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amethyst1 06-22-2006 08:39 AM

Bell's Palsy??
Hello, I'm a newbie! And I'm wondering if anyone can relate...

Tuesday afternoon I put on some lipstick and when I put my lips together, they felt funny. I puckered up and my right side doesn't pucker like the left. My smile is less pronounced on the right as is frowning, grimacing etc.

Wednesday I had almost forgotten about it. I brushed my teeth and when I went to rinse it felt like I was rinsing at the dentist! I also noticed it felt that way when drinking from a straw.

And the same is still happening today. My doctor moved from our town so I don't currently have one but I think I can be seen where he practiced...

Also my right eyelid has been twitching and there was some pain behind my right ear that felt like wearin new glasses or glasses that don't fit well...

Thanks in advance for any input! :)

mamabug 06-22-2006 08:56 AM

Re: Bell's Palsy??
I was glad to see your post. I've been having the same sorts of problems. With the pain behind the ear Ramsey Hunt Syndrome comes to mind. Shingles can cause RH which results in facial paralysis.

Do a search on Ramsey Hunt - you should be treated with anti-virals and steroids ASAP if this is the problem.


amethyst1 06-22-2006 11:40 AM

Re: Bell's Palsy??
I just got back from the doctor's office. He said it was very mild Bell's Palsy and gave me a 'srcip for steroids. He said they could order a CT scan if I wanted. I passed on that for now!

Godsend84 06-22-2006 01:02 PM

Re: Bell's Palsy??
I am glad that you have found out what was causing the problem. It should be a relief that its minor and can be treated.

mamabug 06-22-2006 08:47 PM

Re: Bell's Palsy??
I'm also glad you went in and that your doctor took you seriously. I went in a while back and the dr said I didn't have a droopy face. My daughter and I can both see it but it's not too bad.

Would you let us know if the steroids help?

ticker 06-25-2006 10:36 AM

Re: Bell's Palsy??
Hi amethyst1.

Bell's Palsy can be one symtpom of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a multi-system bacteria infection caused from the bite of an infected tick. Ticks are very prevalent this time of year, and many people are bitten without knowing it. Lyme disease is the number one vector borne disease in the US and the second fastest growing infectious disease in the US after AIDS. It can be difficult to diagnose because no Lyme test is completely reliable.

Below is a symptom list for Lyme disease. You can have any combination of symtpoms.

Unexplained fevers, sweats, chills, or flushing
Unexplained weight change--loss or gain
Fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina
Unexplained hair loss
Swollen glands
Sore throat
Testicular pain/pelvic pain
Unexplained menstrual irregularity
Unexplained milk production: breast pain
Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction or loss of libido
Upset stomach
Change in bowel function-constipation, diarrhea
Chest pain or rib soreness
Shortness of breath, cough
Heart palpitations, pulse skips, heart block
Any history of a heart murmur or valve prolapse?
Joint pain or swelling
Stiffness of the joints, neck, or back
Muscle pain or cramps
Twitching of the face or other muscles
Neck creeks and cracks, neck stiffness, neck pain
Tingling, numbness, burning or stabbing sensations, shooting pains
Facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy)
Eyes/Vision: double, blurry, increased floaters, light sensitivity
Ears/Hearing: buzzing, ringing, ear pain, sound sensitivity
lncreased motion sickness, vertigo, poor balance
Lightheadedness, wooziness
Confusion, difficulty in thinking
Difficulty with concentration, reading
Forgetfulness, poor short term memory
Disorientation: getting lost, going to wrong places
Difficulty with speech or writing
Mood swings, irritability, depression
Disturbed sleep-too much, too little, early awakening
Exaggerated symptoms or worse hangover from alcohol

When Lyme disease is a possibility, it is very important to see a knowledgeable doctor. Many doctors do not understand Lyme and treat with outdated protocols. Besides Lyme, ticks can transmit several co-infections including Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. Many people who have Lyme are co-infected, and it may affect treatment choice and progress. It is important to be tested for these by a Lyme reputable lab such as IgeneX in Palo Alto, CA.

If you post where you are located, I will tell you of the closest Lyme doctors to you that I know of. Please know that people who have Lyme should not take steroids because they can make the symptoms worse. The Lyme board at this site is a good source of information.

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