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ace284 10-26-2009 01:19 PM

will i become a wheelchair user with nerve damage
spinal nerve damage

Discojo 11-11-2009 04:36 PM

Re: will i become a wheelchair user with nerve damage
I was wondering the same thing, I have extensive nerve damage in my cervical and lumbar?

Wymom94 11-16-2009 11:55 AM

Re: will i become a wheelchair user with nerve damage
Hi, I have permanent nerve damage and do not use a wheelchair on a daily basis. I have needed one, but it's rare that I get into a situation where I need one. I do use a seated walker, but again, it's not on a daily basis. On my best days, I might ditch the walker & try for a long distance or long duration w/o it.., but I'd probably regret that. I could do it, but it would end up biting me in the end (almost literally). On my worst days (usually a long vacation day), I might ask my husband to push the walker while I sit in it --but only for a portion of our time out.. I wouldn't need that assistance the entire time. If the ocassion warranted, I'd just sit & rest for a while before continuing to walk on my own, rather than have him push. The whole point of my seated walker is so I can have a 'ready seat' wherever and whenever I need it & that walking assist if I'm strained... helps me avoid more pain & problems & keeps me going. My walker is my 'energizer bunny' battery. Even still, I don't ALWAYS need it & I don't need it for short distances, short errands, etc. That's how things are for me.. no idea how they might be for you, though. You might be fine w/o any assistance of any kind other than your own two feet or you might need less than I do, need more, need about the same.. it just depends on each person & their specific damage. fyi, I'm 40, female, mom to a teenager, & caregiver for my family's numerous health problems -have had this degree of "issues" for 2 yrs now (had surgery 1&1/2 yrs ago, after I hit my spine's 'rock bottom'). I do wish my damage had been caught sooner, before I had permanent nerve damage, but I'm grateful that it wasn't worse.
My 15yr old son, btw, uses a wheelchair for long distances (not a walker, like me). He wears orthotic leg braces & has trouble with standing & walking for long'ish' periods,too, but not b/c of his spine (it's his feet & legs). If you did end up needing a wheelchair even part-time, it's not the end of the world even if may seem like it at first. My family still gets around even with a wheelchair & leg braces for one & a seated walker for another. We still 'do Disneyland' all day long, travel, hike outdoors (muuuch shorter hikes than in the 'old days' & less often, but we still go), etc. It can 'get to you' at times, definitely, but it also becomes old-hat or routine. P/t chair (or walker) use can be frustrating b/c people 'look at you' when you walk one minute, need assistance the next.. as if you're not really in need. THAT gets to me, still (regarding both myself & my son), but using the assistance.. I"m just grateful for the help now, far more than I am resentful.

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