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Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

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Old 01-26-2008, 08:47 AM   #1
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daylight568 HB User
Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

Sorry for this being so long ,I really appreciate those who take the time to read it and comment.Thanks.

Could this be just a pulled muscle or is it more severe like sciatica.
I finally got a job after being out of the work field for many ,many years.
Monday,the day before I was to start my first day on the job, I picked up a laundry basket load that was too heavy.Normally I won't pick up a heavy laundry basket because it always injures my back, and I let bf do it.But in my excitement of starting a new job I guess I thought I was wonderwoman or something. Anyway, I did not notice any pain after doing it but the next morning I woke up to that old familiar "OWWWW" pain that I have gotten countless times from lifting heavy objects.Usually if I take it easy for the next few days I am fine ,but I could not do this as I had to start my new job and did not want to risk losing it.I was hoping I could just "workout" the pain.I have had my back go out on me in the past several years ago resulting in barely or not being able to walk but always recovered on my own.The past couple years whenever I hurt my back I always recovered with a few days so I thought I was stronger now.Anyway,so I went to work with my bad back which really didn't bother me much that first day.Mostly just when I had tried to get dressed that morning was when there was problems,after that I seemed to be ok.I also want to make a note that on my first day the boss was showing me around,she "sprinted" very very very very fast. I could not even keep up that is how fast she walked.Also that my job requires nonstop walking and standing.Now on my 2nd day of work I got up that morning in a lot of pain,mostly in hip and thigh.I went to work anyway as I did not want to lose my job which took me forever to get,hoping yet again that I would be able to "work it out". I made it through the day but was in a LOT of pain.Day 3 ,going to work I was in agony. The pain was even more severe and now radiated down to my thigh.I had a very hard time working and would often tear from the shooting pains.I made it through the work day but was in agonizing pain,and limping the whole time.I was determined though that I was still going to "work it out". I could almost not walk that night and cried as The pain was breaking my spirit and I was not making any friends at work because of it,that and because of the pain. I finally decided that I could take no more and was considering calling off the next day.Day 4 come,and bf convinces me that calling off will for sure get me fired that I should at least show up.So off to work I go,limping and in severe agony.I made it for 2 hrs,but could not do much of anything as I was limping and teary eyed and was probably a complete eye sore for everyone and the customers so I felt it best to go ahead go home early and try to heal by Monday.
Well. its Saturday and I am no better at all. I still have severe pain when going from the sitting position to standing position and vice versa.The pain starts in my side hip and jolts down the back of my thigh and then when I start to walk radiates down to the back of my calf. Sometimes when I walk around the house ,like getting a glass of milk or something ,there will be moments of no pain,followed by moments of severe pain,that leave me back to limping.
So what do you all think this is? How long do you all think it will take before this gets better?I have been taking Ibuprophen for inflammation,although it does nothing for the pain.I have been keeping a moist heating pad ,alternating it on my butt, hip.thigh,and calf.I'm not in any pain as long as I am laying down.

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Old 01-26-2008, 09:52 AM   #2
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deanna23 HB User
Re: Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

hi im just gonna tell ya what happend to me real quick,on new years eve i had this terrifing pain in my right backside,at the top of my butt,going down my right leg...omg i didnt think i was gonna was terrible.i went to the e.r.(which i dont like hospitals) and they took an ex-ray (cause i fell a few days before)they said there was nothing broken that it was muscle spasms..
well i get muscle spasms in my shoulders all the time but the pain was unbearable..
just thought id let you know cause that sounds like what i went through...ok try and have a good1...linda

Old 01-26-2008, 09:58 AM   #3
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ms_west HB User
Re: Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

What timing for your back to go out. You poor thing!! I am so sorry this happened to you.

Have you tried the normal home remedies: alternating with heat and ice for 20 minutes at one time, hot baths, laying with pillows under your legs/between your legs, not lifting, not bending, not twisting, taking aleve/ibuprophen/advil or motrin around the clock, bengay/icy hot at night, etc?

