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RiotGirl00 07-22-2005 11:35 AM

Salon Tanning
I was thinking about going tanning for the first time. So I have a couple of question about different methods.

I want to get tan quickly so I was thinking about the spray on stuff.
Approximately how much does it cost? A friend of mine went a year ago and she said it cost around $30. Is that how much it is at most places?

I've also seen commercials on tv from different tanning places. I saw one where a girl had her bathing suit on (duh, it's tv) and she got sprayed with a machine. But I hear from people that a person goes in and sprays your body.
Do you really have to have a person spray you because I'd like to do it nude (don't want tan lines), but I wouldn't feel comfortable having someone spray me that way. Ick!
Do you have the option or how does it work?

I was also thinking about tanning beds.
Another friend of mine went a while back for the first time and she said she got her own little room where you can strip down and tan for as long as you pay for.
Is that how it works or do you have to have clothes on? And if you don't, exactly how clean are those beds?
Lol, just wondering..don't want my naked body where so many other people have been. Gross.

So if anyone could explain the spray on and the bed processes to me that would be really awesome.

RiotGirl00 07-22-2005 06:51 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
Wow, nobody here goes tanning. Interesting.

cremebrulee 07-22-2005 10:52 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
I go tanning. I've never done the spray on stuff. I know a few people who have done it. it is called ****** tan. you can go in naked and the machine sprays your front side and then you turn around and it sprays your back side. you are not allowed to shower for several hours. it takes about a day for the tan to fully develop and lasts about a week. i don't like the results. it just isn't dark enough for me.

i tan in the beds. people tan naked in the beds in order to avoid tan lines. the beds are cleaned after each person. the only thing about tanning in a bed is that unless you have a base tan you will definitely burn. when i started tanning again i was in a lot of pain. it was painful to even sit down. i slathered aloe vera on my body before i went to bed each night and i will wake up stuck to my sheets. after the burn comes the peeling. after the peeling you get beautifully tan skin. i pay for a monthly membership and never upgrade to a higher level bed. i stick with level one and i tan very nicely using just the level one beds. i see many people upgrade their beds and i still have a nicer tan than they do.

Piranna65 07-24-2005 07:51 AM

Re: Salon Tanning
we have a spray booth here I dont use it. But it doesnt involve anyone going in w/you.

I just started going to tanning booth in april/may to get some tan before i went to florida and i'd start with 12 mintues and work my way up to 15-20 you'll notice results after the first couple of visits. I like doing it even though I know it can be bad for you, but everything is bad for you now a days.

It is summer you know, are you in an area where you can tan?

jill30 07-24-2005 10:36 AM

Re: Salon Tanning
I am 32 and have been tanning at the salon since I was 15 yrs old. I do the monthly unlimited and go at least 4 to 5 days a week. I always look like I just got back from the islands. I rather tan at the salon because I have no tan lines, I get a great even tan all over and it only takes 8 min. I highly recommend tanning at the salons instead of outside.

RiotGirl00 07-25-2005 11:45 AM

Re: Salon Tanning
Thanks so much for all your help!
I was thinking about doing a monthly membership, and I'll probably start doing that one of these days.
When one of my friends did the ****** tanning she wasn't very dark at all, and I'd like to be. So I guess the beds are a much better choice to go with.

I live in West Michigan (an hour away form Lake Michigan)..So I can definitely go to the beach any day and tan, but I don't really feel like driving an hour just to tan for a little while. I went a few summers ago, burned to a crips, and was told by the doctor if I burn again I'll probably get skin cancer. Not cool.
So I'd rather just go tanning at a salon for a few minutes everday than drive to the beach.


jenny1616 07-26-2005 11:09 AM

Re: Salon Tanning
my names JENNY and i had cut out my boyfriends name outa double sided tape and put on me and tanned but i only tanned it once so its not that dark.
I need to get rid of the name do u no how ?
I cant just cover it up with sumthing else cause the letter will b under it.


christa32us 07-27-2005 09:28 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
:wave: I do the ****** tan. I love it. There are 3 levels. The levels are the amount of seconds your being sprayed. They recommend if your very lite skinned then you go the least amount of time then after a couple of times you can go up to the next. The idea is to get it so it doesn't look fake or that it's not to over doing it for the first time. I get lots of compliments and it really does look natural. There are the ones where someone does spray you. I feel weird about doing that.

nailchick2000 07-29-2005 02:59 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
Personally, I tan in the tnning bed. If you start out slow, like 6 or 7 minutes, you shouldn't burn unless your very fair skinned. But if you are afraid of skin damage, there are several kind of instant tans. One is the spray booth, it's private... downside is I've noticed run marks on my friends who have used them. Another is airbrush tanning. Smooth and even, but not private.. someone sprays it on you. Self tanning lotions work well if you have some help from a friend who can get the hard to reach areas.
If you decide to use a tanning salon, I found that the fastest way to get color is to go day 1 for about 6 minutes, day 3 for 9 minutes, then skip to day 9 so melanin can produce, you will tan very fast after that.

Danielle895 08-01-2005 01:09 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
****** tan is $25 for two sessions (it's when you go in a booth and are sprayed for 5 seconds, front, then back). The tan looks great and it last for 7-10 days. I get it done for special occasions and love it. I hope this helps.

tUrRrRa 08-09-2005 01:16 PM

Re: Salon Tanning
I tan in the tanning bed and it is usually like $20 per month and up at different places. I have enjoyed going and it is quick and easy and not messy! I had fair skin.. so definitely don't go a long time if you think you would burn.. they made me go for 6 minutes or so at first b/c my skin was sensitive (I think from birth control pills) and I got some rash on parts of my body not used to the sun! It didn't hurt or actually burn.. just itched so bad! That stopped soon and now I never sunburn outside (I do wear an SPF8-15 sunscreen on the beach though). I used to go several times a week but now I only go 1-2 times and still have a lot darker color than I used to! Just make sure you be careful and not overdo it.. b/c that is bad for your skin! Also moisturize lots and use tanning lotion.. keeps your skin from getting dry/leathery!

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