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  • If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

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    Old 12-15-2003, 09:13 PM   #1
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    If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    Although I love herbs, and greatly believe in their benefits over many synthetic prescription medications, please know that some of those types of herbs that are meant for promoting breast growth can greatly raise your estrogen levels. That is the whole reason people are taking them, because that's what makes the breasts grow. It is not good to raise your estrogen levels too high. With high enough dosages of these herbs, they can, in fact, raise the estrogen levels the same as birth control pills and sometimes even much HIGHER, this is not my opinion, this is what I know to be true from much research. This can definitely be a problem for people with uterine fibroids, because fibroids feed off of estrogen, it could possibly even cause them to form in the first place if you don't have them already. Estrogen also feeds ovarian cysts, as well as breast cancer cells. So please, I know it is natural, but it is also very powerful, so please think about it carefully before doing it. Even if your breasts don't grow, you could still be affecting your reproductive system, because you are definitely affecting your hormones.

    In my opinion, I think your goal should be to BALANCE your hormones instead, or to strive to insure that they stay balanced, and there are many herbs that do that very safely, that do not raise just one hormone over the other, they work to balance them out (for example, if your estrogen is too low, they will raise it, or if your progesterone is too low, it will raise that, or sometimes raise both or lower one or the other, or just put them in their proper balance), this has great benefits to your overall health, your moods, periods, sexual life, and especially to your beauty (most definitely). I am definitely not attacking or judging anybody, I do understand how you feel. But please know that uterine fibroids can make your stomach large if you get them or make existing ones grow, and that is the least of their dangers. They are usually not dangerous, but if grown in certain places can cause bad things to happen. And what's more scary are ovarian cysts and breast cancer, so please always research things before you jump into it, and listen to your inner wisdom about these things. I believe that teenagers, especially, should not be messing with their hormones in this way. If you are young and not developing properly, then your goal should really be to balance your hormones, instead of boosting your estrogen levels (which is what most of the "breast enlargement" herbs do), or instead of decreasing your androgen levels (which is what saw palmetto does). Just please be careful. Larger breasts are not as important as a healthy body, and having children someday is very important to me as well as many other women, and so risking the danger of getting or worsening fibroids or cysts which each may have the chance of contributing to infertility is not a risk that I would take, nor the risk of causing internal problems to my health.

    Also, I just want to add, that all of the herbs labeled "breast enlargement herbs" are each some great and beneficial herbs, some really do have some great benefits to them, but it's when you start taking unusually high dosages, and adding them all together and increasing the dosages even farther and continuing them for long periods of time, then that's when they can possibly be destructive to your health. But even if you already have uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, or breast cancer, or a history of breast cancer, then even just ONE of these herbs can sometimes cause the condition to become worse because of their estrogenic effect on the body. They do not contain estrogen, but they can powerfully raise estrogen, just like a birth control pill. And, no, I definitely do NOT think birth control pills are safer.

    OK, that's most of what I wanted to say, only because I seriously do care and because I really do think it's important or else I wouldn't say anything. And, because I noticed some teenagers trying this stuff out, I do believe that they, especially, need to know these things; because I do honestly feel that they are being given the impression by adult women that this is entirely safe, and it is not always safe. However, I do know that even the women are being given that impression by other people as well, and so I know they do not mean any harm whatsoever. But I do hope that no one is offended by what I've said. Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Moderator, I posted this in a new thread, because the other board is just too long, and probably many wouldn't bother looking at it anyway, so I don't want it to get lost in all those posts. But if ya have to move it there, that's alright, I suppose. Thanks.

    P.P.S. Oh I thought I should add one more thing. Sometimes using herbs that work to raise your estrogen levels will trigger your body to get rid of even more estrogen, leaving you with less estrogen than you began with, so that can cause problems all on it's own, worse than you started out with sometimes. Remember, a proper balance of your hormones is one of the things that contribute to the beautifying effects on your skin, hair and body, and so messing up that balance too much can also cause some ugly things to happen sometimes. So, either way, you cannot possibly always know what is happening to your body, and sometimes you may not find out until something goes wrong, so please at least consider what I've said. That's all, thanks.

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    Re: If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    if i am 15 and only take them for 6 mos, is that long enough to get a cyst or anything that can cause bad skin or a fat(ter) stomach?

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    Re: If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    Thanks for this message. I especially hope all those teenagers that are considering these herbs think twice about taking these herbs.

    Old 12-17-2003, 01:38 AM   #4
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    Re: If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    Thanks for the detailed information Siren. My acupuncturist told me that even herbs can be bad for hormones if used incorrectly. I told her about some of the things i've read off the breast enhacement thread and she is surprised and worried that people are doing these things as it can lead onto so many other health problems later on. It's one of the things which really puts me off trying herbs for inceasing breast size as i've been following the thread since it began and the idea really did fascinate me when i first read about it and i did contemplate trying it. The birth control pill messed up my hormones enough, without having something else mess it up even more.

