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shawley 03-20-2007 11:09 AM

Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
The reason I started this thread was I thought I did something to my neck while on my lawn mower last June ,I stubbed it between my deck and the mower..After my surgery in July My neck has been killing me since , I had a MRI on it and shows nothing. Plus I heard somone mention their neck hurt due to a lumbar injury. Has anyone else had this problem..

Any suggestions are welcome ,

Thanks in advance.

ustalaughalot 03-20-2007 06:13 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Dear Shawley,

According to my physitrist md, yes is the answer to your question. You can have cervical pain which can work it's way all the way down your back. Since it is all connected eventually it can all get involved. When one part isn't working properly the next part trys to pick up the slack and when it is worn out, the next part so on and so on according to her. So I would say it is definately possible. I started out with cervical and thorasic pain and look where I am now... Hope this helped you, ttultr, Lynn PS, it hit 70 today!

shawley 03-21-2007 05:14 AM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
I know how the fusion process can domino ,but my MRI of my neck show's nothing wrong . I had this pain in the neck sine July..I really thought I hurt my neck but everything look's good ? It's like a stiff neck when I turn left or right or up and down it kill's me .

I'm thinking maybe because my testosterone / Iron level is pretty low that I may have a gland or somthing going bad ?? I have no clue on that stuff but maybe in my neck because the doc was feeling around my neck ,I didn't tell her about the pain I was having..I really feel like a whiner so I didn't say anything..She ask me if my necks was hurting and I said no like a dummy ,I see her on the 3rd of April..I'll tell her.:rolleyes:

Go a head rub it in , it will reach 70 here someday soon..July /August .:dizzy:

ibake&pray 03-21-2007 08:15 AM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
[COLOR="Navy"]Shawley dear,
When you stubbed your head did you misplace your common sense? When your Dr. asks if something is hurting, how can she help you if you don't tell her? SIGH. She can't read our minds..and if yours is as cloudy as mine is inside she would get lost!

Let me tell you what my therapist told me. First thing when she comes over she asks "what's going on, how are you?" I told her that I hate to complain so I will say fine. She looked at me and sighed (much as I just did to you). Her comment back was, it's not complaining. You and I are partners trying to get you healed. If you don't tell me where the issues are, I can't clear up those problem areas and it can bleed over to other sections. Don't think of it as complaining. Think of it as going over a check list-much as they do for the NASCARs....

OK, does that make better sense? I have seen my parents do the same thing when the dr comes in. When I asked my dad why he didn't tell the dr. what hurt, he said I didn't want to bother him....then he complains that the dr. didn't fix his problems....

But back to your orignal question. Yes, it can bleed over to other areas. Both my PA and my therapist said what Usta said, another part tries to pick up the slack and it might not be strong enough either.[/COLOR]

shawley 03-21-2007 08:29 AM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Jill your right , I see her on the 3rd I'll tell her . i just have so many other issue's going on..Must be gettin old :rolleyes: I swore I wouldn't live to be old. Only the good die young..

Do you think it's muscle then (neck) I know it's not bone problems or disc.
Is there a gland on your neck that helps with hormones or somthing ? Funny thing is she checked my neck out. I go for a Dexa scan to check my bones on the 3rd..
Thanks for posting :wave: [/B][/COLOR]

ibake&pray 03-21-2007 09:05 AM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
have you had your thyroid checked? Also ther is another set of glands behind the thyroid that can cause problems.

And yes it can be muscles that are taking on the burden and getting abused. I was surprised at the amount of work my upper back muscles are trying to do and the discomfort it has caused me.

No fibbing from now on![/COLOR]

Arthr Itis 03-21-2007 02:05 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Remember Shawley, just because it doesn't show up on an MRI doesn't mean there is nothing wrong.

shawley 03-21-2007 03:29 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Jill ,
I'm seeing a doc now for this problem , Thanks

I know ,maybe I'll be lucky and just die..I'm sorry I'm not feeling well today please forgive me..I know things could be hidden . I just don't know what to do anymore ,I'm so depressed.

ms_west 03-21-2007 04:07 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?

I care.....I know I have not been around......but please know that I care and am concerned about you. Please don't do anything stupid.

BlueAtlas 03-21-2007 04:12 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Shawley, don't you ever, ever give up! There's always hope. Tomorrow things may look completely different. And what would your mother-in-law do without you to entertain her?! What about your daughters? Are you wearing a tux for your daughter's wedding, or is it informal since it's at the beach? Shawley, in pain or not, you'll be as stunning as she'll be to your family, because they know what you've been through. What about your wife? She needs you as much as you need her! You probably gripe at each other sometimes and say things you shouldn't say, but you've both been there for each other.

Can you get on the phone tomorrow and see who can help you now? You're in a hard spot, no denying that, but in your darkest hours, count your blessings. Seriously, I mean that. Think of everything you can that you can be thankful for. Once you get started, it's hard to stop. Count even the littlest things. It helps!

Take care, dear Shawley!
Emily :wave:

DesertBloom 03-21-2007 04:32 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Shawley don't give up, I know how you feel and you'll feel better tomorrow or the next day-really, I often say the same thing but I don't think I really mean it.

Anyway I wanted to tell you I have the same problem, with my neck, and don't know what's causing it. I've had 7 lumbar fusions (won't go into all the details), but I also had this neck pain and trouble turning my neck especially when driving. I also have 2 thyroid nodules, and ask my Endo if they could cause this constant pain in the back and sides of my neck and he said No. I'm not sure exactly how he figured that out, but I'm sure he's correct. I had an MRI, EMG, and x-rays and they showed Nothing in my neck. My neuro originally said it could be carpal tunnel, because I also have numbness in my entire arm, hand and first 3 fingers. Because the EMG didn't show anything he dismissed the carpal tunnel and referred me to an Ortho. I've also had shoulder surgery (last summer) but in the opposite arm where the numbness is so I really can't figure out why I would want to an Ortho anyway. So now I live with this all day and night and am sick of it.

