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Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

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Old 08-05-2007, 07:36 AM   #16
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GracefulOne HB User
Re: Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

Hi Sage,

I've read a few of your posts and it sounds like we have similar condtions/symptoms.

Last night I bought the book "Managing Pain before it Manages you" by Margaret Caudill. I haven't started reading it yet but from the reviews I've read I thought it would be best suited to my situation.

I'm at the same point you are...trying to salvage enjoyable times...I've had 3 surgeries in the past year and the last, my fusion, has made my quite recluse. I no longer enjoy just hanging out with my friends...going out to my favorite restaurant no longer makes me want to get out of my sweats...I'm not 'depressed' in the full sense of the word, and believe I have dealt with depression in the past...I'm just in limbo...I know if I exert too much energy by either going to Target or just not getting enough rest I will pay for it in how I pain meds really are not doing a whole lot for rather than trying to have a 'fun' day...I just enjoy the down time in my recliner.

My biggest concern right now is work...I'm only working 20 hours/week after having gone back to work full was just too much for me...even working 20 hours/week for the past month has been difficult and has made no difference in my pain levels...I'm less physically fatigued in my muscles from sitting in an office chair all day, but I'm still in the same amount of pain. That is the biggest reason I'm trying to find some answers or coping skills to deal with the pain...

I'm very concerned that I'm going to lose my job as my FMLA is exhausted, I'm using STD for the hours I'm not working and my HR department has talked about LTD. I just spent the past 2 hours looking the Disability site and still don't have any answers. My neurosurgeon seems to think I'm still recovering and won't consider disability...went as far as to say if I can't handle my current position I should look at getting a new if sitting at a desk is not the least physically taxing position that I could have! In addition, my pain management doctor wants to put me on Methadone and told me there is always disability...UUUGH...why are they on such opposite ends of the spectrum. After reading the Disability board it looks like it's very difficult to get benefits for back pain and degenerative disc disease, especially when your only 31 years old.

I'm starting therapy with a different therapist next week who has alot of experience with chronic pain and according to some has worked miracles...I'm hoping my bone stimulator battery dies soon (I'm 6 months post op 2 level fusion) and that will decrease the inflammatory environment in my spine and result in less pain...and lastly I'm hoping to read this book and find some skills to help me deal with my situation.

I'd love to hear your experience in relation to working and disability - perhaps you can post to me on the Disability board and we can discuss it in more detail.

Good luck finding a book at your library - I'm sure I will post my opinion of the book I got if it in anyway helps me.


L5/S1 Hemilaminectomy (9/06)
L4/L5 Hemilaminectomy (11/06)
L4/5 L5/S1 Posterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion with Instrumentation (1/07)

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Sage48 HB UserSage48 HB User
Re: Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

Hey sorry you are going through all of this. Yeah, it gets old. I took a year off from work beginning 6 years ago....supposedly a nice break for me...had worked all of my life....husband had new job and wanted me to travel with him.... Ok....did that. Then I fell...not a nice thing...that will be 5 years ago this Sept. and since then well, it has not been fun....the neck pain the Dr. fooled around with for 15 months was a far lateral herniation which hid from all of the MRIs etc. Finally had fusion 2 1/2 yrs ago - it is pretty good right now....of course it will always ache, but that is acceptable. The lower back/leg has been a royal pain...litterally. Every MRI is different...more far lateral some of the MRI's....artheritis in some areas...and facet joints...and bulges/hypertrophy etc. Have had epi's...all types of them/facet joint injections/radiofrequency last May/and in June a transforaminal epi...which worked pretty well... Also had another EMG in June...which shows damage in the L5 area....which is where all the tests show the problem... BUT, the Drs. don't think that is the area ....according to my symptoms... I have problems with some I am kind of limited as to what I can take....which is oxycodone 10/325....It works fairly well...most of the time...but if I may take a few doses to make things fairly normal again. As far as work...well, I haven't been able to go back to work...I could not sit that long....or stand...etc. I had asked one of my drs. if I should apply for SSD...he said no... well, I should have tried...cause now, I believe it is too late...haven't worked in 5 now I either have to work and get 40 quarters in again...or wait till I'm at least 62 to collect. Sad...isn't it...we work all our lives, then we listen to someone else, instead of our gut feelings.and it costs us. Don't wait too long...hey, you can try on your own...try the Long Term Disability...first...and at the same time...put in for the Social Security takes a long long time for that one..and they will probably turn you down the first you get to try several times for that one...hey, what have you got to loose???
Hope that things get better for you...