    Just b/c something is a herb or "good for you" doesn't mean you can take it indiscriminately (eg: i just found out that taking too high and amount of Vitamin C can make the BC pill a lot less effective). I also particularly worry about teens as they haven't even stopped developing yet, but are taking these herbs.

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    Re: If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    To xxFreakOfNaturexx, hello, thanks for replying. To answer your question, honestly I would have to say that there is really no definite way of knowing exactly what the herbs are doing inside of your body right away. It would also depend on what your taking, how much of it, and for how long (because each of those herbs still have positive benefits, but taking them incorrectly or taking them when you have a known medical conditon that could become worse, is when it is wrong). But, there is not always a concrete way to know if you're doing damage before it starts to happen.

    The symptoms of something, like a fibroid(s) or cyst(s), usually will not turn up until AFTER they have already formed, and that would be too late. But it's still good to know the symptoms of them, in case you do get them. It is true that fibroids may not cause any problems at all, because many women do not even know they have them. However, many still do experience some or more symptoms, usually due to their size or the area in which they grow, for example, it could lead to pressure on your bladder, which causes frequent urination, or another symptom is extreme bleeding during your periods, which can lead to anemia very quickly. And they cause abdominal pain in many women, not to mention a swollen lower abdomen if they grow large enough. If grown in the wrong place they can lead to a failure to become pregnant or frequent miscarriages. There are operations that can be performed to remove fibroids, but, of course, that should never make it OK to risk getting them in the first place, because operations are not always simple in every case, surgery isn't something to take lightly.

    Ovarian cysts can have all of the same exact symptoms as fibroids and more, or symptoms at an even greater debilitating level. And in certain cases they can raise your male hormones which lead to things like acne, body hair, and facial hair. This type of hormonal imbalance can lead to other problems in almost any area of your body. In many cases, if ovarian cysts cause great enough problems for a woman or are cancerous, then she may eventually have to get the entire affected ovary removed, leaving only one ovary. And if that remaining ovary ever developed a cyst(s) causing unbearable symptoms for the woman, then sometims the last ovary is also removed, this means you could no longer have children.

    Of course, taking the breast enlargement herbs may not ever lead to anything so extreme, but the chance is still very much there, and it's up to you rather or not you want to risk that chance for larger breasts (or risk it and end up not even gaining breasts AT ALL, which would be extra sad!). Also, even if a person does not develop ovarian cysts, fibroids, or cancerous cells, she could still be affecting her hormones in such a way that could lead to problems with the skin, hair, nails, menstruation, mental state, or any area in the body.

    So, all in all, there is usually no way of knowing when a cyst or fibroid is going to form, or when breast cancer cells or other cancerous cells are going to form. So the best way not to get them in the first place is through prevention. Good prevention is making the choice not to take these herbs incorrectly, and choosing not to take them in such a way that they dramatically affect one's hormones, (especially without a specialist's supervision). That is a very large preventative decision, and, in my opinion, (as well as many MEN'S opinion's, I'm very sure), that it is an extremely WISE decision, as well as a confident decision for a woman to make, and it's this confidence and wisdom that is FAR MORE sexier than larger breasts.

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    Re: If you're taking "breast enlargement" herbs, please read.

    Solette and Audrey-B, thanks so much for voicing your support on this. Audrey-B, you brought up some very good points, and your acupuncturist is right. I have also heard many herbal specialists voice their major concern against this kind of thing. (I, too, almost fell into the trap, but luckily I like to research things, and I also listen very carefully to my instincts).

    I do believe that women (and teenage girls) should have much more concern for the health of their body and their reproductive systems, especially if they wish to conceive a child someday. The body is so sacred and special, and the ability to conceive a child is especially a sacred thing, messing with one's hormones incorrectly can greatly affect that possibility in the future. And even if one does not want children, or has already had children, then at least their own health should mean more to them than the size of their breasts.

    For many women who take on this almost endless task of increasing their breasts, it becomes a daily obsession, and that obsession takes away from their ability to enjoy life, as well as their ability to give of their time and help to other people. But I know that not ALL of them are so obsessed, however I've seen many places online where the women are greatly obsessed with their "herbal rouitine" for breast enlargement, and often it becomes a center in their lives.

    I also find it very ironic that the breast enlargement board is listed in the "beauty" section, because I believe there really isn't anything truly beautiful about this. Breasts ARE beautiful, but they are beautiful in all sorts of different sizes.

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