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babs17 03-03-2007 04:29 PM

Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
[B][/B]I just read this book today, and wanted to discuss a point or two with somebody. Anyone??

If about THE SECRET????

Kay14 03-04-2007 08:27 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
This is the first time I am hearing about Dr. Sarno's book so I obviously cannot comment. Thanks for posting and letting people (like me) who might be interested know it is out there. I plan to seek it out and read it. I ordered the book, CD,& DVD versions of The Secret online thinking I might have a better chance of getting it sooner, plus the fact that my pain problems limit the amount of browsing I can do from bookstore to bookstore. But I count my blessings and an grateful I can browse at all. Thanks again for posting.

Amy :wave:

P.S. The earliest I could get The Secret online in any version is April 27th.

caszyman 03-04-2007 08:51 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
My daughter and I read both of his books a few years ago. I think they are still in the back of my trunk. I don't remember a whole lot about it, but as she was trying to relieve her pain from spondylolisthesis we didn't think what he had to offer would help her since she was born with a deformed sacrum and a slip. She had a fusion and is pain free now. cas

cythren 03-04-2007 09:26 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I've read his books, and have a mixed reaction to them.

I appreciate the point he makes about the mind-body connection, that our perception of pain is influenced by our state of mind and stress level. A funny anecdote I can offer related to this - while suffering with severe sciatica, each time I spoke with a social worker about my health insurance situation I experienced the "mind-body connection". As the social worker was telling me that there was no program I was eligible for and that I was "one of those people who falls through the cracks", my pain increased dramatically!!

It seemed to me that Dr. Sarno dismissed structural problems as contributing to back problems. Sure, the vast majority of lower back pain is from muscle injuries, but not all back problems are simply muscular. He stated that many people were told that their pain was from a herniated disc, but discounted this as a real source of pain because 50% of disc herniations are asymptomatic. This seems to me like a blunt simplification. We know that the location of the herniation, the nature of an individual's immune response, and the size of that persons spinal canal all contribute to whether a herniated disc causes problems or not.

Also, in his earlier book he used peptic ulcers as an example of an ailment caused by emotional stress. Well, it has since been proven that ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection. At the time he wrote the book, the medical establishment didn't know what caused ulcers. It was wrongly *assumed* that stress caused ulcers. Perhaps back conditions that cannot be clearly diagnosed with existing technology are also wrongly attributed to emotional stress.

- C

caszyman 03-04-2007 10:02 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I totally agree with you on the structual issues. That's why my daughter and I simply dismissed his ideas. I don't disagree that there may be a pain connection, but she has structural deformities. Her sacrum is rounded so there was no way that her disc could remain on the sacrum without moving. As her dr put it, it's like a ball rolling down a hill. The gravity is pulling it downward.

So for her structural problems were causing her pain, not only emotional ones.

babs17 03-04-2007 11:59 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I admit, that I was one of the ones that were angered by his opinion as soon as I read the first Chapter. He mentioned that this would be a common response for many that read his book. That is why I decided to read it entirely before I formed my opinion.

I agree with both of you that although there is a Mind & Body connection, I think that stuctural problems ARE the source of pain for many. But many have complained of pain AFTER the fact of a herniation/malformation was mentioned/highlighted by the healthcare professional.
There are some people out there that are feeling some emotional problem in a body part. It makes sense that a person who internalizes their problems and fears, has to put that energy the body stores it in the back, neck, stomach, or head. I did like that Dr. Sarna noticed that people who have a back/neck problem usually almost ALWAYS have the following other diagnosis: heartburn, Migraine/tension/sinus headaches, Hayfever, IBS, Fibromialgia. He also noticed that people with BACK/Neck problems are almost ALWAYS TYPE A personalities. It's interetsing....but I would not say he is 100% correct.

For myself, I have always been a "told you so" patient after my MRI results are in. My areas of pain have been desribed as such prior to any findings. So, I don't think I could make this pain I feel go away with positive thinking. However, there is a connection when I am stressed....the pain gets a lot alot worse when I am stressed. I do internalize, and I would be considered TYPE A personality.

It's like the famous question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? It's an innate response. I know that when I see a child fall down, I've been taught not to look scared/anxious, because the child will react to your expression about the fall. So, if you smile, they almost never notice that they just hurt themselves. But if you look scared, they cry about the injury. When the doctor looks at me and says, "Your back does not look good for your age"....I hurt at that same moment.....both inside and out. Soooo, who knows.

caszyman 03-04-2007 12:20 PM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I know with myself when I get very upset or really bogged down at work that I feel it in my neck. I was rear ended years ago so I had a few problems at the time in my neck. But now every time I am so tensed up that's right where my pain goes to and I feel it in my shoulder too. As I begin to calm down, my pain subsides and my neck loosens up. So I do agree with Dr. Sarno in parts.

But I don't feel that's the issue with everyone. There are definate structural problems that can cause real back pain. My daughter lived through it for two years prior to her surgery. She was in the same accident I was. That's when the spondylolisthesis and the deformities were diagnosed, but she had relatively no pain from it for years until she became very active with her dance team. Now that her spine has been stabilized she feels great. Best wishes, I hope this helps you and your pain! cas

Kay14 03-04-2007 02:38 PM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
What cas just mentioned reminded me of a conversation I had with a physician a while back.....and also demonstrates how different people respond differently to pain. The Dr. happens to be a radiologist and had reflected that sometimes when he is interpreting an MRI, CT, or x-ray for a complaint completely unrelated to the spine he cannot help but recognize deformaties, serious herniations, severe stenosis and other maladies of the spine that would suggest by medical standards the individual should be in extreme pain. At times he said he cannot restrain from asking some individuals if they were in any pain which would be related to what he sees. Inevitably the patients say no.......of course he asks tactfully and completely avoids any power of suggestion. We were actually having a conversation about the mind/body connection and for me this is a really good example of how medicine cannot give us all the answers. I know I forgot all about my aching leg when I was watching Little Miss Sunshine!

