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troublex2 12-06-2005 06:03 PM

what is the best thing to do or use to get rid of those bags under the eyes?and what is the best eyeshadow to use ,i have blue eyes,fair skin,and dark hair?

nisam78 12-07-2005 02:13 PM

Re: eyes??
Preparation H for bags. Stuff works wonders.

SillyBird 12-07-2005 04:38 PM

Re: eyes??
Put spoons in the freezer. They work great for bags and hickies(lol).

blushingbride06 12-10-2005 10:08 PM

Re: eyes??
the eye bags thing im not so sure. but shimmers of peach, pinks and beiges usually look really good on fair skin and colored eyes.

kitkat77 12-11-2005 01:42 AM

Re: eyes??
Cool compresses for the eyes, cucumber slices or Prep H will help eliminate bags.

The best eyeshadow color for blue eyes (don't worry about the fair skin as it really makes no difference) is brown. You can blend it out with any neutral shade (it helps if you buy a combo palette), or swipe the brown over your entire lid if it's not too dark a shade and soften the edges with kleenex.

For a change you can use greens and purples, and the colors that match in their combo palettes.

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