If your pain is not any better, I would consider going to an urgent care or your family doctor so that you can get on some medicine to let it relax over the weekend and they can order the proper tests that they see fit.

It does sound like it could be nerve related from your description and unfortunately pain meds will not touch that pain. You would need a lyrica, neurotin, topomax, elavil, palemor or something like one of these meds that are used for nerve pain.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Old 01-26-2008, 10:03 AM   #4
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mznell HB User
Re: Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

Hello dsheldon,

What bad timing to have a bout of back pain. Not being a doctor I have no idea what is causing the pain. That being said, this is what I'd try: if it is a disc issue, you are treating the wrong thing. i am guessing you are having a problem with one of the lower lumbar discs which is pinching the sciatic nerve that branches out and runs down your legs. This can cause pain anywhere from your hip all the way down to making your toes numb.

I would suggest you stay flat as much as possible between now and Monday and I would suggest icing your lower back for 15 minutes every hour. The idea is to try to calm that nerve root down. Take as much ibuprophen as you can, and stay off the leg as much as possible.

If comfortable, I would suggest lying on the floor facing your couch. Bend your legs at a 45 degree angle and put your feet on the couch, also resting your calves along the seat of the couch. If this is not comfortable, lie flat on your back with pillows tucked underneath your knees. You are trying to decompress your spine. Gravity pushes down on you any time you are on your feet. So give your spine a break, lie down and decompress. Use the ice for part of each hour.

Hopefully you'll be better by Monday. If you have this muscular pain for more than a month, you need to have it evaluated.

Hope this helps.

xx MM

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Justoneofus HB User
Re: Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

Wow.. the timing couldnt be worse for you. But stuff happens, and you would be surprised at how many it happens to at the worst moments, especially starting a new job. I was in HR for many years, so I can attest to that.

It does sound like you have sciatica, and many people are plagued with it on/off throughout their lives, but is manageable for most without the need of too much intervention from the medical arena.

I think you are the stage now, that you need to get to a GP and at least get some perscribed meds and a prednisone medrol pak (steroids), to get your inflammation under control, and some better pain relieveers. And since you've had this problem for some time with this pain being the worst so far, it's probably time to be thinking of getting an MRI to find out exactly what continues to cause you so much pain.

Because you haven't been diagnosed with spine issues yet is the reason I suggest you just begin by seeing a regular MD rather than a specialist at this time. An xray can not determine the state of your spine, but it can give them a decent view if bones are broken, which is what they would be looking for if an xray is ordered. An MRI is more advanced in imaging and can show the state of the bones, the alignment of your spine, the discs, and can often show nerve entrapment.

Do what brings you comfort. If lying down works.. do it often. Hot showers, heating pad (intermittently only, not all day.. not productive). Try alternating your pain reliever to ibuprofen then tylenol and see if it brings you some additional relief. If you can tolerate it, try icing down your lower back where it hurts the most for 20 minutes, and you can alternate that in between the use of the heating pad. It reduces inflammation and gives some numbing effects. (Heat brings bloodflow to the area being heated, which promotes healing properties within the body, but it's not healthy to keep heat on an area for long periods of time).

I dont know what your work attire requirements are, but I would suggest that when you do go back to work, that you wear a proper supportive and cushioned sneaker (even if it's an office environment). You can just explain that you are having some pains that your body needs some extra support and cushion adjusting into the new job. They will understand. Just make sure they look very clean (and or new condition "looking").

Rest your back.. dont pick up anything else around the house, the housework can wait or let others in the home do it. Any dust bunnnies in the home wont mind being around for alittle longer.

I hope you feel better quickly. Keep us posted.
"believe in the beauty of your dreams"- E. Roosevelt

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daylight568 HB User
Re: Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.

Thankyou all for your advice it was all very helpful.I was worried,but now I feel if I follow the advice you all have given here that I will get better and heal faster.
Thanks for the great support!

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