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jaap21 03-10-2013 04:56 AM

Hemi laminectomy L4/5 with large synovial cyst removal
I had this surgery 2/21/13 just 3 months after rotator cuff surgery. So far, the severe pain I had endured in my left buttock and leg for 2 yrs has decreased by 80 percent. They say what I feel now should go away with time. The incision site and spine are a bit sore also.
During my walks the week post surgery, I noticed pain in my right calf. One week post op I was diagnosed via ultrasound with a blood clot (DVT).
Gave myself Heparin shots 2x/day for a week plus 5-7.5 mg Coumadin to get to therapeutic level which is 2-3. After one week, the leg feels much better.
I wear compression hose on leg all day and night. I walk 15-18 mins 3/4x/day.
The shoulder recovery has been very slow and painful because I cannot work aggressively due to the back and clot.
Time heals....I have learned this in life, especially with the loss of my 25 yr old son 4 yrs ago.
I hope to be working out and golfing by summer.
Stay positive! Faith, Family, Friends have helped me thru hard times!

gmak 03-10-2013 11:09 AM

Re: Hemi laminectomy L4/5 with large synovial cyst removal
Deer jaap, Im so verry happy for you that the healing is progressing well even after a not so minor complication. I was wondering about your shoulder, i know PT is very important to getting back all the ROM & shoulder movements but according to the instructions given to me after laminectomies PT now would be much too soon. In my opinion there are mediocre PT depts & really great ones & i wanted to encourage you to find a PT that develops a unique plan that will bring back function of your shoulder but protect your back @ the same time, when the dr finally says its ok to go to PT after your back surgery. Hope all continues so well for you!

jaap21 03-10-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Hemi laminectomy L4/5 with large synovial cyst removal
Gmak- I do have a great PT and one of my good friends is a PT but lives 300 miles away so we touch base by phone. My PT says he cannot be aggressive because the shoulder would become too inflamed while on Coumadin. He told me to continue easy ROM movements for now.
Thanks for the info and hugs...everybody needs them!

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