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glad I found u 02-22-2012 08:21 AM

c5c6 c6c7 t11t12 and l1l2 help with mri
New to forum. Help with mri cervical region moderately promonate disco osteophytic complex at c5c6 centrally causing some moderate compression of the thecal sac. Less prominent similar finding at c6c7 where there is bilateral foraminal narrowing.
Thoracic and lumbosacral region small central and slightly left sided disc herniation at t11t12 but not causing significant compression of thecal sac. Some mild narrowing with some decreased signal and mild disc bulging at l1l2 disc due to degenerative disc changes.

Severe constant headaches, pain shooting down left arm and tingling in middle 3 fingers. Pain in both shoulders. Pain around both shoulder blades. Deep ache down back. Pain at mid back that seems to take breath away at times. Pain in left buttock and sown leg. Off work and seeing pain clinic and physio. Gabapentin, tramadol and endocdet

Need interpretation of mri

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