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tanning beds and sun screen?

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Old 03-03-2008, 09:48 AM   #1
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saytheya HB User
tanning beds and sun screen?

a few weeks ago my friend and i went tanning while on vacation. neither of us have ever been. needless to say, we both got burned. partially because we had no idea what we were doing and because the people who told us what to do really didn't know how to go about tanning safely.

i'd like to go tanning again because now i'm unevenly tanned (i have lines down my back from the bulbs and from where my skin stuck together from laying down weird.) But because i burned, i also peeled after. i don't want to get any more bad burns so i was wondering if putting sun screen on first, maybe earlier in the day, and then putting the tanning lotion on before the tanning session would affect how my skin tans.

would the sun screen affect how the tanning lotion works with my skin? i like the idea of being tan, but i'd rather not go into a tanning bed again without some protection. if i do go tanning again, i'm going to try the beds that you stand in, instead of laying down in one.

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tlhalabama HB User
Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

I just within the past month started tanning for the 1st time ever. I ususally go to the beach and lake alot but wanted to try the beds.

My first experience was not a good one as the girls did not tell me how to use the bed or what to do.

I changed to a different tanning salon and I LOVE it.

I tan real easy so they statred me off at 8 minutes and now I have worked up to 15 minutes. I use the shower gel and lotion from the salon twice a day (morning and night) to moisturize and soothe my skin. I put the tanning lotion on right before getting into the bed and I moisturize right after.

I have not burned or peeled.

This new place told me to turn over about 1/2 way through to prevent any lines or faded spots.

It is working and I am happy.

I think to key is gradually working up in the number of minutes you are in the bed. Start out slow.

Old 03-03-2008, 11:43 AM   #3
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CaringMom HB User
Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

Take the above poster's advice; switch salons!
I managed a salon for about 5 years. We had to show the tanner everything. A good salon can recommend a good tanning lotion, made for the beds, to help keep your skin in the best condition. Through questions, they should be able to tell you how long to tan for your first couple of weeks. I always recommended starting at 8 minutes on the average and working up. You should not burn by taking it slow. That defeats the idea of tanning in a bed. If they don't seem to know what they are talking about or are not able to answer your questions, then they probably don't know what they are doing.
Shop around like you would a hairdresser.
And to answer your question about a sun screen; most salons do not like those on the bed. I used it on my face b/c I didn't want it to tan. But products not made for a tanning bed are not good for the acrylics.
Again, by taking it slow you won't need a sunscreen. Good luck!

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Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

Definitely switch salons and go somewhere where they know what they are talking about! Tanning can really damage your skin, so you have to be VERY careful when doing it. When I first started tanning I would only stay in the beds for 6-8 minutes until my skin got used to it, and would go up in time little by little. Some people go straight in for the FULL time and they will definitely burn! It isn't like tanning outside. I never burn outside!

Sunscreen should not prevent a tan. I used the mist on sunscreens (SPF 15) and my tan still looked great. I also recommend moisturizing your skin well b/c tanning can dry it out and you don't want leathery, damaged skin!

Old 03-04-2008, 02:52 AM   #5
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amybrown HB User
Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

As a cosmetician, I feel like I have to say STAY AWAY from tanning. But if you already are going to do it, do it right. Go to a professional tanning salon that you know is reputable. Have short sessions so that your skin does not burn. Most people would probably say no to sunscreen before going to a tanning salon, but I say PLEASE at least apply sunscreen on your face before laying down in a tanning bed!

Old 03-05-2008, 06:51 PM   #6
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saytheya HB User
Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

the place i went tanning wasn't even a salon. we were at a resort where my friend's parents have a time share so they just have two tanning beds, a bunch of instructions in the rooms and the people who work there may or may not know the right way to tan. (The ones that do know probably have been tanning.)

the beds that i used were the ones you lay down in and i didn't fit well in it. my arms were right up against my sides so my sides are still pale. i'm going to try one of the ones where you stand inside.

so will putting sun screen on AND the tanning lotion stop me from tanning as well or at all? i want to be tan, but i'd rather not ruin my skin in the process. i do want some protection. do any of the tanning lotions have sun screen built in and do those work any worse/better than lotions without sun screen?

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Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

Dont wear a sunscreen in a tanning bed, unless it is ONLY on your will ruin the beds and YES prevent you from tanning at all.
You had a bad expereience, and Im sorry about that..places like you describe should NOT be allowed to offer tanning...stupid question, but was it clean? I mean, was it REALLY clean? If a tanning bed is NOT properly disinfected, you can pick up all sorts of skin diseases from it.
Based on that alone, I highly suggest stand up beds. They have grips at the top where you put your hands, thus giving you tan on the under side of your arms and down your sides, without the lines which lay down beds give you and allowing you room to move. BUt, also beware of the floor you are standing on- always stand on a towel or wear socks as long as you can in some cases, I even wear flipflops INSIDE the standup version and simply stand on them, without anything covering the top of my feet...these places breed bacterial- yeast infections, athletes foot and other skin conditions can be obtained- so use your head and only tan in reputable places...even ask them if they santiize between each customer. You should see someone going in and out between each use.

Proper tanning, starting out slowly and building up is essential- dont ever go in for maxiumum time in the beginning, and remember that different beds have differnt maximum times, depending on the strength of the bulbs...where I go, the maximum time is only 8 minutes- and I started off at 5 and worked up....other beds I have used allow you to go for 15 minutes....only the really old beds still offer 30 minutes...newer technology has made tanning more effective in a quicker time.
Good luck..and practice smarts- ask questions, do you homework, and use alot of moisturizer or INSIDE tanning lotion while you tan. Skip the sunscreen- except on your face.
RRMS- dx 05

Old 03-06-2008, 08:00 PM   #8
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saytheya HB User
Re: tanning beds and sun screen?

thanks for everyone's replies

the place i went to didn't sanitize the beds themselves between people, but they did have a bottle of disinfectant which i made sure to use quite thoroughly on the bed before getting in. i'll have to remember flip-flops for the stand up ones. i'd rather not catch any diseases that can be prevented.

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