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karen505 06-12-2011 10:07 AM

Hello everyone,
I am having a ALIF surgery on June 30th. I have DDD and a bulging disc that is protruding and I also have a annular tear .. I have had back pain for ten years and six month's of nerve pain down my left leg. I have tried all the shots and my pain meds do not even work. I was floored when my doctor told me what surgery I should have. I was told that my disc has slipped forward and is pressing on a nerve and that spinal canal is starting narrow. The surgery will be on my L5-S1.
I have a mild thoracic curve, and my L4 has started to fuse itself (?????)
I am scared I feel foolish for being scared my 11 year had a craniotomy at age 8 for chiari and a sryinx. I am 40 I feel no choice but to do this I can't live like this in this much pain. Also my right leg has started to hurt down to my big right toe can you have nerve pain in both leg's. Any advice on post op , or anything related to this surgery would be so helpful....

painman2009 08-16-2011 10:11 PM

Re: Alif
I have well alot wrong with me... i dont think I remember what that surgery is exactly..but im sure the dr gave you something to read.. they love giving us reading material.. you need to read it carefully research many different ways to achieve said goal..I know all the shots I too have had them and they made me worse.. the dr was surprised i felt any thing while the still ahd me juiced up but that is how things happen ..there are no guarentees we play the odds game.. i too have nerve pain down my left leg.. and so i have for many years..I know that if they offered me a surgery that made sence to me I would go for it.. unfortunately the only ones i can still be considered for are the scs and or pain pump..RSD owns my body now so my decisions are cut down.. you also asked if you can get that pain down both legs.. simple answer i have for you is are feeling pain down both so yes.. it was always in my left leg but from time to time it would be in both.. I hope i helped you ..I know its not the answer you were probably looking for but in the end the answe is already with you in how you feel.. good luck and be well

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