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gronge 03-07-2008 05:55 AM

l4-l4 disc bulge
I have a confirmed L3-L4 disc bulge. No symptoms to left lower extremity. My pain seems to be radiating to left lower rib area. A burning pain of varying intensity. I cannot find much documentation connecting the two. One Epidural injection at L3-L4 has improved the left sided lower rib pain by about 50 %. Can you help me find some information supporting the L3-L4 disc bulging to the left sided pain.

Justoneofus 03-08-2008 12:23 AM

Re: l4-l4 disc bulge
Hi. Im not sure I understand your question correctly. I am assuming you are looking for information regarding pain symptoms occurring from a disc bulging to the left at L3/L4?

While the nerves are very funny things and can cause "referred" pains just about anywhere, there is a map of the spine called a dermatome map, and it breaks up the spine and nerves associated at each level, etc. This might be something to look into and give you an idea of things.

And your pain is around your ribs?

What doctor diagnosed you? Are you seeing a spine specialist? If not, I would strongly suggest you take your MRI and report and seek out a second opinion from a spine specialist.

Keep us posted.

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