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GracefulOne HB User
Re: Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

Oh Leslie, hugs to you!

If sounds like you have a supportive husband...I know I'm very lucky in that department as well...he told me to quit my job and he'll pick up some PRN hours at a hospital working's nice to have the support but sometimes I feel so horrible that he is working so/willing to work so hard to take care of us.

I really don't know what the future is going to hold for me...I know that if I go on LTD that I will probably be let sad considering all I put into my career at such a young age...11 years and I'm 31! I have a college education and half of a masters degree but I know that I would never make this type of money in another position...UUGH.

I've contacted an advocacy group to answer some questions and am waiting to hear back from my case worker...

I definately will be applying for SSDI if I go on LTD...5 years is a short time in the getting approved arena from what I've read! That stinks that you would have to go back to work to get approved again because of the time frame...uugh...if your doing alright it's almost less stressful to wait until your 62 huh?

On the subject...I started reading that book this afternoon - Manging Pain Before It Manages You...just looking at the info in it and there are alot of techniques, worksheets, etc....hopefully it will end up being helpful information!


L5/S1 Hemilaminectomy (9/06)
L4/L5 Hemilaminectomy (11/06)
L4/5 L5/S1 Posterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion with Instrumentation (1/07)

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Mjjmike HB User
Re: Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

I'd be More than More than More than happy to chat with anyone or answer ANY questions about his theory. It's so funny that the world gets us so twisted that the simple logic is the answer to all of it. This theory is very hard to bring into light to most people in the world, even for me until that thing just clicked. But even Dr. Sarno says that, when he presents it to the patient in the words of "The pain is coming or being caused by your mind." It's taken very hard and in a very negative way, because the average person hears that and thinks..."This doctor is telling me it's all in my head? A product of my imagination? My pain is not real? Not, he's actually tell you that your pain is VERY real and VERY debilitating, he's only saying that your mind is where this pain originates. Now this theory concerning "repressed memories" is very Real. I read (I think in this post) some guy trying to totally dismiss this as ..almost a joke. That..right there, (and no offense to you at all sir) but it should be a PRIME example on why this theory won't take off in the "medical" world. Repressed feelings are you repressing real, human emotion. Well growing up, we are taught not to...not to cry, not to act wild, not to..not to...ect ect..And this is a part of life, we as humans experience things, we learn, and we teach it to our children, nobody is at fault here, but to understand it is everything. Dr. Sarno says that people are very resistant against this because after all, these people have had surgery after surgery, disabled for years, and here this doctor is telling you it's because you are having this pain because your mind is stressed because you recently have divorced and now a single parent, and you are just not happy with your life. That messes with our human ego, we don't want to admit that we've done all of this (surgery, Specialist ect..) and perhaps...we've had it all wrong.

The problem comes in when the real human emotion...lets say crying happens. There is a part of our mind somewhere that is saying, don't cry, don't show weakness, and everything else you've been program to to think. THERE...RIGHT there "Anxiety!" And from that... eventually manifests into physical ailments. Truthfully people, the human body is simply amazing, our body's are self thriving, organisms that WANT to live. So it develops ways to distract you from those moments of anxiety (anxiety being the moment of time where your conscious and unconscious mind basically get into an argument...which turns out to be PAIN..REAL PAIN.

I know it sounds crazy, and it would have to me two months ago. But like I said in my earlier post. I am here, now, drug or medicine and pain free, I kicked addiction ***, and chronic pain. I can see proof, I can only speculate about explanations.... explanations being, the act of trying to explain something.

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