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Round1 06-27-2007 02:57 AM

4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Hi guys,

Will be 4 weeks this thursday, and yes feel I am starting to make a bit more progress. I was only able to stay up an hour at a time and sometimes not quite that. Now I am able to stay nearly the two hours. I have been logging my hours in a notebook so looking back on it you can really see progress on the bad days!!!.

Question for you. Muscle relaxants are the okay to take after a fusion?
I took one last night, as I did a longer walk than usual and I felt much better when I woke in the morning. Just wondering though are they okay to take.
I am due to finish take Oxycontin which I feel is a bit early but will try a day without and see how I am getting on it is only 5mg once a day.

So really question is muscle relaxants are they okay after spinal fusion
and Oxycontin is it abit early to stop ?????? (tend to ramble here!!!!!)

Thanks again folks,

Round 1

xzx 06-27-2007 04:10 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Hi Round 1

Muscle relaxers are ok to take after spinal fusion. It can keep your muscles around the incision area from getting to tight ( muscles spasm ). Is your doctor going to replace the oxycontin when you are done taking this? You maybe needing something to take the edge of a little while longer, maybe not as strong as oxycontin. There are other painkiller out there that are non narcotic that can work well also. Glad you are getting on a bit better now. I am sure as the days go on you will be seeing how much better your back is indeed feeling. Best wishes to you.


ms_west 06-27-2007 04:33 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Round 1 personally I would not let you meds go empty before refilling them. I am 5 months out and still require meds. There are some people that are close to a year still on one pain pill a day.

During my recovery I have had some really good days and then some rotten days. Make sure you have those meds on hand for those bad days and if you don't need them and don't have any bad days that would be the BEST OF ALL WORLDS!!

It sounds like things are healing well. Take care.

yvette777 06-27-2007 06:36 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
I know my case is a little different because I had to move two times since my back surgery, so my doc gave me my meds and said didn't want me to be in so much pain that I don't keep moving. I was on 10mg of oxicontin since surgery twice a day plus my lortabs. Then a few weeks ago when I got out of the brace they upped it two 20 mg of oxicontin because they said I am going to be in more pain without the brace..well and I had to move again.

shawley 06-27-2007 07:09 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Lucky you Vette--I never once was offered oxycotin , just oxycodone. I would like that because it's supposed to last longer , and I need that.
I just take my hydro's10MG and I'll be fine I guess :confused:

Round1 06-27-2007 07:35 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Thanks, I to personnally feel it is to soon to be off the meds, example this morning full of life and spent a good time up and this afternoon different story, sore especially in the hip area, all the walking yesterday took its toll. Going to get a perscription just to have the meds to hand for those days that start good, but go wrong !!! thanks.... Actually I not going to post and say how good I feel because I know it will change !!!!!! this has happened twice to me!!!!!

Okay enough moaning for today from me. Thank you all for replying.

ms_west 06-27-2007 10:05 AM

Re: 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
Just remember this was a tough surgery and it takes time to heal. Also that we are here for you if you should have any rough patches.

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