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leyaran 02-06-2009 09:58 AM

1 year and still waiting!!!!
hi everyone..I'm am new to this site..I've been looking for some kind ofsupport group...its seems as though if you dont have a back problem then people do not understand what you are going through...which is Hell! It has been 1 year since i screwed up my back and all Ive had done so far was a consultation visit with a surgeon. I am now waiting for 2 tests before surgurey and have no idea when that will be (it took a year just to see him in the first place) I have to have either a spinal fusion or a disc replacement...I been living on pain meds for the past year and they are now becoming useless! I havent slept properly for this tme period... as you all know its very hard even just getting off the toliet! My doc gave me sleeping pills but they dont put me to sleep....he said I may have to go on a different pain med that is sronger and last longer...I'm taking percocets right now and I am worried about taking stronger meds...but at this point I will do anything for a good night sleep and a little less pain...if anyone has some advice for me I would really appreciate it....this is all starting to take its toll on limited life...lack of social life ...stuck in the house...not working...taking pain meds like candy...well just from sitting here for a few minutes I cant type any more...for the pain is too much please reply with any tips or advice....thank-you:)

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