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dsleik 09-02-2005 05:08 PM

best hair highlights?
im only 22 and for the past 7 yrs i have been getting my hair professionaly highlighted using aveda products. it has cost almost $100 each time and i dont want to pay that anymore. my hair is naturally dark brown straightish and wavy. i just wantedd something like caramel colored or brown, nothing blond. does anyone know of cheaper products that are actually worth it? thanks!

lex jude 09-02-2005 05:34 PM

Re: best hair highlights?
Just a disclaimer.....everyone's hair is different, so this is just my personal experience. Take what you want from it :)

I know how you feel!!! I was in the same boat as you or a long while there...I just got tired of spending so much money on my hair, but I just couldn't STOP. Recently, when I lost my job and got pregnant, I resorted to just dyeing my hair one colour. I thought it would look aweful, but I use the feria hair dyes, wich give it such a dynamic shine. I've had some pretty aweful hair experiences in the past and once had to chop it all off due to a bad bad incident involving a perm being left on for too I am pretty picky about what goes on my hair. I am pretty pleased with the L'oreal line of hair colours...Feria is great if you want to stick to one colour....but the clour has a dynamic look to it.

If you still want to stick with your highlights, you have a few options.

You can go with a cap. I had problems with this, because my hair is wavy and longish, and the cap was so hard to use. Plus, it doesn't look as nice after a few dye jobs because you are picking out different strands each time....and after a while your hair just looks all blond and not highlighted.

Foils work nice with these products because you can single out strands from each other...but they are hard to do without help and some sort of experience doing it.

Brush on kits are pretty nice, and they allow you to target roots, or even do more then that. I found these kits nice to use, and it gave me control over where I wanted my highlights....wether I wanted them chunky and thick, or nice and distributed.

L'oreal has a kit called "hi light styliste" which isn't that hard to do on your own, and you can control the colour you want and how long you keep it on.

If you want golden highlights, you can buy a haircolouring kit and use it as a highlight kit...just get a brush or your own cap, and you are good to go. When I did this, you can mix a little bit of the colour together and "test" it on a piece of your can see how the colour looks and wether you like it or not.

Once you do this once or twice, you will become a pro at it, and soon you won't want to go back to the salon :p I love playing around with my hair colour now that I know which products I like.

Sorry this is so long...

dsleik 09-02-2005 06:08 PM

Re: best hair highlights?
thanks so much for the reply lexjude!! i was thinking of trying the l'oreal hi light styliste and since you better explained some techniques and stuff i will try that and take your advice... i hope i do it right..haha thanks again!

lex jude 09-03-2005 03:57 PM

Re: best hair highlights?
Awww :) Glad I can help! Post back at the results!

The great things is, is that if you mess up you can always buy a dye kit and dye it back to your regular colour :) I doubt that would happen tho--you'd be surprised how well you can do it yourself!

dsleik 09-03-2005 04:01 PM

Re: best hair highlights?
hey lex jude, i tried to find the loreal highlite styliste and they didnt habe it in my shade so i picked garnier nutrisse multilights. the brush thing didnt go well for me so i just used my fingers and did random strands. its a little bit lighter, its ok i think its better than my blah color that hasnt been redone in a while!!!!!! yeah soon im sure i will get sick of it and dye it back haha. but thanks so much for the advice!! xoxo

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