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jandee 05-06-2001 10:31 PM

hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
My hair is THICK. not only do i have a lot of it but each strand is exceptionally thick too. it is very hard to manage. i heard of thinning hair to make it thinner but i was wondering exactly how they do it. i heard they put chemicals in ur hair but i also heard its very bad for ur hair. i also heard of doing something w/ scissors to thin ur hair, but i'm not really sure about the details. does anyone know exactly how thinning hair works and if there are any dangers w/ the chemicals if thats how they do it. thanks!!

Hamsmacker 05-07-2001 01:04 PM

Re: hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
I too have lots of thick hair and have it thinned with scissors. The only disadvantage in my opinion is that there are too many stray little hairs since some of the hairs are cut and others are not. I don't have any experience with chemically thinning my hair so I can't help you there. Hope you find an answer you are looking for.

Brooklyn 05-19-2001 10:41 PM

Re: hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
Oh no!!!!!!!
They use this sissors!!! For me they didn't thin the crown of my head. They thinned underneath and it's really good. No chemicals used or anything!
They also would twist parts of my hair and cut this little parts and that would thin my hair also. However I'd rather the other sissor method.
Don't worry I'm so scared about going to the hairdressers that I don't let them do anything!
Good luck!

SquidsWife 06-03-2001 09:42 PM

Re: hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
I, too, have very (and I mean VERY) thick, and extremely curly hair... I thin mine (with scissors) on a regular basis - I couldn't survive without it! <IMG SRC="">

I attended cosmetology school for awhile.. just make sure when/if they use the scissors (I'd stay away from chemicals!) that they don't thin your hairline, your natural part, and the crown - those will all lead to stray hairs sticking up.

After you see how easy it is, you may even be able to do your own (I do!).

Momto1 06-07-2001 05:54 PM

Re: hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
I know the feeling! I am of Hispanic/Indian heritage and I have extremely thick, course, wavy hair (that is frizzy too the first day of washing). I usually blow it strait and wash it every 2 days (it is dry so oil does not build up). My hairdresser recently thinned my hair with scissors but only the bottom layers (albeit 10 thousand of them!) it did hel alot but I am ready to go have him do more!!!!

Do it, it will help tremendously! AND, find someone who is really good, spare no expense in that dept.


Momto1 (Rebecca)

blondegal 06-27-2001 06:50 PM

Re: hair too thick- want to thin it. any dangers?
I have very thick hair that looks like a football helmet if I don't thin it. I would only recommend using thinning shears and have found that I practically have to beg my haircutter to get her to thin it for me . . when she does thin it looks so much better and the cut is so much easier to handle. Chemical thinning - don't do it. Nature will take care of thinning it for you when you get older. Don't ever do anything so drastic!!!

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