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Z1zz 09-30-2012 01:39 PM

terribly annoyed
hi i havent posted since the beginning but i had an appt with a rheum that has left me wondering. now since my post ive done pt three times a week, been doing my chores until my body trembles then its couch til bed i have weakness and cannot do what i use to do. my left bicept is gone and i cant always make a fist with my left hand my biggest complaint is my left leg, i have a fake hip, but if ex: i stand at sink in bathroom and shift weight onto that leg and say look in mirror not thinking about leg it locks and when i goto move the pain is sooo incredible i have to wait for it to ease then lay down . it also becomes heavy, it trips me alot my latest one sent me to er and has left me in a brace for my right knee. i have tigling and it feels like my lower leg is covered. so the rheum said i dont fit the fibro study because i dont have pain above the waist. which from that statement me and my hubby knew he hadnt been listening. he said it would be months before i felt better and i need pain control. im only on neurontin i refused pain meds but when i see doc mon im gonna ask for everything and anything. pt is convinced theres something wrong. i can only do the green band and its a fight to do 20lbs. the pain in my back neck,head,hands, is limiting. now i guess i need to know should i take my latest injury, o and the groin pain i have is horrible and the rheum says i should be able to do a leg raise but hes not putting that in his report thats for me to tell the doc. ive had chronic knee pain which the rheum questioned why i never got it looked at i said cause theres always a problem and i keep telling my doc later. and also he said my back issue is the same as last year when it was bulging. so now its ruptured. how can it be the same? so no he didnt fix my knee either. ive never been offered a shot or nerve testing or anything should i run from this medical group? should i seek out an ortho doc for help? what would you do? 1300 mg of neurontin helps with nerve pain those bee stings and pins n needles pain not soomuch help. sorry im rambling im just frustrated and tired of this and reallly want to go back to work. thanks for reading

Misty800 09-30-2012 02:35 PM

Re: terribly annoyed
It is time for you to get a second opinion from a good doctor.

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