PM   #9
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    Re: Bulging disc

    Do you suffer from only pain or do you have neurological signs such as drop foot, bladder troubles, true numbness, or anything like that.

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    Old 05-07-2011, 02:30 PM   #10
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    shelsers75 HB Usershelsers75 HB Usershelsers75 HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    i suffer from pain, numbness tingles weakness in both legs where i fall from time to time. iv had a few bowel and bladder problems and was brought into hospital for 13 days to try find a cause. im not trying to frighten you but losing control of the bowel or bladder or numbness in the groin leg area called the saddle area can be signs of something called cauda equina it is an emergency, if your partner is having any of these symptoms she should go to the emergency room, they can do tests to see if this is the problem, its the one thing my doctors ask everytim and check symptoms for it should not be ignored. what kind of doctors is your partner seeing and cn you describe some symptoms. shelsers

    Old 05-07-2011, 05:38 PM   #11
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    mytearsneverdry HB User
    Re: Bulging disc

    My partner has tried and seen every doctor, healer and shrink out there. i cant believe there are other people out there that suffer from almost the same thing, we though we were alone because the doctors just dont know what to do for her. she has constant throbbing down her legs and tingling pain from her feet, always has to tap her foot to try to stop the tingling. she has degrenative disc and i piece of broken off bone is always pushing on the nerve, this cause the pain and at anytime gives her foot drop, crashing in a heap where ever she is and cant move until someone calls an ambo for morphine. she is rather over weight cos she cant exercise, but needs to lose 30kgs before they even think about a disc replacement operation. she's had epidural in the spinal cords, spinal block, 10 needles in the sciatica nerve to stop/block the pain but nothing works. tried water aerobics but falls from the change room to the pool. she cant sit longer than ten mins and stand for 5 mins. she has been in a rehab center to get off all the medication the doctor put her on. (that was very hard cos no meds for the pain) she going to a new nerosergeon on Friday to ask about a disc sectomy . but i am trying to get her into hospital for pain relief until then, but hospitals just send her home and tell her to see her doctor tomorrow, just a dam circle. she goes through a pack of mersyndol tablets a day for the pain, but they just take a tiny edge off the pain just enough to sleep. iam constantly listening for any movement from her so i can run to her and assist her not to fall over, i help her off the toilet in the shower get dressed (she hates this and wants me to leave cos she says she couldnt do it if it was me needing this type of help) she never did want back surgery but she now believe anything is worth a shot to stop this pain. i feel like quitting my job to stay home with her all the time cos many times i come home from work and she fallen in the bathroom and unconscious on the floor for many hrs. we are now trying to find a doctor that could maybe cut her spinal cord, cos she said a wheel chair for life would be better than this pain, but we dont think doctors are allowed to do this? one doctor even showed us where to fall on the neck to become paralyzed for life, but did warn that this make you not walk and may not take the pain away. anyway it feels better to finally tell people about this cos the family are over me telling them the latest drama's. thank you to all the people that read this.

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