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robste 07-30-2001 05:14 PM

Red Hair Color Is Fading
I recently had my hair highlighted with a reddish auburn color (my natural color is dark brown)using "permanent" coloring. It looked great for about four days, then the color began fading, and now it is reddish brown (which still looks good), but I liked it better when it was first done. My hairdresser (whom I've been going to for many years) insists that it hasn't faded.
Does anyone know how to keep red hair color from fading? And....any ideas what I should do if the hairdresser insists it hasn't faded? It's now been about 3 weeks since she highlighted it.

wearesiamese 07-31-2001 08:15 AM

Re: Red Hair Color Is Fading
Red is notorious for fading. Don't listen to your stylist when she says it isn't fading... every stylist knows that red fades. You can do a couple of things-- use a color support shampoo and conditioner-- I've used those by Aveda and Bumble & Bumble. Also, hard water in the shower can accelerate fading. I put a filter on my shower head. I also think that mine would stay brighter longer if I didn't wash every day, but I can't help it.

robste 07-31-2001 05:11 PM

Re: Red Hair Color Is Fading
Weare, thanks for your response about my red highlights fading. Next time I get my red highlights touched up, I will tell my stylist that they did fade the first time, and I'd like to know what to do to prevent that, and I'll see what she says this next time. I may also call her and ask if she could mix up a bottle of the coloring she used, so that I could possibly touch it up at home in-between visits to the salon.

RedRobynNAU 08-15-2001 11:21 PM

Re: Red Hair Color Is Fading
I've been dying my hair dark red for 4 years (i'm naturally blonde), and completely agree with you on the fading thing. The good thing about red while the original rich color fades, the red highlights NEVER leave your hair. So your hair may look brown inside, but as soon as you step into the sun, you've got beautiful red highlights!

SquidsWife 08-18-2001 01:55 PM

Re: Red Hair Color Is Fading
Ok.. I learned this much in Cosmetology school <IMG SRC="">... Red IS indeed the hardest color for hair to hold. Everytime you have "something" done to your hair, it leaves "potholes" in each strand of hair. In order for you hair to be able to hold onto the red coloring longer, you need to fill these "potholes" prior to coloring. You can ask your stylist, or go to Sally's and buy it yourself - it's simply called a "Filler". At Sally's, it comes in a little brown bottle, and you just put it on your hair before you color. It really works wonderful. If you don't want to do it yourself, ask your stylist to provide you with a filler before the color - if he/she has no idea what you're referring to <IMG SRC=""> , get another stylist!!! The filler will also help your hair to be shinier and more manageable (at least it does with mine!) Good Luck!

clipperboi 08-18-2001 08:06 PM

Re: Red Hair Color Is Fading
I Can Help !

Red is the largerst color molicule out of all the colors, It makes it harder to stay in the cuticle layer of the hair. Soooo what you need to do is wash & rinse your hair in cooler water that will keep your cuticle layer closed and it helps hold in the color molicule. Also have your stylist put on a clear coat after your hair is colored, this will help alot and also add great shine to your hair. Also there are color shampoos you can buy, I recommend Artec brand, which you should be able to buy at any salon.

Hope this helps <IMG SRC=""> Clipperboi

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