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urmychesirecat 01-24-2013 07:00 AM

low back pain and sciatica after car accident
i was in a car accident December 13 2012. It was a 3 car accident, we were still but it by a car going very high speed. almost immediately my lower back started hurting. i declined the ambulance, but my fiance picked me up and took me to the hospital straight from there. by the time we saw a doctor i was excruciating pain. (i normally have a very high tolerance of pain. could not stand up straight or sit. They did no xrays or other imaging tests at the hospital. received valuim and vicodin and the doc said it sounded like a muscle strain. i don't have a pcp so a week later when the pain started worsening, moving down into my legs sometimes so bad i couldn't stand i went to a urgent care facility. they gave me flexeril and percocet they did xrays that found nothing wrong. and told me i should see an orthopeadic. I was able to make to an appointment for a couple days later. i really didn't like this doctor he kept telling me i was too young and that the medicine they gave me was too strong as im pretty small. even though i told him it was a car accident and the pain was pretty bad. anyway he gave me a high dosage of oral steroids to take for 6 days. he told me i should feel a lot better in 1-2 days, follow up in a week. in this time my lower back pain lessened but the pain was now in my butt hips thighs my legs and ankles on the left side. when i would walk it felt like lightning bolts shooting down my leg. when i told the doctor he said he had never heard of such a thing and if steroids didn't fix it he didntt know what was wrong. he told me to go to the hospital if the pain was really as bad as i said, because at this point the pain was so bad i couldn't support myself when standing. so that's what i did. they quickly diagnosed sciatica and a soft tissue injury. at this point i followed up with my moms pcp as she was going to see him and she's always liked him. He wrote it off as whiplash and told me i wasn't thinking positively enough. however he prescribed lyrica vicodin and valium. he refused to look at the xrays or hear what the hospital said . i wasn't satisfied with this so i went back to the urgent care. they said it definitely sounded like sciatica and ordered an mri refilling my pain medicines. the mri came back showing no disk problems. they referred me to another orthopeadic. the mri does state there is partial lumbarizesd s1 which has a residual disk space. my appt ostensibly Monday. could this be causing the pain, aggravated by the accident? Are there other tests they can do to find out what's wrong? I feel like they keep writing g me off as just wanting pills because im young(26) when all i really want is the pain to go away. since the mri the lower back pain has worsened. i live on the third floor and rarely leave anymore because all the stairs are too much. i know the pain is real, i just want to be prepared for the next doctor. sitting is very painful. laying down hurts as does standing or walking. i can only tolerate walking for short periods and can only sleep a few hours at a time since the pain is so bad.

Sorry this is so long was trying to get as much info in here as possible. i appreciate any input.

gmak 01-25-2013 03:26 PM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident
Dear urmychesirecat, I also was injured at age 26 & ended up with a neurologist that didnt treat pain, did myelogram, ct & wanted to do discogram.So, my mil sent me to a spine only neurosurgeon who took one look @ my existing films & found my disc had actually exploded into bits & another was herniated bilaterally. I would make an appt @ a spine only practice neurosurgeon or a spine only orthopedic surgeon & have him/her look at the MRI & give diagnosis & determine treatment. If i were you I would get a second opinion also. I hope that you will get better soon! Thank you, gmak

urmychesirecat 04-09-2013 09:36 PM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident
Im super late but thank you for the reply. i did see a New orthopedic, still suffering though :( i made a New thread with updates but i do appreciate your response :)

johnashton 01-13-2014 03:15 AM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident
The majority of lower back pain is the result of an injury or overuse of muscles but can be caused by conditions like arthritis. It can be caused by injuries from regular activities like housework and gardening or may be the result of trauma from car accidents or serious falls.

brad217 02-22-2014 02:11 AM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident

I had an accident 3 weeks ago, a car in reverse hit me, it broke my arm and I fell on my right side. Even as my wrist was broken in 4 pieces the pain came from my back but the doctors just took care of my wrist, when I said the pain came from my back and it hurt so bad when trying to walk they just said I had nothing in my back.

Now 3 weeks after that, I can walk but slowly, if I try to walk fast or run the pain is severe, like you described a needle in my right butt and leg.

Could you please update what you had to do to find a solution?


Helen6090 02-22-2014 12:55 PM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident
I had a car accident August 2012 and in more pain now than then a spine specialist said I had a herniated disc and nerve damage I know whst you mean when you say no one understands the dr at the hospital told me last time I wasn't that bad... I nearly punched him

ben13 02-26-2014 01:31 PM

Re: low back pain and sciatica after car accident
I was just recently diagnosed with sciatica. I had an injury on my cartilage of the lip of the socket of my hip from too much sports, gym and jogging. I needed physical therapy which made it much better albeit, it will never be cured since torn cartilages cannot generate new tissue. However, the PT triggered a sciatica caused by previously narrowing one of the nerve canals in the spine. Maybe also some bulging out of one of the discs. I have pain shooting through my butt and it is difficult for me to walk more than 5 minutes and I can't stand for long. I was prescribed by an excellent doctor in NYC for 8 weeks of PT but this time for the sciatica which is different than torn labrum (hip socket cartilage). I think that a good PT may help you. The main thing is stretching (in a certain way) and core strengthening. I heard that if PT doesn't work one can try a cortisone shot in the spine. This is not a trivial procedure and one must go to an outpatient facility to do it. I know someone that did that and it helped.

I am really sorry for your pain. Mine is not as bad as yours and I feel like my quality of life got seriously compromised. I can imagine how you feel.

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