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Samm702 12-05-2017 09:34 AM

Fine lines at 16
Lately, I've been noticing fine lines appearing on my forehead. With some sort of crippling OCD, these immediately freaked me out. I've been trying to find a good source of information on what to do, but eventually just decided to make an account to see if I could get some good information.
At first, I figured I was just stressed (maybe?) and needed to relax and take some time off. I took the weekend off of school, work, and exercise. Drank lots of water, ate generally pretty healthy like I always do. They started to get thinner and fade, but now every time I go to go raise my eyebrows I'm paranoid that they are going to return. They didn't go away all together, either. The thicker ends stayed. I'm not sure what else to do but continue to drink a lot of water. I've had people tell me it may be sun damage, however I spend almost no time in the sun and when I do I have bangs that permanently cover my forehead. Another factor, I think, is that it seems it's a common theme to burn things in my neighborhood in the dead of night, which is when I go running. I've heard of smokers getting wrinkles quick, so I wondered if sucking up the secondhand smoke had affected me in some way.

Honestly I'd be fine with someone with experience telling me they are temporary, and will go away with time if I stick to a routine. I don't use any harsh face products, however due to my constant working out I do take cold showers. Once at night and once in the morning. Maybe I'm just overthinking this? Maybe they are actually really difficult to see? I don't know, any advice would help. Thanks in advance.

rosequartz 12-05-2017 12:17 PM

Re: Fine lines at 16
we are always our own worst critics!
moisturize, stay out of the sun if possible, or use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and stop worrying!

Samm702 12-06-2017 09:12 AM

Re: Fine lines at 16
[QUOTE=rosequartz;5473818]we are always our own worst critics!
moisturize, stay out of the sun if possible, or use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and stop worrying![/QUOTE]

Ahah, to stop worrying is a lot easier said than done. Thanks for the advice though!

yayagirl 01-08-2018 08:21 AM

Re: Fine lines at 16
Dear Samm,

Buy some pure food grade almond oil, pour a small amount onto your hand, rub both hands together just a little then gently massage the oil into your facial skin; start with the driest area.

Massage whatever is left into your hands and finger nails. Almond and Jojoba oils have small enough molecules to enter and moisturize the skin and fingernails. As far as I know, no other oils have that quality.

Those oils are perfect for anyone. So much better than most hand or body lotions.

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