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gwenny99 04-05-2008 06:07 AM

How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
I had an MRI done last Tuesday and the technician wouldn't give me any info. Just said he has to send it to my dr. I haven't heard anything from the dr yet, and think I will call on Monday to follow up. Is that appropriate or am I being a pain? I really want to find out what my next steps are for my sciatica pain since this is really hard to live with. I noticed a lot of people posting the results of their MRI's, so do I just ask my dr for a copy of it? He'll probably ask why I want it, what do I say? I know dr's don't like us self diagnosing our results, so I suspect he wouldn't want me to have it.

The MRI was done because I have a herniated disk l4-l5 with severe sciatica pain down my left leg and into my foot. The nerve pain in the foot is the worst and I can't walk more than 5 minutes (with the help of a cane). Am taking 20mg oxycontin 2ce a day with 10mg oxycodine for BT (once a day if needed). It's only been 7 weeks but there has been no improvement - actually getting worse in pain and not being able to walk. Physio exercises havent' helped.

Just want to get moving on this. Also, would a cortizone shot help?
Thanks and take care everyone!

ellemae11 04-05-2008 06:14 AM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
You neeed to go to your doctor that ordered the MRI. He will have a copy of the results from the radiologist. Your doctor can give you a copy of what he has.

feelbad 04-05-2008 06:34 AM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
you have a couple of options here,believe me,i get ALL my test results and all my ongoing medical records and keep them in a file for MY records. you can either wait til your doc decides to call you and ask him/her to just send you a copy(or when you have the next visit,get one then),OR you can go directly to the place that did your MRI and obtain a copy thru them. all you would have to do is just sign a release and they will make you a copy.

if you have not actually heard back from your doc by the end of monday,i would just call your clinic and tell them you WANT to talk to your doc about your MRI results. he should be calling you sometime by the end of the next day. this is what mine does for me. in this day and age of fax machines,most docs actually recieve the results within about theree days, is just getting the doc to actually call you about them where the problem pops in.

just remember,you DO have a right to obtain your own copy of any testing results and medical records no matter what somebody may actually tell you.good luck and please let us know how things are.Marcia

Baybreeze 04-05-2008 08:03 AM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
Hi, I don't know the laws in Canada, but in the US one is legally allowed to get copies of their medical records (which would include MRI copies). Usually if it's just an MRI copy, my docs will just make me a copy & give it to me. Though usually I noticed the reports are right inside the image envelopes when I pick up my MRI's. If you request all your records in US, I do know they can charge you a fee for it. But again, you might want to look into the laws in Canada about this. If they say you have a right to your records, then all you have to do is ask the doc for a copy.

Justoneofus 04-05-2008 10:47 AM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
Bay is right. The NHS system is obviously different than that here with private US healthcare.

But regardless, you are entitled to a minimum of a copy of the report (aka-the reading/results of the MRI). And you should keep a copy of your history as you go along with this. It's a good recall for you one, and two, if you need to switch docs.. you have the records immediately available to you.

I own and have ALL my MRI's and xrays. These are in my possession. I paid for them, so they belong to me. I don't mind leaving them in the possession of whatever doc happens to be treating me at the time, but I make it clear those are to be marked as mine and if I leave, they go with me. Plus I always keep a copy of all my reports as well.

It just makes good sense to have these, for more control of your healthcare.

How do you approach it? Simple. Tell him you are very meticulous and keep a complete medical history on yourself and you want a copy of MRI and report. (I personally say I am ANAL, which I am! lol) And if the doctor blows you off in any way or tries to dictate what you think for you.. you don't that doctor treating you in the first place. Who is anyone to think for you, but you.

Good luck and let us know how things went.

scrappinmaniac 04-06-2008 12:15 AM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"]Hi Gwenny,

I never request test results from any of my doctors...I request the medical business performing the test to send me [I]and[/I] my doctor a copy of the test far, I have never encountered a problem.

When I have MRI's done I always instruct the MRI tech (I go to the same place each time one of my doctors order an MRI, the MRI place has always given me the film copies and only sends my doctor the written report, I assume this is their policy) to send me a copy of the written results, as well as my doctor. I do so b/c I learned the hard way that I cannot depend on a doctor to give me accurate information. A few years ago when my back problems began my GP ordered my first MRI and when she received the results, her assistant called me and said the MRI showed I had a bulging disc...that's the only thing she said the MRI revealed, so she sent me to PT and a few months later, when PT actually made my back pain worse, my GP referred me to a PM doctor for steroid injections...the PM doctor was able to schedule an appt sooner than my GP expected so I actually had to pick up my MRI results from her office and hand deliver them to my PM doctor...that's when I noticed the MRI actually showed I had 3 herniated discs in my lumbar area, 1 disc was pinching my left sciatic nerve and 1 disc was pinching my right sciatic nerve.

Seeing the report was a big wake up call for me...since then I have really taken control of my medical care...I have all of my test results and all of my MRI and X-ray films. You need to keep good medical records because you never know when you'll need to find another doctor for whatever reason.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"][B]I noticed in your post you also asked:[/B][/SIZE][/FONT] [I]Also, would a cortizone shot help?[/I]

[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"]I'm assuming by cortizone shot you mean steroid injection, right? If so, I think a steroid injection may help relieve some of your pain. I have heard many doctors say, and read in many articles, that people who have both back pain and leg pain usually benefit from steroid injections, while people only experiencing back pain usually receive little or no pain relief from steroid injections. I think you should certainly give the injections a pun intended...who knows, they could really provide some great pain relief for you.

Good Luck!


gwenny99 04-06-2008 05:24 PM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
Thanks everyone for your great advice! I think I will call my dr tomorrow and see if he's seen my results yet. Juston...I like your suggestion of saying I want them for my records as I keep everything. If I don't hear from him, I'll call the hospital where I had the tests to see if I can get them from there.

Also, I will inquire about the steroid injections. My pain is mostly in my lower leg and foot, not my back, so maybe this will help.

Again, thanks all and I'll keep you posted.

lfoster21 04-06-2008 08:09 PM

Re: How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
I would agree with everything that has already been said, but I will admit that I dont know the laws in Canada. But, when you talk to your Dr. tomorrow, or when you see him, if you feel you need a reason to give to him, I always tell my Drs. that I would like a copy, for my personal records. If I feel like I need any extra explaination, which it rarely do, I continue by explaining that I keep a file at home where I try to keep all my medical records together, in case I am ever seen at a different Dr. or I were in an family memebers could just grab my file and take it to the hospital etc. They alway give me praise for being so organized. I never tell them that the real reason is because I can't always trust them to be honest with me;).

Good luck and deffinately get your MRI and from now on, get a copy of all you medical reports. In the end, you never know which Drs. may not send your reports to the courts on time, or which ones will leave out information etc.


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