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cheryl810 01-10-2009 09:04 PM

Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
Hi everyone. Not sure where to even begin but I have really really bad lower back pain for 6 months although lower back pain for years. My neck has 2 bulging/slipped discs and that is also been really painful for the last few months. I've been dx with fibro but I have all these back problems also!
Does anyone else have these problems or does anyone know where or what it could stem from. My lower back is so painful to the point I can't walk hardly. I can't sit or stand for a long period of time. Sitting here typing is killing my back. If I lean forward it's a tremendous relief. The other day I went to pick up a magazine from a basket I have on the floor and literally screamed in pain; I felt something actually shift and then shift back. This never happened before but all of a sudden all this pain. My entire back ALWAYS has numbing/tingling more so on the left side and my hips have a stinging ongoing pain on and off as well as pain down my leg and my feet.
My neck is so painful as well. I'm scheduled to have an MRI of the cervical spine and hip; my question is...
is anyone or has anyone been in this position and what did you do to figure out what was going on? What was your dx? Where did you go to get started on the journey?
Thanks for your help!!

netuser47 01-11-2009 10:11 PM

Re: Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
Hi, i dont knw about the dx, but i have lower back problems to the extent of me not being able to do much without pain and me being forced to get laser spine surgery, its very frustrating and upsetting and also painful, that pain down your leg sounds like sciatic pain, (type of nerve pain) you should definately go and get an MRI scan and that will determine everything going on, and the doctors will help you with any info on stopping or reducing that pain, goodluck :wave:

sammyo1 01-12-2009 06:30 AM

Re: Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
C810, I came here to answer your question since the post on the spinal board was closed. I was sent doctor to doctor when my pain first started. The first DX was the cervical then due to an MRI not showing enough it was ruled out. Then of course the doctors were looking at me like I was alittle out there because the lower back hurt as well. So I stopped complaining of the lower back & focused on what was causing me the most problems. Took some time but I ended up in pain managment where the PM doctor did some ESI injections & nerve blocks into the area of the spine to see if I would get any relief. He knew my symptoms were pointing to the spine & out of frustation (I think) sent me for another MRI & to see a surgeon just to see what the surgeon thought of the MRI & to all of our surprise finally the problem was clear as day. Keep in mind this was years after the pain & symptoms started.
Yes there are a couple other tests, & I would have them done in a minute instead of suffering & just relying on the MRI. What the surgeon found was far more damage then the MRI showed.
There is the Discogram & one other I cant remember the name of I will see if I recall what it is or perhaps someone here knows. One of the doctors almost did one of these tests on me & he said movement was to painful for me & hated to put me through any more, I wish he would have done it now.
Thanks to Pain managment mine was found. Now I will have the lumbar looked at when I heal some from the cervical surgery. My surgeon said very often when you have the C problem the lumbar can follow. He made that clear so I have no clue why the other doctors looked at me like I was crazy if this is the case. I even had a doctor tell me I could not have both areas bothering me that maybe I was depressed & did not know it. I would like to sit in a room alone with him now,lol.
I know my left hip can hurt when my lower back acts up. My lumbar problem showed during a MRI on the C&T area by accident. Although I knew something was wrong.
The thing is do not give up & if you are suffering ask about being referred to a good pain managment doctor. A good one will continue to look for the problem while treating the pain & symptoms. If I had to go back again I would have every test known to find out what was causing all these problems. Although I had alot done I should have had the spine looked into more & I was told I should have been in PM along time ago.
Almost 4yrs of suffering & now I have to wait to see if there will be any nerve damage left from prolonging surgery. I hate to see anyone left to suffer, its just wrong. It to bad you could not get them to do an MRI on the entire spine. Dont give up, when you have your tests please let us know what the results are & keep in mind you know your body. Just because the MRI does not show anything does not mean nothings wrong. I was shocked that the last MRI showed anything since the other MRI was only done 1yr. ago, So you never know. Good luck & I will be thinking of you. Sammy

cheryl810 01-13-2009 04:52 AM

Re: Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
Thanks Sammy01, your so kind!! I too have been having these pains for years. I did go to several doctors about 4-5 years ago and the same thing happened to me; just dismissed my problems and said they didn't see anything on the MRI back then. It made me feel like I was making more of it than what it was, I felt like the doctors were just patting me on the head especially I was just in my early 20s. Fast forward to now and all the pain is everyday. I went to a pain mgmnt doctor last week and was EXTREMELY unhappy with him. Everything I complained about he said it wasn't real or he has the same thing. (he didn't give me any pain meds!! I get them from my primary doctor and was suppose to continue to get them with the PM dr, but didn't even offer me any!! I didn't ask for them though; I wasnt' sure if I could ask on the first visit. My dr dx me w/fibromyalgia but I know for sure that I have ligitement back problems. Only you know your body and what's not right. I know an ache or pain that is from a strain or from a real problem. My back has been bothering for years but like I said lately it's been constant. I can't sleep at night, my lower back is constantly hurting; something pops and shifts all the time on the left, my left buttocks is painful at times and then the numbness my whole left side of my back and my left leg. I also now have constant mid back pain/tightness and the back of my ribs hurt when I sit or lean back say on the sofa or driving. When I went to the PM dr and touched my neck; that was throbbing pain for 3 days afterwards. I know I have bulging or slipped disks but that was the result 5 years ago; who knows what the status is now on everything. I was in a major car accident about 6 years ago and got rear ended 3 times (all in one year!!) and fell really hard on the ground (outside on ice on my driveway & once in the house while pregnant). The accident brought back all my TMJ problems (which my face and jaw always has sharp throbbing pains) and since the accident my back always hurts but more so now for some reason. I don't know if it's related to my back/neck problems or fibromyalgia but my shoulders, arms and collar bones hurt; I feel like the actual bones hurt because the pain is deep feeling and knawing.
I just feel miserable all the time and no one understands. I don't talk about it anymore with my family; they're tired of hearing about it. But when your in constant pain I tend to talk about it as if it's going to make it better or go away; no one understands. And doctors; well I'm so sick of them!! they're always thinking it's nothing. You know your body and what you were like prior to your pains. I love to excercise but it's so out of the question!! I attempted to walk on the treadmill the other day and was in pain for 3 days afterwards and had the fibro "fog". Just 2 years ago I was an extreme health nut and workout fanatic and lost 30 pounds and was super toned. It's all gone due to my pregnancy. I was so looking forward to starting it all up again but all of suddenn all these problems and working out is the very last thing I can do at this point. Just picking up my kids (30lbs and 22lbs) is straining on my back and is excrutiating. I feel so bad that I tell my daughter I can't pick her up! I do it sometimes because I really want to hold her but it kills me each time.
I have an appt to get an MRI and xray of my neck and back; I hope it shows something because I know I'm not making this up. I have an appt with a NEW Pain Mgmnt doctor next week; I'm going to ask for the discogram as you said. I'll let you know the status!!

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