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gettingagrip 08-03-2010 12:42 PM

Synovial Cyst Surgery
Hi all ....
Hope this information can be of value to others! This is a follow up regarding my synovial cyst removal. If you have experienced a synovial cyst ... you know the pain associated! To rid you of much of the pain this is the process I took...
Had an MRI on June 25th; it revealed the 8CM round cyst at the L4/L5. The cyst was inside my thecal sac, pressing on the nerves that run down my right leg. Met with a neurosurgeon on July 8th. He explained the surgery and recovery process.
SURGERY: Was a 4-5 hour process. No Fusion of Discs! They make a 2-4 inch incision along the vertebrae. Drill a small hole in the vertebrae & make an incision in the thecal sac. This reveals the cyst. They removed the cyst, cauterize the thecal sac and close it all up. Please DO NOT let this process intimidate you... It sounds like a lot to us but I am under the impression that to a Neurosurgeon it is routine stuff!
RECOVERY: Had the cyst removed at 7:30 am on July 15th. Woke up in recovery with tears of JOY, as it was the first time in 3 - 4 months that my right leg was not screaming!! Got into my hospital room at about 1 pm and took my first walk at about 2 pm. AMAZING! It felt as though God had done a miracle right in my body!!
Not gonna lie, RECOVERY was a bit painful but without the horrible leg pains it was manageable. The 3 hr. ride home from the hospital the next day was the worst! They offered to keep me for another day but I am very short legged and the hospital beds, chairs and toilets were so HIGH! (Instead of turning around, stretching up to the toilet seat then trying to get off... I straddled the seat like a horse saddle, sitting backwards! It worked SO MUCH better!) I felt it would be easier at home as most of my furniture and fixtures are located just a little closer to the floor and my legs did not have to dangle to reach the floor. Forced myself to walk, no lifting over 10 pounds, limited bending and stretching. I have been very careful on stairs as the right leg is experiencing some muscle weakness. By July 20th I was off the pain meds with the exception of a half dose before so I would be sure to sleep through most of the night. Taking my "go to" pain reliever Ibuprofen in-between to help minimize swelling and soreness at the incision site. Naps and my ice pack helped also...
July 26th I had my stitches removed and left for a business seminar. My husband drove most of the 950 miles and we took lots of breaks so I could stretch my legs. The business seminar entailed a lot of walking and stair climbing. I had to leave meetings early to ice my back and took it as slow and easy as possible. July 31st we drove the 950 miles home.
Currently, taking a couple of days to allow my body to catch up, as a business seminar was probably NOT the recommended thing to do that soon after surgery. HOWEVER, my Neurosurgeon did know about the seminar, gave me the OK with careful instructions to follow. I have some sensations in the right leg such as some slight muscle thumping in the calf and thigh. Have a little ache/pain in the upper thigh. I believe these symptoms are associated with the nerves waking up and working properly. Most likely there is a little muscle weakness that when strengthened will subside. Still icing, napping and taking about 600-800 mg of Ibuprofen. (Prior to surgery 2400-3600 mg a day was the norm! For some reason, nothing else seemed to touch the pain!)
Have a six-week follow up with the Neurosurgeon on August 24th and I'm expecting a FULL OUT recovery!!!
Praising God!! AND hoping this post reassures and helps others in pain. I think I need to change my log in name to "GOT A GRIP"!!!

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