I do have osteoarthritis in my spine (lumbar area), hips and knees, so maybe it's that creeping it's way up. I've personally experienced that domino effect everyone talks about because some of my surgeries were a result of that.

I don't think your thyroid has anything to do with it, but who knows. Thyroid nodules/problems rarely cause pain and they, as you know, are at the base of your neck in the front and the parathyroids are behind the thyroid. BTW hormone probs can make you feel real bad, so maybe if they sort that out it might give you a mental lift at least, and help your bones. I'm going through the same thing with estrogen levels.

Hope you find out what's going on, and could you possibly be experiencing bad arthritis? It's not unusual for people with back surgeries to get osteoarthritis, oh and of course with age--even though you're probably just a pup:)

Carpal tunnel can cause the pain you're referring to, have you had an emg? or any numbness. I just talk to someone with this and all his pain was in his neck and once they did the tendon release his pain went away. I wish mine could have been explained away like that, but for now I'm living with this pain and all the lower back, leg pain and nerve damage. I'm thinking about a cortisone shot in the neck, but the Neuro say's No. I just had a trigger point shot yesterday for pain in my back, well it's really a lump in my back that hurts real bad, since they tell me it's not a cancerous growth the shot may help and so far it is!!!!!!!

Good luck with this and your dexa, and everything else. :angel:

ejreiss 03-21-2007 05:03 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Shawley- I know exactly what your going thru. Although I can not guarantee the same results that I have gotten and how I resolved this I will give you something to think about. Since I've had several lumbar surgeries and many other lower back procedures I have had chronic lower back pain since. It is so bad that it makes it extremely hard to be active enough to live a healthy lifestyle. I sit for a little while, I get up for a little while, but most of the time I find myself laying down on the couch as this takes some pressure off my lower back. I've tried every level of physical therapy and exercise my lower back can handle but no matter what or how long I do it, my lower back seems to hurt more. Since laying around so much and being so inactive my middle back and neck have started hurting almost as bad as my lower back. Although you probably did the rite thing by getting it checked out and getting mri, I refuse to because even if they told me it was herniated disc I would not go thru that surgery garbage unless the pain was a 11 on a scale of 1-10. I started noticing that if I was more active my neck felt better. This was the opposite of my lower back so I decided to take action. I've been exercising and stretching for my neck and middle back and although it has been a struggle to get myself up and do it because of my lower back, it has also been beneficial and I now have less pain in my neck. I even went out and bought a neck strap that you attach weight to and do strength building exercises for my neck. Remember that unlike me- you should check with your doctor before starting any exercise and you should start off very small because you don't want to make the pain worst. It took me a long time but I can actually say that all of that inactivity plays a tole on your whole body. It's real easy for people like you to forget about physical therapy because you've probably been thru it for your lower back and were unsuccessful. However it may help for your neck because I'm guessing your not quite as active as you use to be. I know because that is the slump I had fallen into also. I've delt with the neck pain for two years before I actually got the will to say I'm gonna try something because the last thing that I will do is have another spine surgery. Good luck and let me know if this sounds familiar.

DesertBloom 03-21-2007 05:12 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Hi ejreiss: I couldn't agree with you more... I was going to mention this theory or yours and forgot. I've always had problems with my neck, but they always went away after I was more active or after a certain length of time. Now they aren't going away, but what I notice is when I *have* to lie down from lower back pain the neck pain always gets worse. I have many different cervical pillows but lying down seems to make it worse. Sitting, walking, and standing helps the neck pain and makes the lower back pain worse so I constantly have to alternate between the those things that help even though if it helps one area it hurts another.

I do neck strecthing exercises every day, but am finding out there getting more difficult to do.

Anyway just thought I would tell you I agree wholeheartedly!!!

ustalaughalot 03-21-2007 09:28 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Dear Shawley,

I know that you are a guy and all, when ever my dh has an md appt, I go in with him because he doesn't always tell the md everything that is going on. I make sure the md gets it all. My problems started with my neck after having been rear-ended so many times that I think I have permanent damage there. Nothing on MRI, but nerves and soft tissue like muscle take much longer to heal than does bone. Think about it like this, as I told you there is a domino effect, we all know it, the md's no it. Muscles also get into the act when things are out of line in the back, they start to spasm, pull things this way and that way and even go into lock down. They can get so tight over bone and nerve structures that it can cause just as much pain as a herniated disc or what ever else we all have to deal with. You also must remember, if the md asked you if your neck hurt you, she obivously felt something that would cause her to ask you that. If those muscles get too tight in your neck then you will start to pay the price of not only having limited motion, but you will also start to get really bad headaches. Now do you need that on top of everything else you got goin on? I don't think so, so please tell the md that yes your neck hurts. Luv ya Shawley, I really hope that things turn around for you fast. Lynn

Tucsonlady40 03-21-2007 11:56 PM

Re: Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
Hey Shawley,

I truly believe that lumbar fusion or back problems in general do affect the neck. The way that we sit in general, will affect our necks and backs, and if you have a back problem, you have to adjust the way that you sit to get comforable and in place sometimes it offsets your neck.

A couple of months ago I was having so much pain in my neck again, so I thought for sure it was my fusion. Thank goodness it was good, but I had taken a few falls (call me grace), anyway, I was adjusting alot with my back hurting and compensating with my neck, in return, I was killing my neck.

I still think that you messed something up with your neck though. It's been hurting since the incident. Did you ever have any treatment on it, like Pt or trigger point injections? Maybe (like you would just love to have to do this to) some type of therapy would help.

Take care and I hope you start feeling better soon!!

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