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redroses 04-02-2001 06:58 AM

ingrown hair in butt please help
Can any one please help me i'm getting married and i have these bad ingrown hair and black spots. any one have an idea how can i get rid of it and have a silky looking butt. Other problem i have a very flat chest and i don't want to go under cosmotic surgery to enlarge my breast pls someone help me. <IMG SRC="">

Hamsmacker 04-02-2001 11:06 AM

Re: ingrown hair in butt please help
In regards to the ingrown hairs, are you for certain that is what it is? You might want to check it out with a doctor to see if indeed that is the problem. Don't confuse ingrown hairs with boils. You might be prescribed an antibiotic and that might help clear them up. I can understand any hesitation for going to the doctor about such an unsightly problem, but it's best to find out what really is wrong. In regards to the flat chest, have you thought about using the breast enhancers that are sold in lingerie stores that you can place inside of your bra? Since you don't want to go the cosmetic surgery route, I don't know if there is anything you can do. Some people swear by using herbs to increase bust size, fix this or that, but I am cautious of what I put in my body. If you're going to the doctor for the ingrown hairs, then perhaps you can ask him/her about their opinion of herbal aids.

'Chelle 04-02-2001 08:22 PM

Re: ingrown hair in butt please help
For ingrown hair....Exfoilate, exfoilate, exfoilate! Do you shave or wax this area? Before shaving, etc...use a loofah or good scrub to exfoilate the area. You'll see immediate results. And DO NOT pick at them! Keep area super clean. Wear cotton underwear so skin can "breathe". Also, using an alpha-hydroxy acid works well. Hope this helps!

Christine VR 04-29-2001 09:16 PM

Re: ingrown hair in butt please help
have you tried that Frederick's of hollywood water bra. It feels better than padding and the bra is very comfortable. You should try one, they're great.

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