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poetictrish29 04-17-2010 06:22 PM

lower back pain
Hello everyone I have had my back "go out" on me at least once every year since I was a teenager and a dose of prednisone would have me back to normal after a few days. Well This time is different. I have been dealing with this issue for 3 months now with several dr. visits and chiro visits. I have been on two dosages of prednisone packs, mobic, ketorlac, flexiril, loracet(not all at the same times) and still not fully recovered. I have went for an x-ray and was told I might have the beginnings of arthritis in my L3, L4, and L5 and also that a bone at the base of my spine is pushed in a little but its a 1 out of a 4. now my doc is sending me to an ortho but not for two weeks. Okay the pain is in my lower back sometimes its a sharp pain sometimes a burning cramping feeling. Now that I can walk and stand straight again t mainly hurts when I sit. I also feel it going down my buttocks and leg sometimes when sitting. My neck is really sore also. I have lost 20 pounds since this bout has started and am trying to lose another 40 but doctors always want to put off back pain as caused by your weight. Also it has started hurting in the middle of my back now sometimes too. I have a two year old to take care of and a full time job where I am either standing up all day or sitting down at my computer for long periods. I am very depressed due to the lack of quality of life lately. I need opinions please?

hudson07 04-18-2010 05:49 AM

Re: lower back pain
My back went out once in awhile up until a couple of years ago when I really did it in (herniated L5-S1). Last year alone it went out three times. I tried physical therapy, lumbar injections, pain meds, etc. Each time it did get better but I felt like I was walking on eggshells waiting for it to go out again. I finally got fed up and opted for surgery last Dec. The surgeon said it was likely to continue happening and with increased frequency and severity. It was also affecting my quality of life (limiting my outdoor activities I like to do) and making it somewhat difficult to care for my son (also 2; although I think it was more difficult for my wife since she had to pick up the slack). Recovery hasn't been easy but everyone's different. Best of luck to you...

Kasey443 04-20-2010 06:23 AM

Re: lower back pain
Hi Poet, this is how my back problem started 30 years ago. It would go " out " and I would be in pain and bent over or limping trying to walk, sometimes laid up for a week at a time. I went to a chiro., would get better very slowly, then it would happen again a few months down the road. When one area is not taken care of, it does move around and bring on other symptoms with other areas as they are all connected. I thought my back was just out. My back also finally herniated. Your symptoms are telling you something, and the problem can get worse so I would suggest only going to an ortho. or neuro., as they specialize in this, and getting properly diagnosed, and then you can get the right treatment. I spent 17 years going to chiros, with only x-rays to go on, and my back progressivly got worse. I have nothing against them at all, but found out I was being treated blindly as I should have had other tests to find the cause. I had no falls or accidents, and it herniated slowly, but your symptoms sound very familiar. I have degenerative disk disease, ( which brought on the herniation ) and arthritis, which is progressive, but this can be helped if you get treatment early, I did not, as I did not know any better. You need the proper tests to see what the real cause of your problem is, to be treated for it, and orthos and neuros know what tests to do to find the cause and prescribe the proper treatment. Good luck to you in your pain relief.

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