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Daisymaisie 12-31-2013 08:35 PM

Severe back/neck pain 8 months after accident
Hi, just found this forum.

I had a car accident 8 months ago, had a concussion and whiplash. My neck was always hurting, felt stiff etc so went to PT for 2 months.

Motion improved but still had pain, it has never gone away, a bit of back pain then about 2 months ago it really started hurting, now my back is literally killing me, for days now it's been severe pain, walking, lying down, sitting, doesn't matter, it hurts so badly. My neck too.

This morning my legs were hurting, sounds weird but several days ago my butt was hurting/aching on the sides.

Dr. said to take Ibuprofen 4 times a day but they don't even touch the pain, had some percocet left over from accident so have been taking those.

Can whiplash be this painful 8 months later??

I feel something is wrong, this is affecting my life, 24/7 no relief from it.

The pain is in the middle, sometimes lower part of my back, neck hurts in every single part.

anyone had this experience, cannot bear this pain, thanx

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