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3 Year Problem PLEASE HELP!!

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bebo109 HB User
3 Year Problem PLEASE HELP!!

I am a 21 year old male. I have had my symptoms for 3 years now. I get it EVERY month. It starts with at my left shoulder. When I breath in, I will get a feeling like oxygen cant pass through with ease. This usually lasts about 6 hours. After that, I no longer feel anything in my shoulder, but I feel a pain on my left side. When I breath in, it feels like there is not enough room for my lungs to expand. My heart, and my lungs feel like they are being pressed against my rib cage. Its very frightening. The pain is an unimaginable one. It keeps me up for 2 days, because it is so hard to breath. My breaths are VERY short, and fast paced. I am also very sensitive to cold during these 2 days where the pain is unbarable. I shiver uncrontrollably sometimes, and this only makes the pain WORSE! Please help. I have been to 2 different doctors. Both gave me anti-inflamitory drugs, which does absolutely NOTHING! I've had an X-ray, which showed nothing. Please, Please, Please help.

I am 140lbs, and about 5'8".

I used to work out regularly prior to my condition. I would say about 18months prior to my condition is when I started to work out regularly. Lifted weights, did some cardio, etc... I am still pretty fit, although I don't excersise as often as I used to. I thought maybe my condition was because of the weight lifting so I've stopped. My condition continued, so I assumed it wasnt because of weight lifting, so I still do it every so often. About 1-2 times a week, I will do some push-ups, and curl some weights, But nothing to straining. I do this just to keep my physique.

I remember the day I first felt the pain. It was my first year of college, and I was in a class taking notes. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my side. I left immediatly and went to the health center. They gave me ibuprofin. I don't think it helped, and I cant remember how long the pain lasted. (maybe its stress related? Im still in college, in my 4th year now.)

I have started to keep a log in excel of how often my symptoms occured. There are 4 fields:
1. The date I feel the should "thing",
2. The date in which the pain in my side becomes unbarable,
3. The date in which the pain becomes barable (I can move around I. e. walk), and
4. The date in which I no longer feel anything. Let me share with you what I have so far.
Occurrence 1
First Sign: N/A
Started Hard: 2/28/2007
Hard Ended: N/A
Ended: 3/9/2007
Occurrence 2
First Sign: 4/16/2007
Started Hard: 4/21/2007
Hard Ended: 4/23/2007
Ended: 4/30/2007
I started logging it recently. So this info might not be worth anything for now. But so far, it seems to be about 52days apart, and lasts a total of 14days. The N/A's are there because I didnt add those 2 fields untill the second time around.

I have never had any medical problems except for these pains.

Here is where things get even more interesting. One of my 2 older sisters has sysmptoms similar to mine. She has had her pains for 9 years. She is 23 years old, and about 5'2". She has been to a number of doctors. She's had cat scans done, blood tests done, colonostpies, and X-Rays.
The difference between her symptoms and mine are:
1. She gets the pains on both side (Sometimes on the left side, and sometimes on the right side).
2. She has the same "heads up" as I do with the shoulder. The same day she feels the shoulder "thing" is the same day the side pains hit, and become unbarable.
3. Her pains last a total of only 3 days. But these 3 days for her are unbarable.
4. The frequency of these occurrences for her (9 years ago) would be about twice a year. Now on the other hand, she gets them about twice a month. (they started to occure more frequenctly when she started college) .
5. Sometimes she will get the pain exactly 1 week after she felt it the first day. For example; if she felt the pain on monday 1-1-2007, it would last for 3 days, then go away, then on monday 1-8-2007 she will get the pain again for 3 days.
6. The pain moves. If it starts on the left side, it will stay on the left side, but it will move up and down on her left side. Same thing on the right side, It will stay on the right side, but it will move up and down, untill its gone. (My pain does not move. Its always pretty much in the same region on my left side)

Neither me, nor my sister uses any drugs or smokes.

My pains are not induced by physical exertion, and I do not get winded easily when walking. I can play basketball, football, and do anything normally when I do not have my pains.

There is no common denominator to the onset of the symptoms that I can find. The only trigger I have is the shoulder "thing".

The only thing I do to relieve the pain is to lie down, and let it pass. Movement hurts a lot!

Updated List of Logs:
Occurrence 1
First Sign:
Started Hard:2/28/2007
Hard Ended:
Ended: 3/9/2007
Side: Left

Occurrence 2
First Sign: 4/16/2007
Started Hard:4/21/2007
Hard Ended: 4/23/2007
Ended: 4/30/2007
Side: Left

Occurrence 3
First Sign: 5/16/2007
Started Hard:5/18/2007
Hard Ended: 5/19/2007
Ended: 5/27/2007
Side: Left

Occurrence 4
First Sign: 5/27/2007
Started Hard:5/27/2007
Hard Ended: 5/28/2007
Ended: 5/30/2007
Side: Right

Occurrence 5
First Sign: 6/3/2007
Started Hard:
Hard Ended:
Side: Left

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Justoneofus HB User
Re: 3 Year Problem PLEASE HELP!!

That's very very indepth guy! Welcome to this board. I am to assume you may be thinking your pain is back related? You say you've had "xrays". Have you had an MRI of your spine, especially of the cervical and thorasic regions?

The only other thing I can think of is this being a soft tissue (muscular) issue. Maybe you have a syndrome of some sort or your body is just very reactive to stimulation or over stimulation of the muscles. I really do not know.. I am just throwing out ideas to you is all.

None of us on here are doctors. This particular part of the board is for people with middle/lower back pain issues, mostly spinal cord issues.

I do hope you find some answers.
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stoutsabout2 HB User
Re: 3 Year Problem PLEASE HELP!!

Have Either Of You Been Tested For Gout? I Have A Co-worker With It, And His Symptoms Are In His Chest, Soulder Arm And Hand.
They Come On Gradual, Peak For Up To 2 Wks, Then Tame Down Pretty Quick.
I Hope You Find An Answer Soon

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