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MRI Help results & options

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Old 02-18-2013, 08:06 PM   #1
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diarmu HB User
MRI Help results & options

Hi everyone,

I need some help in reading my mri report & figuring out my options, that is if i have any available to me . I was recently rear ended in a car accident. I'm still in constant pain and my life is on put on hold. The results read:

• minor degenerative change within T6-T7 disc space
• early degenerative change within T11-T12 & T12-L1 disc spaces
• minor compression deformity of the anterior superior endplates of C7
• moderate compression deformity of the anterior superior endplate of T1
• minor increased signal anterior sub endplate of C7 indicating recent trauma and minor compression fracture
• minor to moderate degenerate change within C5-C6 disc space with a minimal focal bulging of disc material centrally and left paracentral position
• minor degenerative change in the T12-L1 disc space with an old schmol node in the inferior endplate of T12 consistant with past adolescent epiphysitis

Loss of lordosis in thoracic, cervical and lumber regions

Thanks in advance,

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Re: MRI Help results & options

Welcome to the board.

Most of what you posted, results from the MRI, state "degenerative" changes. I don't know how old you are, but as to the "degenerative" changes noted in the MRI scan this is NOT uncommon. Most people, at least most adults, if you put them thru an MRI scan, the results will show degenerative changes to the spine. This is just something that will normally occur as part of the aging process.

I can not answer for you as to whether you would have had symptoms or not if you weren't involved in a motor vehicle accident.
I have had multimple surgeries to both the neck and low back because of severe degenerative changes to my spine. I was not involved in any auto accident that would have caused me to go thru so many surgeries. So in my case it was degenerative in nature and genetic.

What I am not sure about in your case is the part that refers to the "compression" deformity. But one note at C7 refers to increased signal probably due to recent trauma. The issue then is if this is related to a "trauma" i.e. your auto accident what the treatment options are for you.

One note also the question that needs to be considered is the "degenerative" changes in your spine is it possible that the auto accident may have exacerbated the problems to your spine?

I know you stated that you are in constant pain. What type of pain are you in? Is it radiating pain? Pins & needles? Any weakness? How has your life changed from the accident? For example, are you finding it difficult to stand or sit for long periods of time? Does bed rest help you?

Also who are you treating with? Are you seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon or a Neurosurgeon?

One thing to remember who ever you treat with, treat with someone that "specializes" in spine related issues. There are so many specialities that you need to treat with someone specifically that is "trained" and "treats" daily people with spine injuries.

Who ever you do treat with surgery should be the treatment of last option. Are you on any type of "pain" medications or "anti-inflammatories.?" Has physical therapy been recommended?

If in the event that surgery is suggested, don't jump into it right away. It's always a good idea, if you have the option, to get at least 1 second opinion & more if needed. And if surgery is required that you should ask the doctor what the procedure involves, recovery time, risks vs. benefits of surgery, any physical therapy post-surgery. And what will your life be like post surgery as to what you should be able to do or not be able to do after the surgery.

I know there is a lot of information of what you need to know. Recovery time can vary greatly from one person to the next.

But whoever you treat with it is important to have a good relationship with the doctor and his staff so that you can get questions answered as you need them and that your doctor & office is accessible to you for your information that you require.

Hope this helps you. Good luck & keep us posted.

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diarmu (02-19-2013)
Old 02-19-2013, 09:52 AM   #3
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diarmu HB User
Re: MRI Help results & options

Thanks so much for your reply pebblebeach3
I didn't expect one so soon nor one so informative.

I'm 26 years old and was attending college prior to the accident.
To answer your question about the accident exacerbating problems,
this may be possible, but while also creating several new severe ones.

I have a constant pressure in several areas all day long.
My mid - neck, upper back area, mid back and left shoulder blade areas

My mid neck area feels pressured as if its being pushed forwards
There is a constant radiating pain at this area that travels outwards like a circle in the mid upper back area
All over my back there is a constant bubbling - tingling feeling
I have trouble breathing also as there a pressure on my left side of back and lower back, lumbar area.

The left shoulder blade area has a pressure that is momentarily slightly relieved if
i stretch the shoulder backwards and it 'cracks' but this pressure builds up quickly again
Along the c7 area , there is a crackling feeling that is painful so im trying to restrict any movement here.

Tingling down the arms and shoulder blades, along with weakness on my left arm side
I'm trying to keep still a lot as any movement creates a cracking sound with a short knife like stabbing feeling. When in bed the cracking stabbing feeling occurs the most when i'm turning

A number of times sitting down i have had numbing left to the spine area, across the whole upper back, when leaning forward whilst sitting it feels as if im wearing a cold wet t-shirt, maybe this is a trapped nerve/nerves ?

I have always had lower back pain , some days worse than others but have coped .it seems now that this is the result of the adolescent epiphysitis

When i seen my doctor about the mri results he stated that nothing was wrong and it was only spasms so consider going to physio . Upon leaving his office & researching the results on the report and going back to him he changed his mind when he actually read the report in front of me.

I have an appointment coming up with a Orthopedic Surgeon which i had to fight with my doctor to get. I'm worried a bit now that i haven't given myself a chance to heal as best as possible since i wasn't given a brace support to wear from the hospital. I have read recently that the hospital should have given me a brace for the compression fracture . Its been 2 months that i've gone without one.

Im taking celebrex, diazepan and paralief - celebrex is anti inflammation and the diazpan are muscle relexants.
i dont find much relief at all

Thanks for your help

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Re: MRI Help results & options

One thing you said in your post was about "tingling" down your arms. I am wondering if this is being caused by the degenerative changes noted in the MRI or the trauma that you sustained.

There was no mention of there being any form of "stenosis" of the central canal or foramen. This meaning that there is some "narrowing" that puts pressure on the nerves.

Im wondering if anything is going on neurologically. Maybe further testing needs to be done to see why you have the symptoms you have. Or maybe they can be explained by the doctor and is stemming from what was noted in the MRI report. I think it should be addressed and maybe a neurological consultation should be set up and see if they think an EMG, electromyelogram should be done to see how the nerves and muscles respond to each other. Just a thought though.

When you see the orthopedist I think the topic of the fracture should be addressed since the MRI suggest its trauma related. Is it the type of fracture that requires surgery or is it just a matter of time healing the injury.
I know someone that had a fracture in the spine, not sure if it is the samet type of fracture as yours but surgery was done in a procedure called a "kyphoplasty." I think it stabilized the fracture. Again not sure if it was the type of fracture that you sustained. Only the doctor can guide you as to the best treatment possible for the fractures. Just trying to give you food for thought for when you see the doctor. He should be able to shed light on what what's causing your symptoms; best treatment options for you; and recovery information as to how long and if a brace is needed or not.

Good luck & keep us posted on how you make out.

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