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rockiemountain 02-14-2013 07:18 PM

Please read
Over the last 3 years I have had 2 surgeries an they want to do a 3rd. The after the 1st surgery L4-L5 fusion with an artificial disk I was sent to a pain management doctor. The 2nd surgery was an SI fusion on both sides. I left the original surgeon at this point because I was still in pain and I felt like we had reach a dead end and he wasn't willing to look for the reason I was still in pain. Now I have seen another surgeon whom I like and he is suggesting yet another surgery. This is fine but I would like a 2nd opinion. Well when I told the PM doc today his response was you either schedule surgery or we are going to taper you off the meds. I am still dumbfounded, I'm shocked!!! Can this really happen? I am in tons of pain and I feel like I have been threatened just for wanting another opinion! After both surgeries I have ended up being in more pain than when I started!

Any advice????

tazmomo 02-14-2013 07:40 PM

Re: Please read
I can only say after failed fusion and collectomy and several other abdominal surgerys keep in mind every time you get surgery it causes scar tissue and that alone is pain. Surgeon cuts and is then done with his job so maybe new PM doctor and try to find a way to get where pain level is livable it is so hard to decide I myself have learned no more cutting on this Gal pain is so hard to live with 24/7 but a good long term PM doctor can be so and less invasive I pray you find the right answer. Dont get surgery if there is no other way to for sure . Scar tissue is as painfull as origional problem.. Take care God Bless

Btrfli1 02-14-2013 07:45 PM

Re: Please read
Wow,,,sounds like unreasonable threat to me!! No one should have surgery they are not comfortable with, and it that means second, third, fourth, fifth, or TENTH opinion, so be it!! You need to find another PM specialist you can work with!! best wishes and best of luck!!

pebblebeach3 02-14-2013 09:36 PM

Re: Please read
Sorry for the trouble you are going thru. It seems like it's a full time job in just finding the "right doctor" that 1 you feel comfortable with & 2 someone that can treat you.

I've been thru the rounds of trying to find the right team of doctors. I agree that if you want a 2nd opinion or more then go for it. Some doctors have this swelled head in that they are shocked that someone questions their opinions.

I have been to some great doctors and even when a "great" doctor suggests surgery I go for another opinion.

I've had bad advise as well. For example after my 2nd surgery I was once again faced with a problem. So I went back to the surgeon that did my first 2 surgeries. I thought he was good and respected him at the time. So an issue comes up and his advise to me was 1. lose weight & 2. take some aspirin. Well after 14 months of suffering I ended up in surgery again. This time with a doctor that I think is the greatest. Turns out the advise of aspirin and losing weight was not the answer. I required surgery that resulted in placing Harrington Rods in my lumbar spine. Far cry from the aspirin advise.

But when the doctor that I saw and recommended surgery and harrington rods I made sure I got another opinion from a doctor that was affiliated with a different hospital. His recommendation was NOT to do surgery. He really didn't even come up with a viable solution for me other than surgery. So I went to yet another doctor again at another hospital for another hospital.

The last doctor finally said 1. you have to have surgery & 2 the surgeon that said NOt to have surgery well I wont or cant tell you what he said because he cursed out that doctor. Bottom line is that I had surgery.

So while it may take time and a lot of effort if you feel the need for more opinions for whatever reason then you are entitled to satisfy your needs.

I truly believe that while a surgeon may be great there is no harm in having a 2nd set of eyes look at you and give you an opinion.

Surgery of any kind especially spine surgery is risky and should not be taken lightly. We are talking about your LIFE and QUALITY of LIFE. So take the time and find that team of doctors that not only work FOR you but will work WITH you as a team so that the end results can be the best results possible.

Good luck and keep us posted.

teteri66 02-15-2013 09:11 AM

Re: Please read
What surgery is the new surgeon suggesting? Is this surgeon affiliated in any way with the pain management doctor?

It does sound like you need to find a new pain management doctor or a physiatrist.

rockiemountain 02-16-2013 08:38 AM

They want to do a PLIF with bone from my hip then an ALIF to do revision of the screws which are loose. Now I am sure this surgery will help I still want another opinion. I didnt get 2nd opinions before because i wanted out of pain so badly I didnt think to get the 2nd opinion. Looking back I wish I had.
The last surgery I had the anesthesiologist gave me an overdose of drugs and i stopped breathing and they had to give me narcam which reverses the drugs effects and i awoke from surgery with No meds very very painfull. That is why I am scared to do any more surgery!
Also I didnt know I could just switch pain management doctors I may be nieve but how do you go about that? Just find another and tell them why I left the other???

Thank you in advance for any advice!

teteri66 02-16-2013 04:40 PM

Re: Please read
The situation regarding pain medications and thus, pain management doctors seems to be constantly changing these days, and laws do vary from state to state...but usually you would just find any specialist that i covered by your insurance carrier and call to make an appointment.

If your state is one where you have to sign documents regarding the management of your pain meds, I think you would just have to tell them you were being treated by another pain doc but had some issues -- you don't feel he is listening to you, or whatever it might be....use whatever reason you have that doesn't make it sound like you are a "drug seeker"....and explain you want to be treated by a different doctor in a different clinic/medical group.

I can certainly understand why you'd be reluctant to have more surgery. Perhaps you'll want to find a different hospital so you won't run the risk of having this same anesthesiologist --

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