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summerblue 11-23-2008 01:04 PM

I need advice about hair color
I have always been a golden blonde color, ever since I was a child. As I got older my hair started turning a dirty blonde. Now it seems like it is more of a darker color. I have had highlights the past few years, not real light just golden very even throughout my hair, not chunky.

Well. I have gotten tired of always having to go to the salon, the roots coming in etc. For the past four or so months I have been letting the roots grow out. I have been cutting the ends to get rid of the fading highlights.

The color coming in is looking less dark as the blonde is fading, but it is still darker then I have been in awhile, and I thought I would try and let it go back to my original color. I have very few grays.

Should I go and have some lowlights put in to make the color more uniform? My hair is past my shoulders and I don't want to cut alot off, but yet I still have some blonde.

I really think I want to let it all go back to the original color as I have said, but I am not sure if I will like how it looks darker blonde. I am fair and have green eyes and light eyebrows. What do you all think? I really could use some advice.

Oh, and today I put a clear glaze on it but I don't see much of a difference. Could I use a blonde glaze? Also I was looking at a blonde color shampoo, could I use that? What effects would the glaze or shampoo have on my hair, the new shade coming in and what highlights I have left? Thanks for any and all advice. ;)

memawof3 11-23-2008 04:49 PM

Re: I need advice about hair color
hi summerblue!
your hair sounds beautiful to me!!
what color are you wanting your hair to be??
i myself as a child had golden blond hair too, and it has darkend as i have aged..
as far as a shampoo??
i love john freda!!!
i get it at walmart, i get the one for blonds!
makes my hair shinny!
now, as for highlights?
for mine, in the summer time, i have mine highlited in a vanilla blond color!
not golden or white...
works good for me, iam fair skined and blue/grey eyes, some freckels...
i do have some gray around my temples, thats why i try to blend those with the vanilla
theres lots of color shampoos out there!
have fun with them!
hope this has helped?

summerblue 11-25-2008 09:44 AM

Re: I need advice about hair color
Hey, thanks for the post. I am thinking I may let it grow out to the oringinal color and if it is too dark for me, maybe I will try the blonde glaze or blonde shampoo from John frieda.
I am just so tired of having to go and get it done every six weeks. My hair is long and if I don't keep at the roots it just looks terrible.
I am thinking by cutting it every few weeks, I could get rid of what highlights I do have and maybe by summer it will be all gone. Thanks again, ;)

Brookie501 01-06-2009 06:45 AM

Re: I need advice about hair color
hi, i'm in the same dilemma as summerblue. my highlights are grown out (4 months now)and i've moved and have had a difficult time finding a new stylist. i went to her for 6 years!

last week i asked my husband to foil new color into my hair to tone down the roots and add a more natural blonde color into my hair. it looks natural, but i miss the highlights now.

i'm considering asking him to layer in highlighting color into foils so that i have that highlighted/lowlighted look again. i've super nervous though because i can live with the color it is now. also, i don't want a head full of brassy highlights or frieid/dried-out hair. my hair is naturally a dark blonde color and definitely by springtime, i'll have my highlights back.

any advice?

summerblue 01-07-2009 04:46 PM

Re: I need advice about hair color
Hi Brookie501, seems like we are in the same situation. My husband would never help with my hair, so that is good you had help. I have just a bit of old highlights left. I plan on cutting it sometime this week. I layer my own hair. I think by spring I will only have new growth, all the old highlights should be gone by then. If I don't like how dark it looks, I plan on trying to lighten it with lemon juice like I did as a kid.!! I will post back again as I have to get off the computer, but good luck with your hair. summerblue ;)

tUrRrRa 01-07-2009 06:10 PM

Re: I need advice about hair color
When I was letting my highlights grow out, I colored my hair to its natural color. As a natural brunette, letting blonde highlights (I had LOTS of them) grow out looked bad and sloppy, so I had to put the color all over. Sometimes the color does fade some, but it will still tone down the highlights. If the difference isn't bad, it may fade into the darker color just fine! I now highlight my hair again because the texture is better and easier to style on me, but am sticking closer to my natural color. I've heard lowlights ARE a good way to get the color to blend too.

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