:) Amy

yvette777 03-05-2007 03:58 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I just got the secret, why does it take you so long I ordered it and got it in seven days. I just watched it, and It really has changed my outlook, it just makes since.

They talked about physical problems and disease...but they say let the doctors take care of the problem and we have to focus on the good.

They gave an example of two people with the exact same condition both ofcourse being treated by doctors.

one focused on all the good, the positive was grateful.
the other focused on the poor me's and had a negative out look.

The difference was amazing.

I am getting ready for surgeryin four days, and I am visualising myself, recovered, healing, pain free, med free and healthy, lean and in shape.

caszyman 03-05-2007 04:26 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
This sounds like it makes sense also. One month before my daughter's fusion she received another awful diagnosis that could have put her over the edge. For a few months I didn't realize it bothered her so much, but then according to her dr's suggestion she began psychological counseling. This has been a turn around for her. She has been able to see the good in these yucky medical issues she has been dealt with. She is now able to focus on the future and the positive aspects of all of this. As a result of all of her wonderful and caring drs she will begin college in the fall in pre-med. This is certainly a change in her life for her.

What great timing for you. You have a great outlook and I wish you the best with your surgery. cas

Kay14 03-05-2007 05:42 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I'm not really sure why it is taking so long, except for the fact that it is probably the most popular book out there right now. I am hoping that I get it sooner then projected, but I'll just have to wait and see. You really do have a great perspective on things Yvette, and I bet your recovery will be just as you invision it. You certainly have all of my best wishes for it!


ErikaB 03-05-2007 09:14 AM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I have not read the book. But yes, it all rings true, as a believer in mind and body, the moment I received my Spondylosthesis diagnosis I felt relieved to know there was something structural but it gave me the strength and determination to work with my body to attempt a cure. I believe that one can heal onself, along with "The Secret" and ideas that has brought up. Focus on the positive, seeing my body in a healthy state. We all know that our bodies begin to degernate after 40 and issues may become evident. I believe it is all in how you handle it. Though I read alot of serious ailments and proceedures that were necessary, on these boards, it gives me hope that I may be able to avoid some of the meds, surgeries and giving into the pain. Of course there are levels of ailments and those that must go the way of modern medicine, and Thank God it is there to provide the releif for them.

As others have said, I am in investment real estate and have a tremendously high pressure job...I fit into that Type A category, no doubt. And I do find that when I'm stressed, which is often, my back really acts up. The more stressed I get, the less mobility I have and the more pain...if that's not a connection I don't know what is. I've taken to listening to non-fiction books on CD (a real escape), walking more often and literally working with my diagnosis iin all positive fashions...Things like strengthening my core, relaxing and letting go...all help.

I believe that back pain is associated with fear. Perhaps of failing, or even of succeeding and/or merely stress related. Though no disrespect is intended to those with serious injuries. I am sure that connecting to ones healing can improve anyones situation, in terms of lessening pain meds, facing their diagnosis, moving for a positive cure or outcome and taking responsibility for ones body and spiritual position therein. Sometimes even changing ones lifes circumstances, like job, relationship, family difficulties and relieve one's pain. Pain in the body can be a metaphor for pain in life.

Thanks for bringing it up and reminding me to stay positive:)

babs17 03-05-2007 03:52 PM

Re: Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
I thought everyone's responses were wonderful...and like me, ANYONE reading this right now....YOU should try reading all the posts together. You get a feeling of collective positivity from all that posted on this subject. This is a positive post...I am happy to report :)

I know that so many times, we are in severe pain, or feeling misunderstood, or worse than that...desperate to have that continuous pain go away for but a moment. God gave us these issues to deal with. My sister always tells me, "God only gives you what HE thinks you can handle". I think that I have handled a lot by sweeping the problems under the rug...THUS, ending up with many physical aliments (GERD, Hernia, Headaches, Allergies, My back). It really takes some time and effort to retrain yourself so that you can see that silver lining with each gray cloud. I'm trying....Lord knows, I am trying!!!

I don't think ONLY positive thoughts can get you to where you dream to be...but I can admit that staying / feeling positive is an energy source that we (CP's) should tap into more frequently. FYI....I know I am preaching to the chior here, as well as I need to take my own advice.

Hey sounds like you were a great rolemodel for your daughter, and she sounds like she has one healthy & unbreakable spirit. Cheers to her and You for those great qualities. the positive vibes I get from you. I remember seeong your name on another post I wrote.

Amy...I'm sending positive vibes over to your UPS'll get The Secret in no time at all!!!

Yvette....been there. I'll be honest, the first week I came home after my fusion, my best friend came to visit me. As soon as she came in, I started to wasn't the pain. I explained to her, "I don't think I was emotionally ready for this". BUT I was back on top the very next week. It's tough...and there might be a weak moment you might have to get through. But the good news, is that Ive read youre posts , and you will be more than fine. Good health to ya hon!!! :angel:

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