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  • 2.5 years after a car accident, not getting better.

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    Old 03-03-2001, 04:36 PM   #1
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    TyphoidMarie HB User
    2.5 years after a car accident, not getting better.

    Hrmm. First foum I've actually come across like this.. Pardon me if my rant gets longwinded...

    Here's the thing. I'm 21 years old, and a former competitive figure skater. 2.5 Years ago, I was involved in a car accident. I was the passenger (front seat) in a car that was hit in driver's side door. (T-boned).

    My back is seriously messed up from this accident - soft tissue damage. The pain is in my lower back, across the backs of my hips, as well as right between my shoulder blades, extending up over my right shoulder. As well, the backs of the sockets of my arms hurt like a dirty SOB.

    Sometimes, I feel like I got shot in the backs of my hips, and the pain goes right down my right leg, making my unab;e to walk without the aid of a cane (only when that happens). I cannot walk for more than a couple of blocks without the pain coming, and uphill at ALL is a killer.

    The fact that I cannot skate, and probably won't be able to again, depresses the hell out of me. I'm only 21, I shouldn't be going through this. The whole situation basically sucks.

    As far as treatment goes, my idiot nazi insurance company took almost a *YEAR* to approve me for any type of therapy, and refused to pay lost wages in the meantime, so I wasn't able to get any therapy while they were farting around. I've been in Chiropractic and Massage therapy ever since, seen a neurologist about all the memory loss I've had since the accident (I'm like a forgetful old lady now! can't remember what I ate for breakfast!), as well as a physiatrist. The physiatrist gave me trigger point injections which didn't seem to do anything.

    Since the accident, Thyroid disease kicked in. A couple of people were telling me that the accident may have screwed up my thyroid, but I don't know for sure. I've put on a sizable amount of weight as the result of not being able to DO anything, and the thyroid. This hasn't helped anything.

    I've been on codiene for the pain, but I make sure to only take it when they pain is so bad that I want to die. I don't want to get addicted. In addition to that, I take Aleve every once in awhile.

    After all of my drs and EVERYONE saying it isn't going to get much better, and prescriptions for anti depressents to get my mind off the chronic pain, I started seeing a new chiro in the new city I moved to...

    HE figures that there is no more structural damage to my back, only functional, as the result of my AB muscles being obscenely weak.

    I'm not sure whether or not to get my hopes up over this. I've fought my back for 2.5 years, and it's gotten no where. I've all but given up on ever getting better, and now this.

    I don't really see how weak ab muscles could possibly explain the slipped-disk-like symptoms when it shoots down my leg, of all the pain up in my arms, shoulders, and upper back. It MAY be feasible for lower back back.. I just don't know what to think. Could he possibly be right? Where should I go from here?

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    Re: 2.5 years after a car accident, not getting better.

    Dear TMarie: Hello, I am a 52 year old woman with spinal arthritis and degenerating disks. I have had 2 back surgeries, one in low back, Mar. 1993, and neck fusion, June, 2000. I am so very, very sorry for what has happened to you. I notice you are from Canada; my mother was raised in Montreal, Verdun, Quebec and I used to visit my mom's family there. I loved visiting Canada and there was one thing for sure; winter sports are very popular there. I, too, had to give up a sport I loved so very much and my son, at age 17, too, had to give up his favorite sport due to an incompetent coach (new story). I have found it to take a year, just to get over the loss of a sport a person loves so much. It is a very depressing loss. I tell you this to let you know no matter how old a person gets, those emotions of loss and sadness are just the same as when a person is young. However, being only 21 and having to go through what you are going through is tragic and I am very sorry. I can read your sadness in your post.

    Regarding your pain, your instincts are correct. Your problems are most likely not due to only muscular problems. I am not a doctor, just a chronic pain sufferer. It appears you have some pinched spinal nerves. You need to get into a proper doctor and have regular bone xrays done, as well as either a CAT Scan, MRI or Myleogram. The xrays only can show bone; the last three listed show soft tissue. You need to have both the bones and soft tissue checked with these type xrays. Have you had any of these type of tests run on you? Understanding your memory problems, you may or may not remember. However, your symptoms are similar to how mine felt when (1) I had a disk bulge and arthritis in L4-5, S1-2 of the lumbar spine. This is the leg pain you are feeling. (2) I had a herniated disk in my neck which was pressing on the main spinal nerve of the entire body. I needed the herniated disk removed and my own bone was grafted from my hip and put into my neck C5-6 where the disk was removed. I also had a large bone spur in my neck, sticking into the main spinal nerve. When a person deals with neck problems (disk herniations), it does not just affect the smaller nerves that fan out from the main spinal nerve. It affects the main spinal nerve which is the nerve that if cut in half can paralyze a person. My surgeries did not remove all my pain. That is because I have arthritis of the facet joints (small joints in the spine whereby the little nerves that operate your arms and legs pass through), as well as arthritis (or called bone spurs) on the vertebre of my spine. I have this happening in my neck, mid-back and low back. Also, due to the fact my spine has been compressed down after years of heavy lifting, etc., the spaces in the vertebre have narrowed greatly, thus causing the disks to be flattened as well. Disks, as a person ages, flatten and dry out. It happens to everyone, some people more than others.

    TMarie, you need to see a doctor to have xrays run now, even if you had xrays right after your accident. You may have some arthritis, due to the trauma of the accident, or some disk bulges or herniations. The numbness is signs of nerves being pinched. Do not delay in getting to a proper doctor. It appears that you have some rather massive damage. My arms and legs burn and ache all the time. I take addictive pain medications and I do not care if I am addicted. Neither do my doctors. Why? Because any more, without the pills, I suffer ungodly pain. There is a drug which is non-narcotic called neurontin which I've just been put on 2 weeks ago. It greatly helps the burning (not the aching) pain. However, you need a proper diagnosis before you continue to do any further damage to your spinal nerves. It does not sound like you are getting the medical attention you need. At your young age, I can understand the concern about addiction and tolerance. However, you should not have to live your life the way you are living now. If I can answer any other questions, feel free to ask. Take care, PatG

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    TyphoidMarie HB User
    Re: 2.5 years after a car accident, not getting better.


    I'm pretty sure that I don't have arthritis in my back. and I'm pretty sure that there's nothing wrong with my actual disks. It almost feels like horribly pulled muscles at the moment.. I'm getting pretty wacked out on codiene at the moment though, so I may not end up being all that coherant

    I think I can kinda accept it being muscular.. been reading up on ad muscles on the net, and maybe he's right. I *DO* still have a decent range of motion.. well, decent compared to most people, not decent compared to what it used to be. I could barely turn or lean or anything for the first year or so after the accident.. now, I can touch my toes and look up at the ceiling and raise my arms up over my head. My chiro was a little annoyed at me when I was upset at what I see as being a horrible lack of motion, when he says it's really good.

    So maybe it is just my abs (lack thereof?).. a few fitness sites go on about how the abs support the back and all.. but most fitness sites are also laden with spelling errors, so I'm not sure what to make of it. All I know is that it hurts.

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