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braddo1972 12-12-2012 03:14 PM

norspan patch in Australia
I have been reading using this norspan trans dermal patch will bring on withdrawal this is NOT I REPEAT NOT THE RIGHT ADVICE in AUSTRALIA . It is a partial antagonist which means it occupies some of the receptors leaving some for other lower dose opiat's to fill . the aim of it is to reduce your pills to a tolerable level or altogether . it is totally different in the USA . which it is used to repel opiat's as far as I know . using the 20 microgram patch I have reduced my oxy from 200 mg a day to 40 and doing better i still have some breakthrough but no wear near as much . Also take panadole iburfren 400 2700mg gabapentin

luck25 12-14-2012 12:50 AM

Re: norspan patch in Australia
Sounds the same to me. I tried a buprenorphene trans dermal for a short time. They are supposed to give you a low dose over extended period like u said, so you don't need as much experience was they made me sleepy, to sleepy. Couldn't do it. Of coarse I was driving truck. So depends. I'm not sure on norspan but I wouldn't worry about addiction, it might help, especially if you need long term pain mngmnt. Good luck

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