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workinmom572 08-03-2012 09:05 PM

anyone emotional after fusion?
I don't know if It's the surgery & recovery or that I have an ex friend harassing me for $400.00. I need/want peace to heal. I'm talking to a lawyer next week About her, but I am just crying a lot now and I do not know if It's because of her or something from this surgery and long recovery I am facing?.I take xanax to sleep, so I just Took one, but I hate how much I've been crying tonight. I'm doing my PT & OT twice a day, reclining, walking, and only lay hours or I get too stiff in the.legs and have.a.hard time.getting up. Just wondering if Anyone else has become emotional or depressed post surgery ?.I am day 17 post of double fusion, t lift l4/l5 & l5/s1. Thank you for any replies.

teteri66 08-03-2012 09:40 PM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
The general anesthesia can really upset hormones and can cause all kinds of different reactions. It can take about a month or so to kind of get over it. But I wouldn't be surprised if your other issues are playing into this, too. It is easy to get discouraged when facing a long recovery...but soon you'll see that it gets better, you start feeling a bit more like yourself and once you start PT, you will have a busy schedule, and the time will go by quickly.

I would suggest you try some relaxation exercises, even just set aside a few minutes for some deep breathing exercises several times per day. It will aid your recovery if you can maintain a positive attitude. I found it best not to look too much ahead or behind. Just take it one day at a time. Also, don't constantly ask yourself how you are feeling, or am I better today than I was yesterday?

Recovery from fusion usually involves a couple steps forward and a step back. It is never just a straight march forward. You will have some set backs as you go along. The key is to keep them to a minimum. Learn to listen to your body and avoid doing too much too soon so that you cause an increase in inflammation or a nerve flare. Better to be a bit conservative and not irritate a nerve, particularly the sciatic nerve or the SI joints...which can be so easily irritated after lower lumbar fusion.

RTgirl2011 08-03-2012 09:41 PM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
I can't speak for others on the site. I became very depressed after my surgeries. I've had 3 surgeries two fusions and an infection washout this year. I am currently facing another fusion, i will find out next week if i am or not. I think the depression came on because i couldn't do anything due to the restrictions. I had also became very ill due to a staph infection. I think its normal to become depressed after a major surgery.

workinmom572 08-03-2012 09:50 PM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
Thank you. I also just had a hysterectomy in December 2011 and do not take hormones. I know It's a long recovery, I accept that, but I do feel like a complete burden on my husband and children. Someone has to watch or be home for mom. Hubby is back at work, is gone for days. Oldest works a lot and is kind of selfish being 20 I guess. So that leaves. my 18 yr old and I AM RUINING his final summer weeks before he leaves (if they assist us in the final 5,000 as now that I'm off work.for 6 months we can't pay it) and last my poor 14 yr old.who already took full care of me during my hysterectomy. I just don't know if I should ask Dr for.something, like increase xanax or not. I hate crying so much.

RTgirl2011 08-03-2012 10:44 PM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
I would definitely talk to your doctor. Healing is as much emotional as it is physical. If you are unfit emotionally it can effect everything including your family. I see a psychiatrist on a regular basis due to being bipolar and he had no problem increasing my meds when I asked. I strive to be positive everyday even though a bunch of negative things are happening right now in my life. You shouldn't hesitate to talk to the doc about your meds.

purplegirl1 08-04-2012 12:22 AM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?

Omg i just had this conversation 2nite with my hubby and mom. I have ocd and depression/anxiety to begin with and take an anti depressant already. I have a daughter who is just about 3 yrs old & a 3.5 month old son. I had 2 laminectomy/diskectomys in Feb and march 2011 and a 1 level fusion & laminectomy on 7/11/2012 and then a revision and also some clean up on left side of my spine 7/25/12. I am taking alot of my pain meds and xanax they also prescribed me in hospital. I am sleeping alot bc of the meds and pain but do get up often to w walk in the house etc. My mom lives in Florida and is staying with us until i am better. She is helping us also financially because we can't afford me not working especially after just having the baby. I feel very depressed as well bc i feel like a burden on everyone.....i cant even lift my baby to feed him and hold him so my mom and husband are doing the feedings etc. I know I will get better but I also cry daily and I am going to do a phone therapy session with my therapist asap. I hear from others that depression is normal after surgery. I hate feeling like a burden. I try to male the best by playing with my kids etc but i cant do much or even leave the house with my daughter (my son is little so he doesn't need to leave). My mom put my daughter in camp for August and she loves it. Anyway ur not alone in your feeling!! I think we are doing all we can!

workinmom572 08-04-2012 12:36 AM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
I AM so Sorry. You have had more surgeries than me, and have little ones. Mine are older, but I feel I AM ruining the remainder of.their summer. Since you mentioned it, maybe I will call our mental health line for phone counseling. Lord knows I need it. I also feel totally resp for loss of my income and we have no one to assists US financially. And if sons college won't Help us this first semester, he may find out next week he can't even go!. I will never forgive myself.for.that. he is going on for academic and baseball. I'd be ruining his life!

purplegirl1 08-04-2012 12:49 AM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
But what good overall would you do for your children without this surgery!!!! It is NOT ur fault!!!! It feels like it is our fault right now but it isn't. Not to be personal but could u take $ out of a saved 401k at your hubby's job? $ from mortgage??

powergrub 08-04-2012 06:22 AM

Re: anyone emotional after fusion?
I have had 5 fusions in my spine and I found out that the medications for pain and muscle spasm can make you extremely emotional.

I have had several friends that have had some type of surgery and were given morphine for pain and they just cried and cried and many of these people are not "cryers" per se - They realized later that is was the effects of the morphine or whatever pain meds they were on.

It helps to know why you are suddenly crying all the time or whatever extreme emotion is triggered by the meds.....

Certainly there could be other factors that ellicit an emotional response but it has been my experience that the pain meds can wreak havoc on your emotions....

And then you get freaked out because you are not used to being so emotional and you wonder what is going on....

So try to remember while you are recovering that you will be very emotional - and allow yourself to be emotional. Know that the meds definitely are contributing to the emotional load -

Be kind to yourself - allow yourself time to heal - ask your friend if you could either start small payments if that is possible or sign a legal document or something saying that - at a certain time (preferably after you heal enough and are off the pain meds) that you will make payments etc.

Be honest with yourself about your emotions and the situation with the money - if you owe it and can't pay it - let the person know and make a good faith effort....

But do not spend negative energy on the money issue - take all your energy and put it towards healing - getting of the pain meds and going forward in your life.

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