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julieboolie 07-15-2001 08:35 AM

Clinique Make-up (Orange Face?)
I finally noticed that my clinique base has been making my face look orangey. <IMG SRC=""> (I am using the color that the little make-up service lady behind the counter suggessted) Does anyone else have this problem?

What is a good base to switch to. I have VARY fair skin. I would like to use one that is hypo-allergenic and not oily feeling. Any suggesstions?

robste 07-15-2001 05:29 PM

Re: Clinique Make-up (Orange Face?)
Julie, try Prescriptives (also sold at department stores). They will take into consideration the undertones in your skin when recommending a foundation, and their makeups are color-coded as such. For example, I have yellow undertones in my skin, even though I have pretty fair skin. When trying on makeup, it should disappear but provide some coverage; you shouldn't have a different color face than neck. It is literally the only foundation I've found that matches my coloring exactly.

Smile4uhun 07-19-2001 07:52 AM

Re: Clinique Make-up (Orange Face?)
I LOVE clinique and it's all I use. However, I ran into the same problem when I first started using it. I brought it back and told the woman that I looked orange and needed to go to a lighter shade. They were very accomodating and gave me the lighter shade. I am happy to report that I have used the same shade since with no problem. I also must say that I love Clinique's "Double face powder" it provides great coverage without always having to wear a foundation!

jackieb 07-26-2001 04:04 PM

Re: Clinique Make-up (Orange Face?)
all foundations and powders are based with a yellow or pink tint. olive complections should use a foundation with a yellow tint. if you have pink in your skin and use makeup with a yellow tint in it you will turn orange. go to any make up counter and they should be happy to help you. i use merle norman foundation and love it. it is more expensive but lasts more than six months. the the total finish compact covers better than anything ive ever used. its easy to apply to thick though. so wetting the sponge with water or even moisturiser helps alot. the compact costs a little under 20 dollars but is worth it.

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