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DAJ819 09-17-2008 04:32 AM

24 Weeks Post-Op from 2-Level Spinal Fusion Surgery
Hello Everyone:

I am 24 weeks post-op from 2-level spinal fusion surgery and have a question --am I fused yet????

I had another set of x-rays done on Monday and go back to the dr. at the end of the week. Here is some of what the x-ray report said:

[B]Interbody fusion also is unchanged and evidence of the lateral fusion is present as well. [U]When compared with the previous examination, no significant change in alignment or position noted[/U].[/B]

The last sentence is what confused me. My previous examination was August 1 and that showed no fusion, so does that mean no fusion yet?

I guess I'm just anxious. I've been home from my job for quite sometime and financially I need to get back to work. My dr. will not allow me to return to work until he sees a solid fusion. My energy level is not yet what it once was and I'm still dealing with numbness in my right ankle and foot, but all in all, I think I'm slowly getting better.

Thanks in advance for any responses I receive and I will check back in again after my dr. appointment.

BlueAtlas 09-17-2008 06:10 AM

Re: 24 Weeks Post-Op from 2-Level Spinal Fusion Surgery
The section you underlined doesn't refer to fusion, but rather the position of everything in there. It means if they placed this x-ray over the last x-ray, everything would line up exactly the same. The previous sentence would make me think there is some fusion showing.

But I'm no expert...

Don't lose hope. Are you walking as much as you can tolerate? That helps get bone growth going. If there's not a lot of fusion showing when you talk to your doctor, you might ask about a bone growth stimulator. They're expensive, but insurance should cover at least part of it. Just a suggestion.


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