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siclmn 08-20-2001 08:13 PM

How many of you do physical work?
How many of you do physical work? If so do you contribute the work to your back problems? Or is the real story that a lot of you do not do physical work and these things just happen to anybody. I have mowed lawns for 20 years and love it. I am always is such good shape that it never seems like work to me and I am just playing in someone's yard and getting paid for it but here I am with severe back pain just like all of you. What is your opinion?

Lberde 08-20-2001 09:57 PM

Re: How many of you do physical work?

I have a desk job. I sit 8 hours a day so my job is not physical. i had back surgery 10 weeks ago for a massive ruptured disc, L5-S1, I had a Laminectomy/discectomy. I herniated my disc ripping out a rose busch in my back yard. I Just didn;t like it anymore and it was dying so I tried to yank and yank and yank. I never did get the rose out, but I sure did a number on my back. Sailed me right over to the ER room where I was operated on right than and there. I had a serious spinal injury that required emergency surgery.

I know for a fact that mowing lawns is very hard on your back, i bet you have worn out your disc's mowing for so many years. It's just not worth it to risk your spine, it's the only one you got and it controls your entire life. you may have to find another field of work, or at least take a break. I know how painful a bad back can be. what is wrong with your back? have you had an MRI?

mommy222000 08-20-2001 09:59 PM

Re: How many of you do physical work?
I no longer work because of my back problems, but I used to work as a CNA. Almost all the work that I did was very physical. I do not, however, contribute all the blame to that. My problems started with a gymnastics accident when I was only 10 years old and progressed with other incidents along the way.


Kelley425 08-21-2001 06:03 AM

Re: How many of you do physical work?
Hi -

Wow! What a great question...

I do lots of physical labor in my job. I have a garden center and landscaping business and it is hard on my back, but I keep doing it anyway. I have learned to do things differently and I also know not to push myself beyond my limits.

A little over 10 years ago I had my first lumbar laminectomy (L4-5). I had been clearing land and the disc blew completely. Neurosurgeon had to remove almost all of it but told me I would be good as knew one day. I did not believe him but one year later I was as good as new and went back to college to get my degree in horticulture. To make a long story short,lol, after recieveing my degree I started my own business and was doing more physical labor than I ever had in my life. My back held up better than I ever expected but in the past 6 months I have had to have 2 more back surgeries. I had a second laminectomy at L4-5 to remove a bone spur and most recently had an ACF on C6-7. The point to all of this is that NS told me that in my particular case the labor DID NOT cause my back troubles but probably caused the problems to erupt sooner than normal. I have DDD and sooner or later these discs would have blown anyway.

I don't know if any of this helps you or not, I just wanted to offer some encoragement since we are in similar professions and both love what we do. I know that life is never the same after serious back trouble but believe me, it does go on....

Keep mowing, Kelley

yoleen 09-09-2001 07:34 PM

Re: How many of you do physical work?
I've always done physical work....I can trace my first back problems to lifting something too heavy at work in high school, but didn't make the connection at the time. Now I have DDD (those discs are short little suckers in my pics) and just lost my job because of it. I have trouble being upright on my bad days, but other days I'm fine and work out at the gym. I'm going back to school full time so I'll be able to do less physical work.

OLIVER-DOVE 09-19-2001 03:21 AM

Re: How many of you do physical work?

I have been doing physical work for most of my life. Being born and raised on a farm everyday had some extremly heavy things that would be used. My job away from the farm I work in wholesale and retail ceramic tile sales. Every day I would handle about 8000 to 20000 lbs of product. For me I was the one that would teach new people how to lift and carry properly. I was the poster boy for a healthy back and how to maintain it. My damage came from a fall backwards over a pallet while holding a box of about 50 lbs in hands close to the chest. That is how easy it is to change your life forever. That fall caused a herniations at the C4 through C6 at the T6 through T8 and a tear in a lumbar spine disk.( all of that just because I was distracted for a moment. Then turned to place box on pallet and caught my foot on the corner of it, and away I went.) Wear and tear are problems in any lifting enviroment but if you follow the lifting rules then it should not be a problem. Then most problems are caused by falls or improper lifting procedures.


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