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shmegxo 11-27-2012 09:50 AM

I have a back problem and i cannot get out of bed in the morning, they call me 'lazy'
I am a teen. i have minor scheuermann's disease (bone problem, severe pain). Each morning i wake up and i physically cannot get out of bed, i cannot seem to pick myself up, i can only roll over. I may lie there for 30 mins max, usually i end up falling asleep if i cannot get up quick enough. This has caused many arguments with my family as they think i am just 'lazy'. I am usually late to school due to this, meaning i am getting consequences for being late. My parents do not understand and i am sure there is an underlying problem with my spine. I have taken the courtesy of booking a doctors appointment but i have to wait till Monday for this so i was wondering if anyone had any advice or help?

Sincerely, someone very desperate for a good night sleep, no pain, and a happy family life.

gmak 11-27-2012 06:09 PM

Re: I have a back problem and i cannot get out of bed in the morning, they call me 'l
Dear schemgo, There are alot of people on healthboards that zre seeking just those 3 things. No pain, please check out the chronic pain, pain mgmt board & this board. You are among fellow seekers. Welcome! A good nights sleep is ellusive to people in pain it seems & all of us want understanding from our family members, regarding our pain. This is hard to find but its possible with communication. Perhaps your parents were told by a dr to treat you just the same as your siblings in spite of your disease so that you would develop to yoir highest potential. Not disabled, coddled, thinking you are different. I think it is great for a dr to be consulted concerning your pain. Have your parents there, maybe they will "hear" you in a new light. Meanwhile, study your disease symptoms so that you can interact in the discussion. God bless you, schmegxo I hope you, your parents & your family sort this out & the truth comes to light for your sake. Thank you, gmak

Ps If you enter scheuermanns disease in advanced search at the top of your thread there are many other people asking questions, etc on healthboards. Try it. There may be information there that would help you.

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