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margsee 09-23-2007 07:14 PM

SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area
Hi y'all!
I'm a fairweather post-er! My pain is much improved since I had an SI injection. Read on in case it helps you; my life is so different now.

My injury was from bending/twisting while working out thing, last Dec. Since then, I always had a sharp constant ache in my SI joint, pain level 7+, where the pelvis meets the spine at the sacrum, L4 L5 area. One PT diagnosed me with SI Joint Disorder, and I had come success with his manually correcting me, but was never able to stay corrected long (corrected=pelvis aligned with spine). Always felt bones crunching, & messed up mechanics in my SI joint soon after PT. Basically, my butt always hurt.

THEN, I got a new PT who found it wasn't just an anterior rotation but a full outflare (whole left hip bone flared out top to bottom). Plus, a rotated sacrum & one vertebrae that was slightly twisted. After he corrected my multitude of weird things, I got better by the day as I was able to stay aligned more, my ligaments weren't so taxed in the area, and the inflammed nerves settled. I almost cancelled my SI Joint injection but figured "what the heck". After the injection, I have now had 10 days in a row with little pain. My only pain is in a completely different part of the glute & is totally minor muscular pain as my muscles fibers get used to operating in the appropriate way after 9 mos in the wrong direction.

My piriformis symptoms are completely, utterly gone. My foot arch hurts very, very rarely (versus constantly).

The SI injection was not the original intent. My physical medicine doc sent me for an epidural steroid injection in the L5 where I have a minor bulge. At the pre-appointment, I told the anesteiologist who would do the injection that I truly believed it was SI joint related, and not the disc. So with my history and explanations, he decided to do the SI injection, not the ESI. Awesome. It worked so well! With my daily self corrections, daily exercises for core, glutes, legs, and back, and careful posture, I'm getting better by the day. Oh, and I no longer sit all day at work. I stand 6 out of 8 hours at my desk & aside from sore feet, which are adjusting, it's helping too. (Inactivity always made the pains worse, so I baked a lot. Now I don't have to as I get back to normal life stuff.)

I do have to be constantly aware of my condition to avoid knocking things out of alignment so much that they re-inflame the SI joint, making it unstable again - starting the vicious circle of pain.

Anyhow - FYI the SI injection worked! If you feel SI pain and weird mechanical issues under your glute, & can't get comfortable in any position, or stay comfortable when you are, and if you have other unexplained things like vaginal pain that your docs say have no origin, or weird foot pain, find a PT who specializes in Sacroiliac Joint Disorder, in case they can help you too! There are a lot of variations on the malalignments, so you need someone who can identify your particular issues, and tailor the corrections to help you. And ask your docs about injections if you haven't tried one yet.

Good health to all.

SpineAZ 09-23-2007 08:13 PM

Re: SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area

I might be facing a SI injection. Can you tell me how it was done and what you felt afterwards?

I've had cervical ESI's and they would put me under sedation and then do the injection. I had no real pain after - minor irritation only - and of course was loopy from the versed. Just wondering how the SI injection may differ.

margsee 09-23-2007 08:26 PM

Re: SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area
Hi - no big deal. IV so they can put you under, then next I know, I'm back in the recovery room. Felt slightly loopy for 30 min. Slightly sore in SI area the 2nd and 3rd days, but nothing compared to the normal SI pain. They said some people are more sore than others; I found it to be no big deal at all; no pain sleeping, or touching the area. I'm sure yours would be fine too!!

GracefulOne 09-24-2007 10:25 AM

Re: SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area

Glad to hear your SI Injection worked...and you didn't have alot of problems with being sore thereafter.

I'm going to check with my PM about the difference between the intracrticular and periartricular injections...makes alot of sense if the tissue around the joint is inflammed and the injection is not even touching that area if the capsule is still intact.

So wonderful for you!

deltadog32 09-24-2007 10:43 AM

Re: SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area
I don't know for sure about the inarticular and articular. But I had 2 Epidural Steroid Injuections and Flourscopy has to do with Xrays and them being able to see where they are injecting the cortizone. They want to make sure they're putting in the right spot. I unfortunately was not able to benefit from the ESI's because my L5 S1 is gone except for a small portion. I am having fusion. But you will hurt some for the first few days after the shots and that's normal because it puts pressure in the disc that is injured and until the disc soaks up the cortizone it will be sore.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

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